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Magento 2 Multi Vendor Mobile App: Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Mobile App Builder allows you to create a Magento 2 based marketplace mobile app for your online web store. By creating the mobile app, the customers and the sellers will have access to your marketplace store on the go.

The sellers can easily set up their social profile links, check their orders, add new products, view/edit their complete product list, set the invoice & packing slip information, and much more on the go from the mobile application itself.

The customers can access their complete information and can edit/update it as required and can check the details of the products along with the details of the seller selling that product.

Please Note - To use this Mobile App, you must have installed Webkul's Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2.

Why use a mobile application?

The mobile apps are predominating the e-commerce industry due to their usability and availability. They have played a great role in the globalization of the e-commerce industry. The major factors for using a mobile app are -

  • Better UI/UX.
  • Mobility.
  • Faster Loading.
  • Full Utilization of Device-Based features.

Major Features of the Mobile Application

Home Page Configurator

The home page of the mobile application is its center of attraction for any customer. Managing and maintaining it in the best way possible is really important for the store owner. In order to make it responsive plus fascinating, this app creator feature is out now:

  • With this, the store owners can manage the sort order of the home page layout.
  • The store owner can change the sort order of the carousels and categories of the homepage by just drag and drop method.
  • The categories and carousels can be selected and dragged to the desired position.
  • A default list is already present therein the backend.
  • The store owner can also add any new category or carousel.

Interactive Mobile Dashboard

The intuitive seller dashboard provides the user with a detailed overview of what’s actually going on by displaying the overall data in a way that the sellers can understand.

The mobile app makes it sure that the sellers can get to their dashboard anywhere - anytime and that too on the move.

  • Know Lifetime sales made.
  • View Sales by locations.
  • View Top selling category.
  • View the Top-selling products.
  • Check the Latest orders placed along with the order details.
  • Check the Reviews posted by the customers.

Seller Profile Management

Mobile apps are a good option, for they have now become a must-have for all businesses in present times.

Using the web functionalities over the mobile device makes a more significant impact and allows the e-commerce merchants to manage the data very quickly and on the move without restrictions.

  • Add Social Media Links
  • Enable/Disable the Social links
  • Manage the Payment information
  • Manage the Shop title/company locality/description/return, shipping policy, and more.
  • Change the theme background-color
  • Manage the Company Banner/Logo

Manage Sales Orders

The sellers of the marketplace can now check the orders placed for their products using the mobile application itself.

It can be achieved using the on the go and without being stationed at a single place.

The sellers need to have an internet connection and the marketplace mobile application to login to their account.

  • View a complete list of received orders.
  • View the status of each particular order.
  • For each order, view the - Buyer information, order information, shipping address, and the items ordered along with order details.
  • Option to generate the invoice, shipping slips, and to cancel the order.
  • Enter the order tracking number.
  • Send mail to customers with order details.

Product Listing

Adding new products to the global multi vendor marketplace catalog is one major step before a product gets listed for purchase at the store frontend.

And now, the inclusion of mobile apps makes it more conducive for the sellers to add the products on the move.

The sellers can upload their products at any time by just using their mobile applications.

  • Add new products.
  • Edit/Update listed products.
  • Single tap product delete.
  • Add/choose Up-Sell & Cross-Sell products.
  • Add/choose related products.

Manage Products

The sellers of the marketplace can easily manage the products from anywhere using the mobile app for editing/deleting as required.

The mobile application allows the sellers to eliminate the stress of daily lives and get the task done without reaching their desk/laptop.

  • Delete the products under your account.
  • Edit the products under your account.
  • Filter Products using from and to dates.
  • Filter products as per product status.

Marketplace Transactions

Marketplace transactions involve the admin making a payout to the sellers for the orders that get placed within the marketplace store.

The payment mode depends upon the type of payment details saved by the seller under their account panel.

Thus a mobile app for the marketplace allows the sellers to view the transaction details.

  • View a complete list of transactions.
  • View the transaction Information and Order Information.
  • Download a complete list of transactions in CSV file format.
  • Filter the transactions using the transaction ID and using the date from and to values.
  • View the Date, Amount, Type of Payment, Method for Payment, and comment message for each of the marketplace transactions.

Invoice Header Settings

When an order gets placed within the marketplace, and its status gets displayed completed, the customer receives a receipt for the placed order.

After this, the seller generates the invoice and shipping slips. The seller has this option which allows the sellers to add their company details, address, along with the tax/vat details.

  • Information gets visible on the invoice and shipping slips.
  • Address/Vat/Tax information mentioned in the seller generated invoice and packing slip.
  • Easily add your company information that includes the name, address, Tax, VAT details.

Chat with Admin

The app provides the user to connect with the admin via chats. In most cases, the seller needs to connect with the admin for the urgent task.

  • The sellers can now easily discuss the queries.
  • The conversation will be better and direct.
  • The sellers don't need to wait for getting the answers to their queries for so long over the mails.
  • The chats will be private and secure.
  • The seller will get quick replies which will make the marketing process faster.

