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    Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM

    Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI (ChatGPT) LLM enables chatbots in your Laravel store that help provide answers to questions or searches to buy something online; the Langchain chatbot is ready to make things easy for buyers.

    • Bagisto Chatbot Using the OpenAI module supports the advanced Langchain framework.

    • Uses Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.

    • Provides responses based on previous conversations for improved understanding and better replies.

    • Connects the chatbot by uploading Bagisto product data to the Vector database.

    • Utilizes Pinecone and Chroma DB for storing important information in the OpenAI chat.

    • Benefits from OpenAI's latest GPT-4o LLM for contextually relevant responses.

    • Personalizes the Bagisto ChatGPT chatbot to match your brand's identity.

    • Chatbot appears on different store pages for quick answers to customers.

    • Provides product information including search, product availability, and specification-based search.

    Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM
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    Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM allows the admin to easily connect to the LangChain framework. Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI helps to put Bagisto's product information into the Vector database, So customers can ask questions about products and get relevant answers.

    The ChatGPT chatbot enables natural customer interaction by responding to inquiries about your products and locating data in your Bagisto database. Chatbot ensures exact and quick responses by utilizing OpenAI's strong NLP capabilities.

    Also, if you want to have a feature for placing your orders using your WhatsApp messenger you can check our Bagisto WhatsApp Chatbot extension.

    Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM

    Highlighted Features

     Easy Data Upload

    Train the chatbot by adding information to the vector database.

     Pinecone & Chroma DB Support

    Admin can use Pinecone or Chroma for storing information in the database.

     Recalls Past Chats

    The chatbot saves old conversations, so it understands and replies better.

     Real-Time Help

    Get 24/7 support from our online store chatbot for all kinds of questions and info.

     Conversational NLP

    The chatbot answers questions in a natural, friendly way using NLP.

     Boost Your Sales

    Helping you sell products, answering questions, providing details of products based on their variants and other information.

    Why Do We Need Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM?

    With the ChatGPT chatbot, admins can add your store product database to the ChatGPT bot. Chatbot Using OpenAI works with your Bagisto store to quickly answer customer questions about products.

    The admin needs to make a few initial configuration settings. After that, the admin can assign products to the ChatGPT bot so whenever a customer chats with the ChatGPT bot about the products, the chatbot will provide the appropriate answer to the question and maximize your eCommerce shop’s potential with ChatGPT.

    How to Setup Laravel Ecommerce ChatGPT Chatbot

    Once you install the Bagisto Chatbot Using OpenAI module, the admin will do some settings. Here, the admin will be able to -

    • Connect your Bagisto store by adding the API URL key in the backend.
    • Enter the OpenAI API key to enable communication between Bagisto and the OpenAI responses.
    • Choose between Pinecone or Chroma for vector store.
    • Enter the required details and enable the chatbot feature.
    How to Setup Laravel Ecommerce ChatGPT Chatbot

    Ask Queries About Products from ChatGPT

    Now customers can search for the product without a long search they just ask a question to the chatbot.

    • Just chat with the chatbot so, no more typing long searches.
    • Want to know if a product is in stock ask to you can ask the chatbot.
    • Describe it to the chatbot and it will search based on your requirements.
    • Chatbot can also provide the answer based on customer’s last search.
    Ask Queries About Products from ChatGPT

    Ask General Queries

    Chat with the bot about anything you want to know, whether it's about products or general queries.

    • Have a chat with the bot about anything on your mind.
    • Let the chatbot make shopping fun by showing you items you'll love.
    • Get instant answers to queries about your shopping.
    • Suggestions about brands and products to solve problems.
    Ask General Queries

    Benefits of ChatGPT in Laravel E-commerce

    By adding ChatGPT to your Bagisto Laravel E-commerce platform, you enjoy these advantages:

    • Recommends products tailored to customers, making their shopping experience special.
    • Provides quick customer help 24/7, solving questions and issues effortlessly.
    • With ChatGPT's help, customers find what they need, boosting sales and conversions.
    • Receive prompt help with common queries, troubleshooting, and general assistance.
    Benefits of ChatGPT in Laravel E-commerce


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here You may also check our top-quality Bagisto Extensions.


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released1 year ago
    Last UpdatedMay 29, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsBagisto  1.3.x  1.4.x  Chat-GPT  3.5  4.0  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     How does the Bagisto Chatbot enhance the customer experience?
    The Bagisto Chatbot utilizes OpenAI's ChatGPT language model to provide exceptional customer support and assistance, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
     Can the Bagisto Chatbot understand natural human language?
    Yes, the Bagisto Chatbot is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT language model, which understands natural human language and can provide accurate responses.
     How is the Bagisto Chatbot trained?
    The Bagisto Chatbot is trained using the LangChain-powered framework, which enables the uploading of Bagisto product data to the Vector database for training the chatbot.
     What information can the Bagisto Chatbot retrieve from the Bagisto database?
    The Bagisto Chatbot can retrieve various product-related information from the Bagisto database, allowing customers to ask questions and receive relevant details promptly.
     How does the Bagisto Chatbot analyze customer inputs?
    The Bagisto Chatbot utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze customer inputs and sentiments, enabling it to deliver comprehensive answers through Generative AI.

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