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Sell faster with Vtiger Odoo Connector!

CRM system gives you a clear customer overview. Its market is growing fast and is projected to reach USD 15 billion by the end of 2022 for mobile devices. Also, the overall CRM usage increased from 56 to 74%, per the data publicized by SuperOffice.

Vtiger Odoo Connector facilitates the integration of Odoo with the Vtiger CRM solution. The module permits you to import or export data from Vtiger to odoo without much trouble. Further, you can schedule cron for automatic feed evaluation and time-to-time data import from Vtiger. After the scheduled time, the feed gets deleted automatically.

 Prerequisites For Using Vtiger Odoo Connector Module

Vtiger Odoo Connector works in conjunction with the following module:

Odoo Multi CRM Solution

Firstly, you must install this module for Vtiger Odoo Connector to work perfectly.

 Vtiger Odoo Connector Features

Connects Odoo with Vtiger

  • The Vtiger CRM connector permits the integration of Vtiger CRM with Odoo.
  • It allows connection with multiple Vtiger CRM to a single Odoo backend.

 Configure Cron Scheduler

  • It authorizes you to run cron and evaluate the feeds at scheduled intervals.
  • Cron synchronization history gets automatically deleted after a fixed interval.

Facilitates the Import Function

  • The module has a general import button for all channels.
  • Choose Vtiger Channel ID and the Object you require for import.

 Export Function Simplified

  • You can export the desired CRM-related data from Odoo to Vtiger CRM.
  • Select the data and choose the Vtiger channel ID you want to export.

Store Data at a Centralized Location in the Odoo Backend

  • Feeds to store data in text form.
  • Vtiger Odoo Connector deletes the feed once it's created in the Odoo.

 Examine the data of all channels via the Doughnut Chart

  • You can select the data type from the drop-down available on the dashboard.
  • Also, you can keep track of all channels from the chart.

Study the Data of Every Channel with the Line Graph

  • Track all channels' data with the line graph and choose the period.
  • You can also view the data on the graph.

 Get Details with the Clickable Data Cards

  • The data cards show you the data of Vtiger CRM.
  • Clicking the tab will direct you to the specific mapping.

Setting Vtiger CRM in the Odoo Backend

  • The connector allows you to integrate Vtiger CRM with Odoo.
  • You can view the connection status from the connection menu.
  • Disconnect a connection with the available button.
  • Import data from Vtiger to Odoo through the available button on the connection page.
  • Select the connection color and API limit for the connection.
  • Select the default salesperson to handle the customers.
  • Choose which data to import via the cron scheduler.
  • Import/export data in bulk between Odoo and Vtiger.

 View your CRM and Pipeline Statistics on the Multi-CRM Dashboard

  • Vtiger Odoo Connector offers a dynamic dashboard with clickable data cards.
  • Click on the data card to view all the related data.
  • Understand the CRM data with the charts and graphs.
  • Choose the period to view data of that particular time on the graph.
  • View every connection data such as contact, leads, company, etc.
  • Individually view the mapped data of every import/export action.
  • You can view the mapped record details from the mapping section.

Vtiger Odoo Connector

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