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WooCommerce Restaurant Point of Sales System
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WooCommerce Restaurant Point of Sale gives a complete solution to store owners to book and create a restaurant table from their POS systems. The plugin comes up with dine-in and takeaway modes. The POS sales agents get the ability to create and book a restaurant table depending on the available time segments.

Moreover, the plugin enables the store admin to create and reserve restaurant tables. The store admin can also create the time slots for the tables. The POS agents and admin can specify the shape and number of seats for the table.

Note:  This plugin is an add-on to Point of Sale System for WooCommerce. Installing Point of Sale for WooCommerce is a must for using this plugin.

Highlighted Features

 Appointment System for Tables

The appointments can be booked by the admin and the POS user for the restaurant tables.

 Restaurant Table Setup

The tables can be created by the POS agents as well as the store admin.

 Invoice Printing

The payment receipt for orders placed through the restaurant POS system can be printed by the POS agents.

 Shape-Based Reservation

The tables for any Restaurant POS can be reserved as per the preference of the shape.

 Existence of Time Segments

The POS salesperson can book the table according to the available time segment.

 Booking & Table Release Function

The POS agents can release the booked tables if the customer is not present.

 Dine-In & Take Away

The POS also offers dine-in and takeaway modes for the POS system.

 Superior Restaurant Outlet Management

WooCommerce Restaurant POS offers the POS merchants smooth management for the restaurant outlets.

Why do We Need WooCommerce Restaurant Point of Sale?

The WooCommerce Restaurant Point of Sale plugin helps restaurant managers effectively handle reservations for their locations. The plugin provides functionality that allows users to reserve tables by the restaurant outlet's open time slots. With a POS system, the POS agent can effortlessly manage restaurant locations. In WooCommerce Restaurant POS the customers will benefit from a simple checkout procedure for their reservations from the WooCommerce POS terminal, which is advantageous for them. It will increase consumer interaction and support growth in sales.

New Table Creation with Various Shapes

The POS users can create a new table with various shapes like; round, square, etc. They will have to enter the below details to create a table.

  • The restaurant table name, table shape, and the size of seats for the persons while creating any table.
  • The users can enable the table status during table creation from the POS system.
  • The created tables will display to the POS users in the tables tab.
  • These tables will be visible with the table name, number of seats, and current mode.
  • The occupied tables will display in red color, and the vacant tables will be green in color.

Restaurant Table Reservation Functionality

The POS representative must click on the created tables from the tables tab to reserve it. A popup will appear to enter the required details for the booking which the user will enter the below information:

  • The users can select the customer name from the dropdown menu or they can create a new customer.
  • The user can select the booking date as per the customer's preference.
  • The POS agent can also select the booking time according to the customer’s availability.
  • Already booked slots will display as booked and the slots that are expired will be shown as expired.

Management of restaurant tables at the Admin End

The store admin can also manage the restaurant outlet from their dashboard. The admin can also add a new table like the POS agent.

  • Moreover, the admin can also reserve the restaurant tables from their panel.
  • The store admin can create the time slots for the restaurant tables, specify the number of seats, and shape the table.
  • The admin can access all the previous and recent bookings of the WooCommerce website. He can even see the complete list of the booked tables.
  • Furthermore, the admin can see all the reservations for any table.

Takeaway & Dine-In Modes

The WooCommerce Restaurant Point of Sale plugin comes up with the feature of dine-in and takeaway modes.

  • The POS agents cannot proceed with an order in a takeaway mode for a booked table.
  • To place an order in a takeaway mode, the POS must have to release the reserved table first.
  • Only one mode will work at a time, either dine-in or takeaway.
  • The invoice can be printed for both modes from the POS system.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 1 reviews
Genís Guerrero
Posted On - January 21, 2023
Fast and Efficient Customer Service
(Translated by Google) A good tool to create a platform where multiple sellers can sell your products. Fast and efficient customer service. Highly recommended.

Buena herramienta para crear una plataforma en la que varios vendedores puedan vender tus productos. Atención al cliente rápiza y eficaz. Muy recomendable.
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