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Cs-Cart Multi Variant Bulk Order - Bulk Variation Forms in CS-Cart allow users to add numerous variations of a product to their basket from a single form. For bulk input, easily configure items with two variant attributes.

Wholesalers, business-to-business sites, and anyone else that wants to order many varieties of the same product at the same time can benefit from the bulk form. Customers like having a quick and easy option to order things from your store. Bulk Variation Forms enable them to order anything they require quickly and easily.

NOTE** - Cs-Cart Multi Variant Bulk Order will work on a single option id of product at a time for Every Product.

Highlighted Features

Various Variations

In the store, a product can have several versions. A separate product page can be created for each variation.

Diverse Recreation

New variations can be developed repeatedly without affecting previously created variations.

One Product Is One Variation

A variation is used to represent a single product in the store. It can contain a variety of product photos.

As A Variation Name, Use SKU

Editing SKU allows you to change the names of your variations. It is generated automatically by the system by default.

Points For Reward

An overhead cost might be assigned to specific variations in demand by a store owner.

Variations In Combination

With a little effort, you may create a large number of permutations and combinations.

Why Do We Need Cs-Cart Multi Variant Bulk Order?

If you want to provide your customers an option to order any product with multiple variations in bulk quantity then this extension will help you to add the same functionality to your store. This allows the users to add a single product with numerous variations and the order can be placed in bulk for the same product.

That reduces the time of the buyer by adding the same product one by one and helps them to add the products conveniently in less time. The buyers always want an easy process to shop from any website. The functionality attracts customers to your store.

Thus the extension helps you to offer a better customer experience for your e-commerce store.

Create your variable product

After the module has been installed, an administrator will complete the module's general configuration in order to function properly. It can be used with any existing product or to create a new one. Configuring this module is a simple process that takes only a few seconds and does not involve much effort.

  • The product will need multiple attributes for its variations in order to generate a grid.
  • It will be Size and Colour in our example, but it could be any property.
  • You can add multiple products to the cart from one page.
  • It is easy for users to order multiple items in one go.

Adding Multiple Variations

With this module, the store owner can add several versions to a product. Admin can use the variant function on any existing product or when creating a new one. To add this feature to an existing feature, the administrator must first choose the product and then change it.

  • Creating variants allows admins to add a list of product variations to the product list.
  • At the front-end, admins can activate or disable visibility for specific variations.
  • The figure in the price section serves as an overhead cost for the various product versions.
  • The pointed part functions similarly to the pricing section, but it applies as reward points.

Product Page Variation

The user can see the variations in the front-end after the admin adds and configures them. The user has the option of choosing a product from a variety of options. These versions function as separate products with their own product page.

  • The product is more appealing because of the variety of options available.
  • The customer can search for and select from a wide variety of options.
  • There may or may not be an overhead cost associated with each variant.
  • When the quantity is zero, the variation is disabled.
  • For an out-of-stock version, an error message "Product not available" will appear on the product page.

Variation in the Price for product variation

For their desire, the admin might assign an overhead cost to specified versions. There are times when a product variation is in high demand, and it's necessary to create something unique as a Variant. On such a version, the administrator can specify an overhead charge. It's possible to accomplish it in terms of reward points as well.

  • A specific cost can be associated with a certain variation.
  • Admin can earn extra cash and value for specific variations by adjusting overhead costs according to demand.
  • You can also determine the overhead cost in terms of reward points.

Cs-Cart Multi Variant Bulk Order Features

  • Users can add to cart Single product in bulk by Selecting their Quantities According to their Variant type.
  • Easy Configurable by admin.
  • Admin needs to set option id in backend on which he wants to show product Quantities According to variant type.
  • Work only for single option id for every product.
  • Product Multi Variant Quantity View on Product description Page.
  • Product Multi Variant Quantity View on Product Quick View Page.
  • Well integrated with Cs-Cart If Any Variant Have Zero “0” Product Quantity then the Variant type is Automatically disabled when You Enable the Addon.
  • No Modification is required in core files Convert Multiple steps for “Add To Cart” for a single Product Add to their Variants into one step.
  • Easy to use and very user-friendly especially for those who want to Make Bulk orders in your Store.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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Posted On - December 15, 2020
Great customer service!
Webkul always makes sure that any of my addons are compatible with my version of CS-Cart. Excellent customer service. I recommend.

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