Multilingual/RTL Support

RTL (Right to Left) Language Support for mobile apps has proven it’s worth and has helped in staying connected with the customers globally and for promoting your eCommerce webstore to larger audiences.

  • Supports RTL languages; Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, Persian, and others.
  • Reach out to more customers globally.
  • Browse the app in multiple languages.
  • Provide better interaction of customers from a particular region.
  • Multi-lingual support.

 AR Support

The Mobile is now made more advanced and user interactive by the feature of Artificial Intelligence, where the objects in the real-world environment are augmented into computer-based information. Here, the surface is detected by the device and product is placed on that surface. The customer can see all this in AR mode on their device.

  • The customer can have a clear image of the product being purchased.
  • Helpful in the design industry, automobile industry, etc.
  • The app user remains much connected with the store via this feature.

Note- To know more about the feature, refer here - Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 and AR (Augmented Reality).

 Size calculator

This is an additional feature of AI in the application. This allows the user to take in measurement visually. The app user can scan the product and a measurement gets recorded accordingly.

  • Removes the requirement of any measurement device.
  • Helpful in the design industry, automobile industry, and many other such places.

Note-: For now we are having this feature in the iOS app only.

            To get an insight into this feature you can follow the link here.

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Magento 2 Multi Vendor Mobile App

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/

based on 15 reviews
Yahya Hamzi
Posted On - May 13, 2020
A collaborative and creative team
A collaborative and creative team
im recommended there products
Poom Pui
Posted On - August 31, 2019
Great service and support
Good Service.
Nice team and good features for e-commerce business.
Sara Cline
onlinefashionresource.com (US)
Posted On - August 5, 2019
Professional Developer Team
They are great and really responsible, also patient to solved our problem to build our app and marketplace: onlinefashionresource.com
www.youclub.com.br (BR)
Posted On - April 2, 2019
Excelent cost-benefit choice and professional support
We purchased both iOS and Android apps and the teams supporting us during the development process always answered quickly and willingly to solve any issues.
The development took double time to finish also because of our missing feedbacks and inputs, but that could have been better from both sides.
Layout/design is not the main concern or expertise of the teams, but in the end we got pleased with the results.
Eddy M.
www.warredly.com (SE)
Posted On - March 8, 2019
A professional mobile development team
A professional mobile development team with quick and reliable support. Webkul Mobikul team (iOS and Android) had supported us through all our requirements with all what we have requested from basic support to all customization points. Great work Haminshu, Yogendra, Khushboo and all the guys from Webkul.
Posted On - February 27, 2019
Excellent Service
Having such an elaborate app is not easy, but with Webkul support I have no issues.
poykee.com/ (FR)
Posted On - January 15, 2019
Serious and Professional
very serious company, they answer fast and do a good follow up +++++
I recommend to work with them for your website, or apps
Posted On - January 5, 2019
Best quality, support and price
Through our experience with Webkul, they simply offer a trusted name and a full life cycle e-commerce add-ons which supports all common platforms. Webkul has provided us with what we were really looking for in terms of our project-based mobile application needs.
We were a little skeptical about choosing the one-shot extension and application provider to empower our entire project, now we have turned our focus on our goals while assuring a solid support for our business insights.
Finally, a special thanks to a very patient and dedicated support team that the one can truly reply on.
Posted On - December 21, 2018
mobile app one step solution for your ecommerce
Building mobile app from scratch is hassle for none technical people, mobikul has the one step solution mobile app for your e-commerce which requires no technical knowledge background to build one. Spend your valuable time to focus on your business operation. Module are very flexible to integrate with your platform. Team are very knowledgeable and experienced on implementation and excellent assist and professionalism.
theroots.in/ (IN)
Posted On - November 27, 2018
Awesome Mobile Application for Magento 2
Have got this Mobile Application for our Magento 2 Site and it really is great in UI and UX.

It saved us alot of time and money in getting the application ready for our Website.

Appreciate the efforts support staff provides and thorough dedication to clients.
Abdulrahman Aziz
Posted On - June 13, 2018
After sale services
These people truly understand the term of after sale services, I respect their support team so much for their high response.

Thank you Webkul
Digital Streams
Posted On - May 30, 2018
A great job
Webkul has done a great job developing a mobile app loaded with lots of features.
Sahm Tech
Posted On - May 23, 2018
Great services and support
Great company to work with.
The support is outstanding. Fast response and all issues get fixed very quick.
www.fashionhub.com.my (MY)
Posted On - May 4, 2018
Webkul is one of the best companies when it come to e-Commerce Solutions
Modules are working very fine with my Magento and so far i didn't experience any difficulty with their modules and mobile app. What makes it best is the after sale support, support team are very fast in replying and very helpful.

Thank you Webkul team for the great work and support.
www.shoppingtimes.net (SA)
Posted On - June 21, 2017
The Mobile App is excellent
I recommend dealing with this site as it has a team of excellent staff and cooperate to work on all requests and the speed of response and problem solving
All love and appreciation to you.
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