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Opencart Pre Order Pro -Opencart PreOrder module helps to make a product as PreOrder. Using this module customers can order out of stock products. This module provides the ability of Full payment or percentage payment for Preorder products. The customer can add only one PreOrder product at a time.

Opencart Pre Order Pro is also available as Marketplace Pre-Order

Highlighted Features

 Out of stock product order

The customer can order out-of-stock products via pre-order.

 Payment options

The admin can set the payment option for the pre-order products as partial or full payment.

 Product configuration section

The admin can set products with a similar status under the pre-order category.

 Pre-order Discount Section

The admin can add discounts for the pre-ordered products from the backend and will reflect at the time of check out.

 Pre-order Enquires

The customer can raise the pre-order product queries to the admin.

 Notification update

The admin can set the notification for the pre-order product so once the product is available customer will receive the notification.

Why do we need Opencart Pre-order?

If a product gets out of stock and a customer wants to purchase it how will they do that? It's a major issue for every store owner. While preorder is a functionality where customers can place an order for out-of-stock products. Admin can process the order and provide it to the customer once it's available.

Opencart preorder plugin helps store owners to set this functionality in their store. The customer can make partial or full payment for the pre-ordered products. The benefit of this plugin is that customers can pre-order any product, the store owner can provide a discount on it and customers can take that benefit.

Basic Options To Setup Opencart Pre-Order Pro

After the installation of the PreOrder module, the admin can edit the “preorder” module and can do the configuration of this module from the back-end. Admin can enable or disable the status of this module.

Admin can even add pre-order products after configuring the general setting. Here admin can add a new product, and set the payment type- fixed or percentage. If the percentage is selected by the admin, then the buyer will pay the specified percent at the time of order and remain when the pre-order is completed.

  • Admin can set “pre-order text” which will appear in the place of the “add to cart” button.
  • Admin can select “notification mode” about per-order availability.
  • Admin can enable or disable “pre-order mail” for the customer.
  • Admin can add a new product for pre-order.
  • Admin can set the mode of payment- fixed or percent.

Handle Pre-Order, Pre-Orders List & Pre-Orders Inquiries

From the back-end, admin can manage the Pre-order module. In the Pre-order tab, there are three options- Pre-orders, Pre-order Product List & Preorder Inquiries. With Pre-orders field, admin can view all the pre-order products with customer name, notification status, and pre-order status.

The admin can view any orders and payment details by clicking on the side of the pre-order product. Admin can also view the pre-order inquiries of the customers. Admin can notify that particular customer when that pre-order product is in stock.

  • Admin can view all the pre-order product list.
  • Admin can view all the pre-order product inquiries.
  • Admin can notify the customer when the product is available.
  • Admin can filter the pre-order product list based on the product name, product model, pre-order price, deduction type & status.
  • Admin can filter the inquiries list based on customer name, email, and query.

Benefits of Using Pre-Order Pro Extension

Open Cart PreOrder Pro module allows the customer to place an order for the products which are out of stock. This module allows the customer to order only “one” product at a time.

The buyer can see the “Pre-order” status for the “Pre-order” product. The customer can complete their order under “ order history”.

  • The buyer can pre-order only one product at a time.
  • If a buyer can another product into the cart, then the alert message will be displayed.
  • The buyer can complete their order by going to “order history”.
  • No shipping charges are applied to the buyer at the time of complete Preorder.


  • The buyer can order out of stock products.
  • Admin can set a custom message to display on a preorder product.
  • Admin can set preorder status and availability dates.
  • Admin Can set a custom percentage of the amount to be paid for the pre-ordered product.
  • Using this module customers can pay the full or partial payment.
  • Admin can check Pre-order and Pre-order inquires in the admin panel.
  • Admin can select Preorder Button. eg. - redirect to contact page, Add to Preorder cart, and Add to cart.
  • Admin and customer can receive notification mail.
  • Admin can set the mode of notification like Automatic or Manual.
  • Add only one PreOrder product at a time
  • Customer Login is essential for the Preorder of any product.
  • When admin will add any product for PreOrder then it will become out of stock automatically.
  • Customers can add multiple preorder products to the cart at a time for checkout.
  • The customers can see the Order status for the PreOrder status.
  • The admin can apply the discount to the PreOrder Products.
  • The admin will get a push notification for the purchase of PreOrder products.
  • A counter is available to display the number of left days for the preorder product.
  • The admin can make out of stock products as PreOrder products Manually & Automatically.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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