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Marketplace Seller Groups for Adobe Commerce allows the admin to categorize sellers into Gold, Platinum, Silver, and many more groups. These Groups will restrict the seller from uploading a certain amount of product to his account, e.g.

It will limit the number of product uploads. Admin can restrict sellers/vendors based on product quantity & time.

Also, if you want to add recurring subscriptions to your Adobe Commerce products then check the Magento 2 Subscription extension.

Please Note -

  • This module is a Webkul Marketplace add-on, so Webkul's Magento 2 Marketplace Multi-Vendor module must be installed first. Otherwise, Seller Groups Marketplace Add-on will not work.
  • The current version (2.0.6) of the Seller Groups Marketplace module will only work with the Magento 2 Marketplace module version 2.0.9 & above.

Highlighted Features for Magento 2 Seller Groups Marketplace

 Unlimited Packages of Membership

The admin can add multiple membership options for the seller to purchase from.

 Custom Emails to Share Updates with Sellers

The seller can receive a notification mail about purchasing the membership, expiring of the membership, when the membership is expired, and seller transaction success.

 Types of Membership

The seller can choose between One-time Membership and Recurring Type membership.

 Boosting Plans to Add Seller Centric Functionalities

The seller can purchase the add-on plans of the membership.

 Group Assignment by Admin

This allows the admin to divide the seller among various groups.

 Recurring Membership Plan with Easy Paypal Express Checkout

The admin can introduce recurring membership plans for the sellers to save them from paying for the plan again and again. This is made more efficient with the Paypal Express Checkout.

 Introduction of Easy Payment Methods

The admin can allow quick checkout for the seller using allowed payment methods.

 Configuration of Various Membership Types

The admin can introduce various membership plans from the backend and edit it as per the requirement to attract the sellers.

 Hyva Theme Compatible

The extension is fully compatible with the Hyva Theme.

 Recurring Seller Information

The admin can check the recurring vendor information as required in the admin backend.

What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

Now you can easily charge the sellers and restrict them from listing their products on your marketplace. For selling products in your marketplace, the seller will pay for adding products to your website. Using this extension, the admin can set up a seller subscription model for listing the products in the marketplace. The admin can create multiple groups with different prices and different settings extension. And can set limitations basis as per the number of products and time.

 Seller Group Options

Now, the store owner can offer various subscription plans to the sellers for adding the products to the marketplace. The sellers need to buy the subscription plans for adding the product to the marketplace.

This way the admin can charge a fee from the sellers as per the membership plan the sellers have purchased. Also, the admin can:

  • Create unlimited membership packages with different fees and benefits.
  • Define a fixed number for uploading products as per each plan. By this, the seller can only upload a fixed number of the product set by the admin.
  • Set the allowed payment methods that can be used by the sellers to purchase a group.
  • Set the Allowed functionalities that will be available for each membership group.
  • Configure the default or custom emails that will be sent to the seller - when seller buys a membership, the membership is about to expire, the membership has expired and when the seller has made a successful transaction.

 Pricing page

On the front end, a separate page to show membership packages with different fees, duration, and benefits for sellers. The sellers can view the details of each package before purchasing the most suitable one.

The admin can even display an attractive banner on the membership pricing page. For this, the admin can -

  • Set the banner visibility i.e.; can hide or show the banner on the frontend as per the requirement.
  • Enter the banner label and banner content that will be visible on the banner image.
  • Select the color for the banner label and banner content.
  • Upload the banner image for the membership pricing page. Also, the admin will be able to delete the banner image from here.

 Membership Check On

Now, the store owner can offer various subscription plans to the sellers for adding the products to the marketplace. The sellers need to buy the subscription plans for adding the product to the marketplace.

This way the admin can charge a fee from the sellers as per the membership plan the sellers have purchased.

  • Only Number of Products - The admin can restrict the seller with the publishing of the product. It gives control of the number of seller products in the store.
  • Only Time - If the admin wishes then the membership restricts the seller as per time then this option is selected. Thus, allowing revenue generation for store owners on a subscription time basis.
  • Time and number of products - The restriction can be applied based on both product number as well time. This helps in maintaining the quality of the products.

 Recurring Subscription Profile

  • The module enables the admin to easily create recurring subscription type seller groups.
  • For recurring type subscription membership, the admin can define billing period, billing frequency, billing cycles, and much more.
  • The seller will make payment using PayPal from the seller account the selected group is a recurring subscription type.
  • At the seller end, separate section to view the details about recurring profiles.
  • The seller can also cancel, suspend and even get the updates for the recurring profiles.

 One-Time Membership:

  • The admin can even create the non-recurring subscription ie; one-time membership type seller groups.
  • The seller will purchase the subscription just like any of the web store products if the selected group is One-time membership.
  • After making the payment, the seller can view the payment information under the “Manage Seller Membership” tab.

 Manage Seller Groups:

  • Separate page to view the complete list of seller groups.
  • Delete or edit the existing seller groups.
  • Create multiple seller groups with flexible options.
  • Can even enable or disable the seller group whenever required.

 Add New Seller Group

The seller groups can be created as any other normal product. The module enables much easier management and creation of seller groups for all type of sellers. For this, the admin can -

  • Set the status of the group as enabled/disabled.
  • Define the group name and group code.
  • Select the membership type and it’s fee.
  • Set a maximum number of products allowed to upload.
  • Can even upload the group image.
  • Enable the group subscription as one-time subscription else disable it for making the group as recurring type subscription membership.
  • If enabled the recurring type subscription membership, then admin can define recurring profile billing details.

 Expiration Message for Group Pack

  • If seller exceeds the default add product quantity limit then, a subscription expiration message will be displayed to remind them to purchase the seller group.
  • The sellers can purchase either Recurring Type Subscription or One-Time Membership as per the need.
  • The seller can view the complete details about the subscription history they have purchased.
  • Separate section to view the details about recurring profiles.

Membership Booster Plan

The store owner can give its seller an add-on advantage wherein they need to not buy new membership to add on functionality. Rather they can buy a small booster plan with various features in it.

  • Cost-effective solution for the seller.
  • Attract more sellers to store.
  • Addition functionality to with booster plans.

Note - Here the booster plan expires as membership ends.

 Marketplace Seller Groups For Magento 2 Features -

  • The admin can assign any group to any seller.
  • By group limitation, sellers will be restricted to product upload.
  • Allow the admin to add one-time membership groups and subscription type group.
  • Recurring payment with PayPal Express Checkout is provided for the seller’s payment.
  • The seller groups can be Platinum, Gold, Silver, and much more.
  • Group Payment will be done using the allowed payment methods set by the admin.
  • The check can be applied to Products, Time, and Time & Product together.
  • The admin can also view all the associated recurring profile for any particular Seller Group.
  • In the recurring profile, the seller has the option like Cancel, Suspend & Get update.
  • Easy and manageable from the usage point of view.
  • The seller can select the booster plans which will add functionalities to a there existing membership plan.
  • The seller can also cancel the membership plan and upgrade/downgrade the required plan whenever they want.

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