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With the help of the CS-Cart Vendor FAQ, the admin can create a set of certain frequent questions and answers.And the vendors can search for their queries in the FAQ section. If the vendors cannot find the solution to the queries then they can connect with the admin for the same through the contact us button provided in the seller panel.

Vendors can check all these FAQs in their profiles as we are having a specific section as well. These sets of questions can be created in groups as well so that the vendors can filter the same accordingly.

Highlighted Features

 FAQ Groups

The admin can manage FAQs groups. The admin can also perform these actions Add, Update, and Delete the FAQ groups.

 Question and Answers

The admin can manage FAQs Questions and answers and can also perform these actions Delete, Update, and Add. The admin can also assign FAQs for the groups.

 Specific Seller-based FAQs

The admin can assign specific FAQs question for vendors. And admin can create FAQs for all sellers as well.

 FAQ Section in Vendor's Panel

Vendors can view FAQs by logging in to their vendor accounts. Vendors can do these actions ( Search FAQs by name, Contact the admin ).


Why Need CS-Cart Vendor FAQs?

Just like CS-Cart store customers ask questions, there are certain queries that almost all vendors have and it is not an easy task for the admin to assist each of the vendors with their queries. To make it easier the admin can create FAQs for the commonly asked questions of the vendors which they can see in their panel.

If there is any specific query that is not found in the FAQ section, in that case, the admin will have to assist, and if required admin can add them as well in the FAQs. This way admin can reduce the workload and focus more on their eCommerce marketplace or managing the vendors rather than just assisting them with their basic queries.

Customize Vendor FAQ Storefront

  • The admin can set the custom title for the vendor faq storefront as per their choice.
  • Like the admin can decide which title should be used in sections.
  • The admin can also customize the titles and descriptions on the vendor faq storefront for vendors to contact the admin option.

Create Multiple FAQs

  • The admin is having a rich text editor to customize the answers with the design or additional content.
  • The admin can also add the links to the answers.
  • The admin can add the images and videos as well in the answers to the FAQs.

CS-Cart Vendor FAQ Groups

The admin can create different groups for vendor FAQs. For example, some question groups can be created for new vendors onboarding on CS-Cart marketplace platform or vendor orders or product listings.

  • The admin can create a group for the set of questions as per their categories.
  • The admin can assign the questions to the group.
  • Vendors can filter these questions based on the group for specific categories.
  • The admin can enable/disable the created FAQs

CS-Cart Vendor Helpdesk Panel

  • Vendors can filter the questions based on the group.
  • Vendors can find this FAQs section in their panel.
  • Vendors can ask questions with the admin if queries are not found in the FAQ section.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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