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Magento 2 Daily Deals Marketplace Add-on


Marketplace Daily Deals For Magento 2: This multi-vendor add-on will help the merchants to use the daily deals. This allows sellers to build brand loyalty and quickly sell surplus inventory. Along with the product page display of the deal, it also creates an entirely separate page for Deal Collection which contains all the current running deals along with their respective products.

Please Note - Since it’s an add-on for the marketplace module, so Webkul Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace module must be installed before installing the Marketplace Daily Deals.

Highlighted Features

 Deal Discount Type

The merchants and store owners can select the nature of the deal as fixed or percentage.

 Countdown Timer

The customer can view a timer on the store product page to grab the deal on time.

 Exclusive Deal Collection

The extension allows the visibility of the daily deal product separately.

 Daily Deals Management on Products

The seller and store owner both can add products to the daily deal section.

How daily deals can add benefit to the marketplace store?

The multi-vendor solution can help the seller gain more sales with the addition of deals that is active for a given time slot. This plugin gives the advantage to promote products on various occasions and festivals.

Thus, helping in the enhancement of sales in the store. Daily deals in the marketplace can help both vendors and store owners. It helps them to attract more traffic to the store. Thus, making the store a sure hit by giving a fixed amount or a percentage off on the total price of the product.

Product List for Daily Deals

  • If the admin has enabled the module, the seller can use the time-specific deal feature. And can provide amazing offers to customers so that more and more customers purchase the products thereby increasing sales.
  • Separate section “Add Deal On Product” to view the list of products for which the deal has not been enabled. And can easily add deals to these products.
  • Separate section “Deal Product List” to view the list of products for which the deal has been enabled. And can also check the deal details like deal price, deal end and start date etc.
  • The seller can edit or delete any product deal as per the requirement.

 Add Daily Deal

The seller can add deals to an unlimited number of products. For this, the seller can:

  • Deal Status: set to enabled for the product for which the seller wants to add the daily deal. Else set it to disabled.
  • Discount Type: define the discount type as fixed or percentage.
  • Deal Value: set the price value which will be allocated to the product for the daily deal.
  • Deal Start Date: select the date for the daily deal to be active.
  • Deal End Date: set the date for the daily deal to get inactive.

 Deals for Customers

The daily deal products will display on the front page. They will have:

  • “Percent off drop” tag so that the customers can easily differentiate the daily deals products.
  • Deal Price along with the actual regular price. This will then help the customers to compare the prices.
  • The amount they can save on the purchase of that particular product. This will more likely to draw their attention.
  • The countdown timer which will display Days: Hours: Minutes: Seconds. Days will get set to Zero for the deals expire within 24 hours.

On the product page, the customers can see the “Deal Collection” link which will be redirected to the seller’s deal collection page where the customer can see all products with their respective running deals.

 Deal Manager via Store Owner

  • The admin can easily manage all the daily deal products from the back-end.
  • The admin can add the daily deal to his products as well to the seller’s products.
  • On the product edit page, the admin can enable the daily deal for any product as per the requirement.
  • Define the deal price, discount type, and deal date.
  • The admin can even edit or remove the daily deal from his products as well from the seller’s products too.

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