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    Bagisto Laravel Affiliate System

    It allows the Bagisto website owner (admin) to integrate an affiliate marketing system to promote their products.

    • The admin can control affiliate general commission Rates.

    • Handle rewards for the unique clicks, per click, and affiliate orders by the admin.

    • The admin can manage transactions.

    • Can approve/disapprove the affiliate.

    • Merchant can set the payment method for the affiliate.

    • The admin can create/delete the text banners.

    • The admin can handle affiliate users, payment, traffic, sales, and statistics.

    Bagisto Laravel Affiliate System Bagisto Laravel Affiliate System Bagisto Laravel Affiliate System Bagisto Laravel Affiliate System Bagisto Laravel Affiliate System Bagisto Laravel Affiliate System
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    The  Bagisto Laravel Affiliate System module allows the admin to integrate the affiliate system into the store. The customers can sign up as an affiliate and promotes admin products with the help of banner/ads/email. In return of it, they are awarded a commission for bringing the traffic to the admin’s website.

    All this commission is totally managed by the admin. It is the most exciting marketing tool where the customers are getting engaged with the store and bringing new leads that will generate good revenue.

    Bagisto Laravel Affiliate System

    Highlighted Features

     Multiple Marketing Programs

    It allows the store owner to run the marketing program for his eCommerce store so that more traffic can come.

     Bonus for Affiliates

    The owner can award his affiliates through the bonus for them in 3 different payment methods.

     Boost Sales in Store

    It will not only boost the sales in the store but also motivates the customers to promote the products and bring more traffic to the store.

     Promote the Blog Links

    It also allows the affiliates to fill in their blog links for promoting the products.

    Why do we need Bagisto Laravel Affiliate System module?

    With the help of the Laravel Affiliate System module, the store owner allows the customer to take part in it and helps him to generate more traffic for his website. The Affiliate System considers being a performance-based marketing module.

    This module allows the affiliate user to be rewarded by the admin. Affiliate Users can be won a reward on one or more clicks for each visitor.

    Integrate Affiliate Program

    • The admin can integrate the Affiliate Module for Bagisto.
    • The admin can enable/disable it from his dashboard and can run marketing programs.
    • You can display the blog link on registration. Auto-approve the affiliates' registration.
    • You can set the minimum payout balance. Define the payment date of the month for affiliates.
    Integrate Affiliate Program

    Email Notification for Affiliates

    • The admin can set the templates for sending to the affiliates so that it can go to affiliates and they can be informed of it.
    • By putting the mail address, you can manage the affiliates' mail.
    • You can put the template to the affiliate user account update.
    • You can set the email reminder campaign to remind you of the carts. For it, you can use the Laravel Abandoned Cart Email reminder module.
    • Set the mail for payment credit notification for the affiliates.
    Email Notification for Affiliates

    Subscribe as Affiliate

    • Any customer can become an affiliate and start earning rewards from Laravel store for bringing the traffic.
    • After signing in, they can get an option of becoming an affiliate in the profile section.
    • While signing up to the website as a customer, he gets a checkbox button for becoming an affiliate.
    • After checking on it, he needs to put the blog link to the website.
    • While you put the blog link, you need to agree to the affiliate terms.
    Subscribe as Affiliate

    Visualize Data on Statistics Graph

    • The admin and the customer both can see their data on graphs as well.
    • You can have a view of monthly traffic and daily traffic.
    • Both the admin and the affiliate user can look at these graphs in their dashboards.
    • They can look into the traffic section for seeing it without a graph.
    Visualize Data on Statistics Graph

    Affiliate Options

    • The customer has also various options in his profile section through which he can check the functionalities of the module.
    • He has the option Banner&Ads from where he can preview the banners.
    • He has the option to create an email campaign for other customers.
    • Can check the payment records and select the payment preferences as well.
    • He can check the statistics of the traffic in graphical representation.
    Affiliate Options


    For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here or send an email to [email protected]

    You may also check our quality Bagisto Extensions.


    Product Version1.5.1
    Released1 year ago
    CategoryBagisto Laravel
    Last UpdatedJune 13, 2023 (10 months ago)
    Supported VersionsBagisto  1.3.x  1.4.x  1.5.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can we have more than one affiliate user on the store?
    Yes, any customer who wishes to be an affiliate user can sign up as an affiliate user.
     Do we have the affiliates’ information also?
    Yes, the admin can view the information from his dashboard.
     What are the different payment methods can an affiliate use to receive the commission?
    The affiliate users can select any preferred payment method mentioned ahead - Check/Money Order, Bank Transfer Payment, or PayPal Standard Payment to receive payment.
     Can we change the blog link again after signing up as an affiliate?
    Yes, you can change the blog link again but you need to approve it by the admin again.
     How an affiliate would get a reward for bringing traffic to the store?
    The admin would payout to the respective affiliate through the admin dashboard.

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    • - Bugs
    Version 1.5.1
    • * [feature] Compatible with bagisto version 1.5.1.
    • * [Bug] After installation of the module, it should be in Inactive State.
    • * [Bug] After Creating a new user -?> Affiliate terms and Condition box position should be in centre.
    • * [Bug] The Affilate Terms and Condition check box and text should appear in same line.
    • * [Bug] Validation should appear when we save empty blog URL in customer profile.
    • * [Bug] Blog URL is saved without click on Saved Button.
    • * [Bug] Blog URL should be mandatory field.
    • * [Bug] Approved Order mail should be send with information.
    • * [Bug] Pay To Affiliate mail should send with information.
    • * [Bug] Affilate Banner sale not working on Group Product.
    • * [Bug] Comission should be based on number of orders.
    Version 1.4.3
    • [feature] Compatible with bagisto version 1.4.3.
    Version 1.3.3
    • [feature] Compatible with bagisto version 1.3.3.