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      The Bossl is an eCommerce platform based in UAE and has made a very promising start in the region renowned as the favorite marketplace mobile app BOSSL Algeria.

      With the major objective to reach customers globally, the online store relies on various plugins developed by Webkul for their marketplace store and mobile app.

      The customers can purchase orders from anywhere using the Bossl mobile app available for both android and iOS users.


      The Bossl online eCommerce tries to enhance your shopping experience by making the physical store accessible to customers on their mobile.

      Where users can add products, contact admin and add reviews for a product. Users can have fun and virtually check on store products utilizing VR and AR technologies supported for iOS apps.


      UAE’s eCommerce Marketplaces Selling Globally

      Those eCommerce startups and tech giants who have been able to provide a good and reliable shopping experience to their customers have ensured a flourishing business for themselves.

      Ecommerce stores are easier to set up but must contain basic essentials that are now a standard in any marketplace store. Such as a simple payment gateway.

      Moreover, the sellers must be equipped with add-ons that help them better manage order returns and refunds.


      Here are some of the extensively used eCommerce marketplaces based in the UAE that has created an impact on customers.

      In May 2019, Souq UAE became, and Souq Saudi Arabia became in June 2020.

      With over 100 Million products cataloged on the Dessert Cart website, products are being shipped from all around the world at a delivery speed previously unimaginable.

      Noon is currently a digital ecosystem of products and services, as well as the region's domestic e-commerce platform and leading online shopping destination.

      Daily Deals Plugin For BOSSL Customer

      Building brand loyalty makes the job of a seller easier now with the use of Webkul’s Daily deals sellers at can use this feature to attract more customers.

      Moreover, the add-on allows to run and showcase a complete page that will include Deal Collection and all the current running deals along with their respective products.


      A Global Payment Gateway in - PayPal

      Our goals were aligned to help serve the customers of have a better experience. Our PayPal payment gateway helps customers make payments for their orders securely and easily.

      Webkul's Magento's eCommerce platform Paypal Adaptive Payment will dynamically split the payment between the Bossl's seller and its store owner.


      Checkout Multiple Seller Product Using Split Order

      At if a customer checks out products from different sellers the separate order ids will be generated at the back-end and this is achieved by Webkul’s split cart add-on.

      • Automated separation of order id.
      • Separate Invoice and shipment generation.
      • Quick order return and refund manager.


      Search Suggestions For Product Search on

      If you are intending to enhance customers' product search it requires real-time search results where a user at is still typing in the search box.

      Moreover, using Webkul's search suggestions extension for the search process, the customer can also see important product information like pricing.


      BOSSL Algeria Mobile App & Tech Stack

      The Fully native Bossl marketplace mobile apps are device dedicated based on Kotlin(Android) and Swift(iOS). It does real-time synchronization with the Bossl marketplace web store.

      The Bossl Algeria mobile app contains various inbuilt features like,

      • Layered navigation in the Bossl mobile app.
      • Seller profile and collection view.
      • Interactive theme as per requirements.
      • Customers can perform voice-based searches on the Bossl mobile app.

      Bossl App

      Virtually Try-On Products in iOS App - Augmented Reality

      The Bossl iOS app contains the feature where its customer may take measurements of items that they may scan using their device.

      It’s an evolutionary feature of eCommerce and an application of AI-based features, where the Bossl iOS customer can see products in an interactive manner in AR mode on their device.

      Virtual Try-on

      Purchase Products From BOSSL Mobile App

      One of the delights that the customers certainly enjoy is a fast product purchase process using the Bossl mobile app.

      The customers can add products into the cart and choose payment and shipping methods of their choice.

      One may even log in before checkout or directly purchase products as a guest user.


      Works Offline & Manage App Notifications

      This is the key feature that distinguished the Bossl app from its competitors the app works offline as well and helps customers manage their browsing experience.

      The offline data such as recently viewed products and products search history is available on the customer’s mobile app even if they are offline.

      The bossl customers can browse the preloaded pages of the application even when the network is missing. Moreover will receive web push notifications for offers and other events on their mobile.

      Offline Functionality

      Multilingual Arabic RTL Support in App

      Apart from English, the client required the Arabic language as it is the native language for the people of UAE.

      In the Bossl mobile app, customers can use the Arabic language as the medium to browse the app. As, Webkul offers all languages, including RTL languages, in multilingual mode.

      Multi-language support can be implemented in mobile apps, allowing users to select their favorite language and view translated content.


      How The Marketplace Addon Helps Store?

      The reason why millions of customers trust us with our services as we have ready-made modules that can enhance your feature set.

      Our customers just need to come up with a requirement and we are aligned to meet the desired outcomes with our extensive support for development till the product is made live.

      There are plenty of other extensions that we have provided to the client it becomes so easy for the store owners to enable any module whenever they may wish to use the respective feature.

      Download The Bossl Algeria Mobile App

      You can download and check out the Bossl Algeria mobile app on your Android and iOS smartphones or tablets from Google Play and App Store.

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      • However, if you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]
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