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Odoo Website Loyalty Management - Loyalty program on your Odoo website need not be complicated but attracting for the customers. Loyalty programs ensure that your customers get more than just a discount, which is a personalized customer experience.

Start your own loyalty program on your Odoo website. Give loyalty points to your registered Odoo website customers and allow points redemption on their subsequent purchases. Set the redemption rule. Configure the maximum purchase amount redemption limit on a purchase for the Odoo website customers. The points accumulated by a customer can be viewed in the Odoo backend. The loyalty points can be redeemed on a one-time basis or partially on multiple purchases as set by the Odoo admin.

Moreover, The history of each redemption action by all the customers is maintained in the Odoo backend. Thus, helping you to identify the regulars and high-end customers. The customer can also see the loyalty points in his account and their redemption value on the checkout page.

Odoo Website Loyalty Management Features

  • The module lets you introduce Loyalty Program for your Odoo website customers.
  • The registered customers earn loyalty points for making purchases on your Odoo Website which can then be redeemed on subsequent purchases.
  • Loyalty points for registering on the admin’s Odoo website can also be awarded to the customer by configuring it in the Odoo backend.
  • The Odoo website admin can set rules for the customers to earn loyalty points based on purchase amount.
  • The threshold purchase amount can also be defined for the customers to be eligible to earn loyalty points
  • Customers need to sign up for the Loyalty program on the Odoo Website to earn loyalty reward points. After signing up, The purchases give loyalty points to the customers on the Odoo Website.
  • The points can be redeemed on a one-time basis or partially on multiple orders as configured by the Odoo admin in the backend.
  • Set the amount that can be redeemed with each loyalty point.
  • The admin can also set the maximum purchase amount that can be redeemed by the customer using loyalty points in a single order on Odoo Website.
  • The history of loyalty reward points redemption by every customer can be seen in the Odoo backend.
  • The information about the current loyalty program running on the Odoo website and its benefits are displayed on the customers’ checkout page.
  • Moreover, the customer can also see the loyalty points in his account and their redemption value on the checkout page.

Why Odoo Website Loyalty Management Module For YOur Odoo Website

  • Configure the rules for customers to earn the loyalty points on Odoo website

Choose the minimum cart value for the customers for them to be eligible for the loyalty points. Award loyalty points on order confirmation or order completion in the Odoo website.

Set the worth of each Loyalty point and maximum cart value that can be redeemed by the customers using the loyalty points. A loyalty point can be redeemed on the website during purchase for the set value in the Odoo backend.

  • Set One Time Redemption Or Partial Redemption For Loyalty Points

With former, the customer can only redeem the accumulated only once after which the rest of the points would lapse. While the latter allows the left points to be used again over next purchases until none is left.

  • Reward Loyalty Points To The Customers For Signing Up For The Loyalty Program

You can choose to give away loyalty points to the customers when they choose to sign up for the Loyalty Program on your Odoo website.

Benefits Of Having A Loyalty Program In Your Store

  • Customer Retention

'It takes 5 times the cost to bring in a new customer than to retain the existing ones. Customer retention forms the fundamental basis for the growth of your business.'

Introducing the loyalty program on your Odoo website give something for the customer to come back.

  • Compelling the customer to come back

’29% of customers shop around but ultimately repurchase from the same brand’.

Loyalty Program help to give them the extra boost needed for them to come back apart from brand value. So, the customer makes a purchase and give loyalty points to the customer in your Odoo Website. But you are not offering discount upfront to the customer but you are offering to give one on the next purchase. You are potentially turning a one-time customer into a regular.

  • Returns for Purchase

“76% of loyalty program members say that programs are part of their relationship with brands.”

Loyalty rewards program provides value for purchase to your customers. They make the purchase, earn points and further use them to make more purchases. Thus, introducing a loyalty program on your website can turn your prospects into regulars in your online shop.

  • High purchase value per customer

“66% of loyalty program members report modifying spending to maximize point accumulation.”

The Loyalty Program members tend to spend more than non-member which leads to higher cart value. Loyalty Programs can bring higher sales and thus higher profits for your online shop.

  • Identifying High-Value Customers

Your customers fall into various categories like one-timers, occasional shoppers and regular spenders. Identifying the high-end customers is prudent and crucial for your business.

High-value customers are those who spend more than an average customer. Introducing a loyalty program on your Odoo website can help to identify special and repetitive customers. The information can be used to interact with the high-end customers to further enhance their shopping experience.

Special points and offers can be offered to them to make them come back to the website. Say, Points to be with the store for a Year, etc.

  • Identifying opportunities from Customer Data

The data of the members from the loyalty program can be used for analysis and study their website behavior and trends. So, one can easily grab upselling and cross-selling opportunities while giving loyalty points to the customers on your Odoo Website.

Run Loyalty program On Your Odoo POS As Well

  • Customer retention is extremely vital for the growth of a business but is becoming a scarcity in the wake of the e-commerce boom.
  • Are you running Odoo POS then set up a Loyalty Program in the Odoo POS as well with Odoo POS Loyalty Management Module.
  • Reward loyalty points to your regulars and high-end customers on your Odoo POS and manage the entire Loyalty program in the Odoo backend.

To know more please click on the link >> Odoo POS Loyalty Management Module

Rewards programs Are Always Enticing

Introducing Rewards programs on your online store always encourages your customers to come back to you.

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Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Website Loyalty Management Module

Webkul’s dedicated support provides with customization options for your Odoo Website LOyalty Management module.

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