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eBay Connector extension opens scope for Adobe Commerce eBay Integration, allowing to set up an integration between the Magento 2 stores with the eBay store. Magento 2 eBay Connector is a fully-fledged bridge-like structure that helps one to import information on products, categories, and orders from the eBay store to Magento 2 store.

The store admin has the leverage to export the products from Magento 2 stores to the eBay store. Further, the store admin can also provide eBay specifications, variations, refund policy, shipping details for products that they need to export.

Highlighted Features for Magento 2 eBay Connector

 Real-Time Inventory Synchronization

Whenever there is a purchase on either store the stock is updated.

 Mapping Categories

The eBay categories are imported post which they need to be mapped with the store categories.

 Modification Sync

Any changes that are done on the product price and quantity get reflected on both sides.

 Custom Options support

The Magneto products with custom options when gets exported are treated as eBay Variation.

 Real-Time Missed Order

The system saves the details of the orders which couldn't import due to missing address details.

 Price rule Specification

The admin can implement the price rule for either imported or exported products.

Why do we Need Adobe Commerce eBay Integration?

Magento 2 eBay Connector is the best solution to list your products on the eBay store. Magento 2 eBay Integration facilitates the store admin to set up a mainstream amongst the eBay and Magento stores. And helps in managing product inventories in both the stores.

Whenever a product is sold on eBay, the stock will be updated in the Magento store. If the store admin updates the synced product information (except the stock) on one side, it’s updated on the other side as well.

Map Categories For Import and Export

The imported categories can easily be mapped with that of the store categories. Herein at the time of mapping, eBay Condition, and Specification will be created as product attributes and eBay variations will be created as Super Attributes  (used for configurable products)  in  Magento 2. Thus, this mapping will help in-

  • It ensures that the products are exported or imported to the correct categories.
  • Easy management of the Magento Attribute Set relative to the category.
  • The one to one mapping of the category where subcategories are selected makes the process much efficient and error-free.

Bulk Product Import

The admin can now import all the active/inactive products from eBay to the Magento store. Herein, the store owner simply specifies the date range for the import. Whereas, the Profiler will create the product on the Magento store.

  • No need to update products on both the store separately.
  • Easy import of Simple and Configurable products.
  • Increases in the visibility of the product with the existence of the product in both the Magento and eBay.

Export Product to eBay

The store owner can even showcase the Magento products on the eBay store. Thus, allowing the store owner to maximize the revenue. Here the admin has multiple options likewise- export single products via SKU filter, export all products, or export multiple products in bulk via catalog grid.

  • Increase the sales of the product by associating with eBay.
  • Saves time for uploading the products exclusively on both the places.
  • The admin can even configure the return policy of the export product for better management.
  • Here the admin can export the Simple, Configurable, Bundle, and Group product types.

Listing Template for Export Products

The admin can now export the attribute values. These will be visible on the eBay product detail page. Thus, allowing store owners to save from the effort of re-entering the attribute details again on eBay store.

Price Rule on Imported/Exported Products

The admin can create multiple rules for the product which could be applied. These rules can help bring in equilibrium in the pricing structure on the Magneto store as compared to the eBay store. These price rules apply to either imported products or exported products.

Mapping Orders and Inventory Update

The extension provides sync in real-time of orders and stock of goods or services based on eBay webhooks. The admin can import all the orders from eBay to the Magento store post importing the products and categories.

  • Import order date wise from eBay.
  • The Profiler here plays the role of reflecting the orders in the frontend.
  • Those orders which are not imported due to missing address are visible in Real-Time missed order section.

Compatible With MSI Feature

With Magento 2 eBay connector it became easier to sync thousands of products, categories, and orders of Magento 2 stores with the eBay store and vice versa.

  • While managing the module configurations, the admin needs to add the sources for importing the products and orders.
  • The admin can select the default source as it is present by default.
  • Magento 2 eBay Connector also allows the MSI feature where one can choose from multiple source options.
  • This means the products can now be imported from multiple sources and from multiple sticks.
  • Because MSI allows the admin to create multiple sources under the inventory section.
  • The created list of sources will be visible to the admin while managing the configurations.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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based on 13 reviews
Anna Kitner
Posted On - February 2, 2024
Excellent Team
We have just started working with the Webkul team, but already noticed they are good professionals. Quick replies and actions, friendly communication.
Francesco Racioppa
Posted On - January 25, 2024
Excellent Product
Number one in Ebay integration. Great software developer and great support as well
Benjamin Itter
Posted On - December 15, 2023
Good Support and Service
Great service with patience and good care for the customer and his individual demands. Webkul to be recommended.
Stéphane MOREL
Posted On - July 10, 2023
Excellent support and service
Je suis impressionné par la réactivité, et le professionnalisme de cette société. Leur support est parfait ...

English Tranlate:

I am impressed by the responsiveness and professionalism of this company. Their support is perfect...
Posted On - October 26, 2021
Great extension with great support
Great extension with an professional and amazing support! I absolutely recommend!Great extension with professional and amazing support! I absolutely recommend!
Torben Jepsen
Posted On - July 16, 2021
Excellent product
Bought the Ebay Connector from Webkul and am very satisfied with it. There were some technical issues before it worked correct, but the people from Webkul just kept going on and on untill it worked correct. Outstanding customer service. Torben, Candidapatient.com
Priyan Athukorala
Posted On - February 5, 2020
Great service and support
Very nice company and good support. The support team done a lot of work for me and helped a lot.
Aesha dhawan
Posted On - December 31, 2019
Fast and appropriate support
I have bought ebay extension for my magento based store from webkul. First, I was new to this extension but the webkul support team helped me a lot whenever there was an issue. Also, they have resolved all the conflictions with my store in a very good approach. They solved all my problems for ebay connector and explained me everything in a very well manner. Really, very good support from Webkul.
Posted On - August 9, 2019
Great extension and support
Purchased eBay Magento 2 connector. Support is actually really good. They sorted everything out with polite manners.
Anatoly Kustikov
iopticusa.com (MD)
Posted On - May 7, 2019
Customer Support
Excellent service!
Posted On - August 24, 2018
Slim and cheap extension who does its job

A slim and cheap extension which does its job. Support is fast and excellent. If there is any problem, very kind people are helping fast. Download from ebay categories is fast, upload of products from magento to ebay is also very fast and good. Extension is written in an understandable code so you can also have a look at a problem and resolve it yourself.
Posted On - December 21, 2017
great module
works just fine. Had little issues sometimes but there was no delay in help from the support team. They reply fast and resolve fast too. No complaints.
Posted On - November 28, 2017
Excellent Extension
We have bought this and due to it not meeting our full requirements as we have a lot of custom work on our Magento store, we requested some modification by WebKul.

I can't praise the efforts of their company more! They did a fab job, exactly what we needed and were very well communicated.

Big up to Abhishek and Rajat!!

Thanks Chaps,

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