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Marketplace Quote System For Magento 2: Marketplace Quote System For Magento 2 module helps to enable the customer quotation request in Magento Marketplace. The seller can allow the customer to Quote their products.

This module is very useful for order the seller’s products in bulk. Using this module buyer can communicate with the seller about their queries. The seller can enable the quote system for their products.

Please Note - This module is an add-on of Magento 2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace Module first.

Highlighted Features

 Customized Price

With this module, the admin/seller can provide unique quoted price to the buyers.

 Bulk Purchase

The customer can order product quantity in bulk and can get optimized prices for the same.

 Configured Emails

The admin can set the email template for every event.

 Unique User Experience

The admin/seller offers a unique quote for the customers on every quotation requested

 Easy Product Quote

The customer can quote a product from the product page as well as the category page.

 Notification Counter Icon

Store owner and sellers can check the notification counter icon on the manage quote section.

What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

If you want your marketplace customers to ask for a quote for the required products/items available. Then Magento 2 Quote System Marketplace Add-on will enable your customer to request a quote for the products.

The admin can compromise and respond back to a compromising quotation proposal to the customer. This add-on helps in making a direct interaction between the seller and your customers for price negotiation and product query related communication.

 Marketplace System Quote Manager

The admin from the back-end can manage the quote feature. Admin can also enable the quote feature for any product. Under the marketplace, “Manage Quote”, admin can view the quotes from the buyer. Admin can view seller & buyer messages and admin can also approve, disapprove the quote.

  • Admin can approve or disapprove of the quotes.
  • Admin can enable the quote for any product.

 Adding Quote To Product

On the front-end, seller can enable or disable the quote feature for any of their product. Seller can also set the “Minimum Amount” on which quote will be applicable. Seller can do this when creating a new product or can enable/disable quotes by editing a previously added product.

  • Quote can be enabled while creating a new product or while editing a previously created product.
  • Customer will be able to see a quote button on the Product page.
  • Buyer will be able to put any product in terms of quote and also can communicate to seller for the better price.
  • When Deal will be made Buyer will be able to purchase the product in the quote price.

 Quote Management by Seller

After the buyer quotes any product, then under the “Manage Quote” tab, seller can view the quotation of the buyer. Seller can edit that quote or can delete that quote from the list. Seller can edit the quotation.

Here seller can approve, disapprove the status or if the product is sold then seller can put the status as “Sold”. Seller can message the buyer regarding the quote.

  • Seller can edit or delete the quotes from the buyer.
  • Seller can message the buyer regarding the quote from “Manage Quote” tab.
  • Seller can approve or disapprove the quote.
  • If the product is sold, then seller can put the status as “Sold”.

 Quote Management by Buyer

The buyer can provide quotation for products on which quote feature is enabled by the seller & admin. Buyer can enter the “Quantity”, “Price Per Item” and “Short Description” about the quotation.

Buyer can view their quoted product under the tab “My Quotes”. Here, buyer can edit the quotation by editing price and quantity. Buyer can even message the seller.

When the quotation is approved by the seller then the buyer will have an option of “Add to Cart”. If the quoted products are sold then, status will be “sold”. If the quotation is disapproved by the seller then the status will be “Pending” only.

  • Buyer can quote for the product by providing quantity, price per item and message.
  • Buyer can delete the “Pending” quotes.
  • After quote approval, buyer can proceed with “Add to cart”.

Email Notifications

The order updates will be sent to the customer, seller, and admin via emails.

  • Seller and admin will receive the email notification when the customer requests a quote.
  • The customer will receive the email when the quote will be approved.
  • The customer will get the email when the quotation is edited by the seller or admin.
  • When any new message will be received on the quotation, then the email will be sent to the seller, admin, and customer.

 Super Useful For B2B Marketplace Needs

Quote system is an integral part of any B2B site or marketplace and Magento2 marketplace quote system modules does work in the same way where seller can put their product on quote which will surely attract to lure retailers like Alibaba or any B2B sites.

Quote system is also super useful for increasing sales conversation in bulk or mass. Any shop owner can create B2B marketplace using quote system and other marketplace add-ons like Seller Bulk Upload, Seller Product Custom Options, Custom Attribute and also Seller (RMA) Return Management along with shipping and payment add-on.

 Complete Features List

  • Admin and Seller can enable the Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System for their products.
  • The customer can enter custom prices for quoted products.
  • The customer can order the seller’s products in bulk.
  • The Buyer/Seller can upload their attachments.
  • The Buyer/Seller and the admin can download the attachment from the order.
  • Add a product to Quote from the Category page.
  • The admin can set whether to allow the customer to add the discount on the quote product cart or not.
  • The admin and seller can set quotes according to the global configuration.
  • Customer, Admin, and Seller all can view the quoted products.
  • The seller can view the bulk orders, price, and status of a particular quoted product.
  • Buyers can communicate with sellers about their queries.
  • Admin can also involve in the buyer and seller conversation.
  • The admin can also change the status of the customer quote.
  • Allow admin to create custom email templates for quote system email templates.
  • The admin can also add the Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System to their products.
  • Works with multi-store and multi-website of Magento.
  • The seller receives an email notification when the buyer sends any quotation for the products and the buyer receives an email notification when the seller approves their quotation.
  • The seller & admin receives an email notification when the buyer sends any quotation for the products and the buyer receives an email notification when the seller/admin approves their quotation.
  • Multi-Lingual Support.
  • The seller and admin can see the Notification counter icon for the quotes.
  • The code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need.
  • Store Owner can show/hide the “add to cart” button and product price on the category and product page.
  • The admin can add a quote for products.

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For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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based on 3 reviews
Jennifer Ivanov
Posted On - March 15, 2022
Awesome Work Done by Webkul
Rounak provided awesome support and has helped me to understand seller payouts. Thank you so much, I'm loving this app!!
Posted On - December 7, 2017
Really Good extension
This is a must have extension for any site for the customer attraction.I have done some customization and its pretty quick .A big thank for the Rani and Webkul Team.

Bruno Cezar Ribeiro da Silva
Posted On - August 9, 2017
Great Module
This module is very useful for B2B. Also the support of webkul is very good. They are helping me a lot to installing and customization the module.
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