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      Wamia is a Tunisian-based marketplace founded by a young team of enthusiasts constantly looking for innovations and new trends. Through its platform, Wamia connects many buyers and sellers throughout the Tunisian territory.


      It provides opportunities to the other sellers/shop owners to expand their customer reach to increase their conversion rate and expand revenue. Furthermore, it also gives services for displaying the products of various brands and categories.

      Also, supporting buyers and sellers by providing a safe and secure purchasing platform. And gives various types of functionalities in the platform to help sellers sell products easily.


      Webkul and the Wamia collaborated to give limitless solutions that assisted in developing its online web marketplace platform, ERP integration, mobile app development and more. Webkul helped the Wamia team in meeting all of its technical requirements and enabling them to increase its consumer base and sales.

      Ecommerce in Tunisia

      The coronavirus epidemic is putting the Tunisian government to the test in terms of its ability to build eCommerce as a permanent system. The government needs to support daily services and as well as transactions, rather than just as a temporary solution to the health problem.

      Tunisia, with a population of 11.7 million people, is a tiny eCommerce market in Tunisia and Africa as a whole. Tunisia's eCommerce services are mostly limited to the local market, with a concentration in Tunisia and other major cities.


      While there has been a revival of electronic services since the outbreak of the pandemic, the sector still faces many challenges due to people's and the government's dislike of digital technology. 

      The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as similar social distancing measures, boosted the demand for online shopping websites like Founa, Lemarché, and Jumia. To fulfil demand, smaller local shops forged new associations as they tried to keep up with client demand.

      Attracting Sellers to Expand Wamia

      With the help of the Webkul Marketplace, Wamia utilizes the best feature to attract customers like the seller can manage the inventory, shipment. Moreover, the sellers can easily set up their social profile links, check their orders, add new products, etc.


      Further, the marketplace store has a lot of features like a wishlist, online payment system, cash delivery and easy to check out which make it easy for buyers to shop for their products. Besides that, with our customized marketplace, Wamia got many exclusive features as required like assigning a badge, verifying customers.

      Sellers can sell their products anywhere and manage the orders. Along with the images of the product, sellers can also add media files. Wamia recognized the power of the e-commerce marketplace in business growth.


      Wamia realized that they can expand their business through huge customer reach to a global scale if they stepped into the eCommerce marketplace.

      So, to execute the plan and get the system through which all of these can achieve Wamia approached Webkul to achieve its goal of setting up the eCommerce Store. Webkul provided their expertise in eCommerce by utilizing their 12 years of experience.

      Wamia was able to discuss the complete requirement was enough for Webkul to visualize the completed requirement consisting of the website, mobile app, ERP.

      We provided a document so that clients will clarify all the standard requirements for an eCommerce store. With our documents and wireframe, they were able to visualize it with more clarification and able to understand each of their features.


      This is how we discussed all the requirements once all that was clarified and finalized from both ends. Our multi-vendor plugin aided in the rapid development of the Wamia marketplace online shop, which today provides a platform for many sellers to market online. Installed several modules that we have provided to the Wamia and as per their requirement, we have customized them.

      Wamia Marketplace Seller Profile Page

      A seller's identity in any marketplace is their seller collection profile page, where they can describe their product offerings in a sequence manner.


      All of a seller's products list in their Wamia marketplace seller profile, which also allows them to upload a banner image and a seller icon. Furthermore, all product pages provide a link to the vendor profile.

      Syncing Odoo ERP with Adobe Commerce

      The customer had been using Magento also looking for an ERP kind of solution so that they can have tough backend operations. We have suggested our solution with a combination of Magento 2 marketplace as well as Odoo ERP. However, the major solution for integrating Online Supply's Magento with Odoo presented to them.

      Furthermore, Webkul's Magento 2 Multi-Vendor ERP Integration Connector assisted them in syncing their Magento online store data with Odoo.

      However, they purchased the Magento 2 Connector module Multi-Vendor ERP. The integration allowed them to integrate their Magento store with Odoo and administer the entire store from Odoo. Inventory management, invoicing, and as well as website marketing are just a few of the services we provide.

      The following are some of the major issues that the Magento Odoo Connector has resolved:

      • Inventory management centre from the Odoo end.
      • Order shipping management from the Odoo end by supplying an updated Magento address to Odoo.
      • To do order management from the Odoo perspective. This allows the client to handle orders from the Odoo end.
      • In Odoo, they also wanted to put up a One-Server Two-tier Architecture.
      • Magento 2 Multi-Vendor ERP Integration has a "One-Server Two-tier Architecture" setup.

      Several Customization Options Available To Meet Client Needs

      Webkul has been providing business solutions to clients for quite some time. The following customizations were completed:

      • Order processing just to the Odoo end synchronize.
      • Upgrading modules to Magento 2.3.
      • Warehouse state must be in sync with Odoo's end-of-day requirement.
      • For any changes made to the order at the Magento end, create a new address in Odoo.

      Wamia Marketplace Mobile App

      As the Wamia owner mentioned they will need the addition of the website on the mobile. We had a customized app for them so that they will be able to provide all of the features of the website on the mobile app to the customer. Sellers also manage their store from the mobile including adding and managings orders.

      Mobikul's development team is proficient in all current mobile app development technologies. However, to give the best user experience and design for app users, frameworks and others are using.


      In addition, the client desired to create native mobile applications for Wamia consumers along with resellers too. Wamia is a custom-built marketplace. It has numerous alterations to the original code.

      • Applications for Wamia Android App and as well as iOS were delivered.
      • Can use in conjunction with the French language.
      • The app allows customers to track their orders.

      Despite this, Webkul's in-house mobile development team. The Mobikul department took on the projects. We also completed the native mobile apps as soon as feasible. In addition, numerous marketplace components and third-party extensions require updating work with the mobile app.

      Client Review

      Moreover, we requested that the client provide us with his important opinion on our Magento 2 modules and support. He was pleased with our module as well as the team's assistance.

      Very Useful Module

      I really appreciate the quality of support they are very helpful I recommended this powerful module best solution with excellent support.


      Currently, Webkul is working on a few more changes that we have discussed for the  Wamia marketplace and its mobile app.

      Disclaimer: Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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