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The OpenCart WhatsApp Login extension allows customers to log in to your website using their WhatsApp phone number. When new users register, they can choose to use Login with WhatsApp. They scan the QR code, get a token on WhatsApp send it, and their account is ready with a default email and password. Later, they can change their email and password.

Also, they have the option to log in on the checkout page customer can browse for products at the time of checkout they can log in using WhatsApp. For logging in, they just scan the QR code, receive login details on WhatsApp phone, and then they can access their account on your OpenCart store.

Moreover, to enable order notifications on WhatsApp you can check our OpenCart WhatsApp Order Notification extension.

Highlighted Features

 Quick Registration:

Customers can sign up without filling out long forms or creating passwords. They just need their Login with their WhatsApp number.

 Convenient Login

Returning customers can log in with their WhatsApp number, no need to remember passwords.

  Login with QR Code

Guest users can login by scanning a QR code with their WhatsApp, no typing is required..

 Automatic Account Creation

Once they verify their number with a token code on WhatsApp, their account is created automatically.

 Flexible Options

The admin can choose to enable or disable link-based login and registration as per your preference.

 Admin Control

You can easily enable or disable the WhatsApp login feature from your admin panel.

Why OpenCart WhatsApp Login is needed in your store?

The OpenCart WhatsApp Login Extension allows your website users to sign up and log in using their WhatsApp phone number. It offers an easy login experience by using WhatsApp's OTP-based authentication. This integration process saves users time and reduces friction during account creation.

New customers can register easily by providing their WhatsApp number, and existing customers can log in using their WhatsApp number with a verification OTP. It's a convenient and user-friendly way to enhance the overall user experience on your OpenCart website.

WhatsApp Login Admin Configuration

This feature lets the website admin set up a WhatsApp login for the website.

  • Admin can turn on WhatsApp login and enter some details from the Facebook Meta account.
  • These details connect WhatsApp with the website.
  • Once all settings are saved, WhatsApp login is ready to use.

Login using the QR Code

Once the admin has finished configuring the initial settings, customers visiting the storefront can proceed to the "Login with WhatsApp" section.

  • Customers can sign up using WhatsApp by scanning a QR code.
  • The QR code makes sign-up quick and easy without typing.
  • Registered customers can log in by scanning the QR code, no typing is needed.

Automatic Email and Password Generation

When customers sign up with WhatsApp automatic login link will generate and send to the customer's WhatsApp number.

  • With the help of this extension returning customers can log in with their WhatsApp number.
  • The website automatically gives them an email and password.
  • They don't have to make their own, making sign-up faster.

Flexible Account Details Update

After signing up with WhatsApp, customers can easily change their email and password whenever they want.

  • Once the customer login with the help of a WhatsApp QR code
  • They will redirect to account settings where they have the option to edit the account.
  • Customers can edit and update the details as per their preference.
  • If customers face any issues they can ask for support from the admin by Using OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat feature the admin can enable Live to chat support for customers over the WhatsApp

OpenCart WhatsApp Login: Support

For any query or issue please create a ticket here. You may also check our quality Opencart Extensions.

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