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Odoo Twilio SMS Gateway - This module allows you to send short message service notification to your valuable customers on their mobile numbers. Communication is the major concern for eCommerce website owners for customer engagement. Sending SMS is a very quick source of communication round the globe, it is delivered within few seconds and never went unnoticed. It should be used to send information such as receipts, confirmation messages, etc. Our module successfully integrates twilio with your odoo using api keys.

 Prerequisites For Odoo Twilio SMS Gateway Module

Odoo Twilio SMS Gateway works in conjunction with the following modules:

You would need to install this module for Odoo Twilio SMS Gateway to work properly.

Verify the template before sending SMS in Textlocal

To send an SMS in Textlocal, the template needs to be verified first otherwise the message will not be sent to the recipient.

Note: Textlocal doesn't allow you to send SMS without an approved template inside the account. To verify the template, follow the steps given in the guide for creating the template in Textlocal. Once the template is approved, you are eligible to send the messages to your customers.

 Odoo Twilio SMS Gateway Features

Integrate Twilio SMS With Odoo

  • Use Twilio credentials to quickly integrate Twilio SMS with Odoo.
  • Once done, you can send the SMS to people from Odoo.

 Use Twilio To Send SMS In Odoo

  • Once integrated, use Twilio to send notifications to customers.
  • The expanse would depend upon the services opted from Twilio.

Create Multiple SMS Groups

  • Create SMS groups to send the message in bulk to people.
  • A group can be selected to send the SMS.

 Send Single Or Bulk Sms To Customers / Send SMS Individually Or In Bulk

  • Send a message to a single customer/vendor using the SMS form.
  • Or choose entire groups or multiple people to send the SMS.

Create Multiple SMS Templates In Advance

  • Create and Save SMS templates to use later while sending the SMS.

 Enable/Disable SMS Feature On User Basis

  • You can give access to Odoo SMS feature at the user level.
  • Only users with SMS feature enabled can send messages to people in Odoo.

Set SMS Templates For Global Or On Conditions-Based Use

  • The templates can be set for use at - Global level or Condition-based.
  • Global SMS templates are available for all the Odoo SMS.
  • Condition-based are triggered for sending SMS only when the set condition is met.

 Creating Conditions Based SMS Templates

  • Choose from different given conditions to set for the SMS template.
  • Set conditions such as; order confirmed, invoice validated, orders placed, etc.

View Delivery Status Of Sent SMS

  • The delivery status of the sent SMS is available in Odoo.
  • Check the delivery status for SMS as - sent, failed or delivered.

 Manage Sent SMS History/Records

  • The records of all the sent Odoo SMS is maintained in Odoo.
  • The User can view the details of each sent SMS by opening the record.

Auto-Delete The Records

  • Enable Auto-delete Feature for Odoo SMS.
  • Auto-delete can be set at individual template level.
  • If enabled, sent SMS list and delivery status are not stored in Odoo for those SMS.

 Auto Send SMS To People

  • Assign conditions to automatically send SMS to customers from Odoo.
  • Odoo automatically picks the set SMS template once the condition is met in Odoo.
  • The SMS is then automatically sent to the specific customer(s).

Send SMS to Recipients Via Odoo

  • Send Bulk Message to the Group created in Odoo.
  • Select Multiple Members as Recipients to send messages to selected people.
  • You can also Select Recipient of your choice to send SMS in Odoo.
  • Basically, the module offers you flexibility to send sms to a single person, multiple recepients or a group.
  • Send a message to a single customer/vendor using the SMS form of Twilio Odoo SMS Gateway.
  • Or, you can choose entire groups or multiple people to send the SMS.

 Configure Twilio SMS Gateway with Odoo

  • You can easily configure Twilio SMS Gateway with Odoo.
  • Add the Description, set the priority of the gateway, enable the ‘Debugging’ checkbox to write error message of SMS Gateway to the log file, add mobile number with country code to receive test SMS and select the SMS Gateway.
  • Add Twilio Username, Twilio Password, and Twilio API key.
  • Add the template name, enable global checkbox to consider with normal template or send the SMS in bulk.
  • You can select the conditions, and add the customized text for the template.

Dedicated Support For Odoo Twilio SMS Gateway

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Twilio SMS Gateway Module.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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