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Marketplace Seller Store Pickup For Adobe Commerce allows sellers to add their store to their marketplace profile. Using this add-on, the seller can add different physical stores along with the store address, zip code, store contact number, store opening-closing timings, etc.

After adding the stores, whenever the seller adds a new product (or edits previously made products), he will be able to assign that product to any store. The customer can search for stores using the city name or zip code and all the nearby stores will be shown.

The customer can choose any store and click on ‘Make it your store’. Doing this will allow customers to check whether the product is available in that store or not. When on a product page, customers can see the list of stores that have that product.

Customers can choose whether they want to pick up their orders from the store or whether they want home delivery for that order. Customers can also see the navigational directions for reaching that store by entering their zip code. Admin can view and edit the stores added by sellers.

Important Notes: This module is an add-on to the Magento 2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed the Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace Module first Magento 2 Marketplace Module and at least one of our shipping modules from the following list:

Highlighted Features Magento 2 Store Pickup Marketplace

 Add Multiple Pick-up Locations

Sellers can add multiple pick-up locations to the store.

 Check Out the Nearest Store

Makes it easier for the customer to check the nearest pickup store.

 Save Shipping Charges

Store pick-up saves the cost of shipping to customers.


Customers pick up the order from the most appropriate location.

 Add Favourite store

The customer can add any store to their favorite store list. They can check the same and also remove it from the list.

 Post Product Reviews

The customer can post a review for any seller’s product by visiting the seller’s store.

 View Direction and Distance

The customer can check the direction and distance from their location to the pickup store location.

 Check Other Pickup Store

The customer can check other pickup stores while placing the order or on the checkout page.

 Store Holiday Creation

The admin and seller both can create store holidays for the pickup stores.

 Multiple Shipping Option

The customer can choose multiple shipping options like pickup store and home delivery.

 Bulk Store action

The admin can enable, disable, and delete the pickup stores of the sellers.

 Product Edit

The admin and seller can edit the product and assign the pickup store to the product.

 What is the use of this module and why should use it?

If the sellers are having a brick-and-mortar business and sell their products online. Then Magento 2 Marketplace store pickup is the best solution the sellers can have. It will be helpful for sellers who are having online stores with physical stores located worldwide locations.

Using this module, the sellers can add an unlimited number of stores. And let the customers select the nearest store from where they can pick up their orders at any time. This module offers the customers a dual function – buy online, and pick up in-store.

This module enables the sellers to start allowing in-store pickup to their customers. Because these days customers prefer free in-store pickup rather than paying for shipping.

If you have a single vendor website and want the physical store location visible on the website then you can check the Magento 2 Store Locator. module

 Manage Pickup Stores

After installing the module. The seller can manage its pickup stores from My Account - View All Stores, Add Store, and Order Store Pickup. Here are the options available:

  • Provide pickup store information - name, contact, address
  • Upload an image file for the pickup store
  • Set the weekly timings of the pickup stores
  • Enable or disable pickup store status
  • Add, edit, or delete any number of pickup stores
  • Use the search option to find a pickup store from the list
  • View information about pickup store orders

 Assign Pickup Stores

After creating the pickup stores, the seller needs to assign products to it. The seller has to select & add pickup stores where the product is available for pickup.

  • Set product quantity for each pickup store
  • Add multiple pickup stores to a product
  • Select a pickup store for shipping the product
  • It updates the stock level from all pickup stores

 Manage Sellers Pickup Stores

The admin can manage the pickup stores of the sellers. Navigating through Marketplace Management>Manage Sellers>Stores. The admin has the following options:

  • View all the pickup stores created by the sellers
  • Edit pick-up store information - name, address, timings
  • Enable or disable store pickup shipping
  • Set title, name, and countries for store pickup shipping
  • Check the number of products available in pickup stores

 Store Pickup as Shipping Method

The customers first need to select the nearest pickup store by entering their zip code or city name. After adding the products to the cart. The customers have to go to the shopping cart page select the Store Pickup At option and then proceed to checkout.

