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Recurring Payments & Subscription for Magento 2

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Recurring Payments & Subscription for Magento 2: Using this extension, the admin of the webstore will have the functionality to manage subscription & recurring payment for his store's products. Also, this extension will be highly beneficial for the customers as by making future payments automatic, customers no longer have to log in to their accounts each and every billing cycle.


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Recurring Payments & Subscription for Magento 2: Now, add the functionality to manage subscription & recurring payment for the products of the admin. Here, the admin can easily configure the PayPal recurring payment that can be used by the customers to make a checkout.

Apart from that, the admin can manage the duration type and subscriptions as well. The customers to make the subscription for the allowed products on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Highlighted Features

 Manage Subscription

The admin can check all the subscriptions for various subscription products and can see the recurring payment details for a particular customer as well.

 Manage Duration Type

Create duration types for the subscription that will be applied to the products later. Duration types can be set as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

 Online & Offline Payments

It supports online recurring payments using PayPal as well as offline recurring payments(Check/Money order).

 Set Recurring Payment

Setup the online recurring payments using PayPal. The customers will find this method at the time of checkout.

Configuration & Recurring Payment

To configure the module, the admin will enable the extension from the backend. After that, the admin has to select subscription price scope as global or website to set the scope for using the extension as Global or Website wise.

  • Enable or disable the extension
  • Select the subscription price scope
  • Select the mode as Sandbox or Production
  • Enter the title for the recurring payment method visible at the frontend
  • Configure the PayPal API username, password, and signature.
  • Select to receive payments from all applicable countries or specific ones.
  • Set the sort order to display the payment method at checkout.
Configuration & Recurring Payment

Manage Duration Type

Under here, create the duration type for the subscription that will be applied to the products later. The duration types can be created on a daily, weekly, monthly & yearly basis.

If you have already created a subscription duration, no other same duration type can again be created.

  • Add a title for the subscription duration like daily, weekly, and others.
  • Set the numeric number representing the set title.
  • Enable the duration type.
  • Set the sort order for the duration type.
Manage Duration Type

Manage Subscriptions

Under here, the admin will have all the recurring subscriptions that have been made for the various subscription products. The admin can find the details regarding the subscriptions like - Order ID, product name, customer name, subscription type, reference profile ID, and an option to view the details. The admin can also cancel the customer subscriptions by selecting the subscription and tapping the unsubscribe option available.

  • Check the subscription information.
  • View subscription details.
  • Order section with recurring payment details.
  • Check recurring payment details for a particular customer.
  • Cancel the customer subscriptions
Manage Subscriptions

Create a Subscription Product

Now, allow your customers to subscribe to products or services and pay using the recurring payments. It surely helps in holding up the customers of your webstore and thus creates a consistent stream of sales for your store.

  • Enable subscription option for the product.
  • Choose duration type for the product.
  • Add initial Fee, subscription charges applicable for the chosen duration types.
Create a Subscription Product

Customer Workflow

The customers should be logged in so as to purchase the product using the recurring payment type. After login, the customer will find a Subscribe button.

Tapping it up brings up a pop-up section to select any of the listed subscription plans. The customer can choose a plan that suits him best and then can make a checkout. The customers can also check their subscriptions under their account panel and can also unsubscribe the subscriptions that they have made. 

  • Select a subscription plan by choosing a start date.
  • Tap the subscribe button to add a product to the cart as normal.
  • At checkout select Check/Money Order (offline method for purchasing the subscription) or PayPal Recurring Payment (Online Payment) method.
  • Redirected to PayPal website for payment.
  • Customers can view their subscription details.
  • Customers can unsubscribe from their subscriptions.
 Customer Workflow

 Complete Features List

  • The admin can enable/disable the recurring module.
  • The admin can manage PayPal recurring payment.
  • The admin can view/unsubscribe the customer subscriptions.
  • The customers can view/unsubscribe to their subscriptions.
  • The admin can unsubscribe any customer subscription.
  • It supports online recurring payment with PayPal.
  • It supports offline recurring payment.
  • The admin can select the subscription price scope as global or website wise.
  • The admin sets subscription amount and subscription initial fee product wise.
  • The admin can create subscription terms/duration type.


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - or send an email to


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 Frequently Asked Questions

 How are customers benefited from this extension?
By making future payments automatic, customers no longer have to log in to their accounts every billing cycle. Once they set up recurring payments, they can focus on other, more important things.
 Which payment methods does this module support?
This module supports online recurring payments using PayPal and Offline recurring payments as well using the default offline methods like check/money order.
 How does the store owner benefit?
The admin will get to know what predictable cash flow will be received in each billing cycle and accordingly can make better-informed decisions about the future products or services that should be made available.
  Which product types does it support?
This extension currently does not support grouped and bundled products. Apart from them rest all product types are supported.
 Will guests be allowed to recurring subscriptions?
For now, only registered customers on webstore will be able to subscribe to recurring payment products.


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  • + Features
  • - Bugs
Version 2.1.1
  • + It support online Stripe Recurring Payment.
  • - Minor Bug fixed
Version 2.1.0
  • + Compatible with Magento 2.3
Version 2.0.0
  • + Admin can enable the Recurring Module From Configuration.
  • + It supports online Recurring Payment with PayPal.
  • + It supports Offline Recurring Payment.
  • + Admin can set subscription Amount and subscription Initial Fee product wise.
  • + Admin can create Subscription Terms/Duration Type.