  • Check and select other pickup stores
  • Option to ship products to home
  • Set pickup store from the product page or shopping cart page
  • View weekly timings, contact, and address details about pickup stores
  • Know pickup store distance, time, and directions
  • Find the availability of products in various pickup stores
  • Google Maps API-based pickup store locator

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Create Pickup Store

The admin and vendor can create various pickup stores for the sellers. So the customer can directly pick up their order from the store.

  • The admin can create, edit, or delete any pickup store from the admin end.
  • The vendor and admin both can create the new pickup store with general details, like, location, store timing, attributes, curbside pickup, and meta information.
  • Vendors can add these details from their panel, and the admin can edit the seller store or create a new one from their end.
  • The admin can create the attributes, and the vendor can apply them to their store.

Add Store Holidays

Now admin and the vendor can add various holidays to their store. This will inform the customer about the store's open and close status.

  • The admin can create holidays for any pickup store.
  • The store owner can select one store or multiple stores for the created holiday.
  • Enter the start and end date of the holiday so the store status will display as closed on that particular day.
  • Admin can enable, disable, and delete the holiday in bulk mode.
  • The seller can also add the holiday from their end to their store.

Check Store Feedback

In the Magento 2 Marketplace Store pickup extension the users can add various feedback on the seller’s pickup store.

  • Customers can post individual feedback on the seller’s pickup store.
  • The admin can approve and disapprove the feedback from their end.
  • The seller can check all posted feedback on their store.
  • The admin can check all feedback on any seller account.
  • Customers can also check other feedback from different customers on the product and seller store.

Create Store Attributes

The admin can create multiple pickup store attributes from the admin panel.

  • They can create two catalog input types attribute dropdown and yes/no.
  • Add the default label name to the attribute.
  • Upload different icons to different attributes.
  • In the dropdown attribute add multiple values as required.
  • Perform bulk action to enable, disable, or delete the attribute.
  • The seller can add these attributes to their store while adding the new one.

Different Products with Different Shipping Types

The customer can order multiple products from the Magento 2 store.

  • They can choose a different shipping method for each product like store pickup and ship to home.
  • The shipping charges will be applicable as per the selected shipping method.
  • When choosing store pickup the customer can choose the store to pick up the store.
  • In ship to home shipping method customer can add their home address so the product will be delivered to their home.
  • Two methods will be mentioned on the order invoice with charges.
  • Customers can instantly change the shipping method from the checkout page.
  • They can choose the pickup store address on the cart page or checkout page.

Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Store Pickup Features -

  • Sellers can add/connect their physical store to their marketplace account.
  • The seller can edit or delete any of his stores.
  • Sellers can add assigned products to their physical store.
  • The seller can allow Store Pickup for products.
  • The seller can allow Home delivery for products.
  • Sellers can set the quantity available for the product.
  • Customers can search stores using zip codes or location names.
  • Customers can see the search results stored on Google Maps.
  • Customers can make any store theirs.
  • Customers can check for product availability in any store.
  • Customers can get directions on Google Maps to reach the store.
  • Admin can view & edit the seller’s stores. Admin can add, assign, view & edit the seller’s stores.
  • The admin can see the favorite stores of customers and can approve/disapprove store feedback.
  • The admin can add store attributes like, parking availability, ATM, and Contactless pickup.
  • \Customers can select the pickup store by clicking on the pickup here option.
  • Customers can add a store as a favorite store.
  • The customer can see all favorite store lists on his dashboard.
  • Buyers can add a review on the seller/admin store.
  • Customers can get directions on Google Maps for reaching to the store.
  • The customer can choose the desired store on the product, cart, and checkout page.
  • Customers have a choice of picking up the products from a store or home delivery to the desired address

Magento 2 Store Pickup Marketplace Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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