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    Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App

    Laravel Mobile App converts your Bagisto store into a mobile app.Allows real-time product and category synchronization

    • With the app, you can easily manage the orders.

    • It has a good configuration with the back end.

    • The admin can have the option of more than one currency.

    • As per business requirements, it can easily be customized.

    • Supports both LTR and RTL languages on tablets and smartphones.

    • Customers can review the products they have recently seen.

    • The application has the option to be displayed in a dark theme.

    Additional Info

    Click here to view Admin Panel Web Demo.

    Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App
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    Using Flutter-based Laravel native mobile app, will not only help to expand your market but also help in attracting customers. These days, people prefer to shop from their phones rather than desktop. This is the main reason, to have the app for your store.

    The Laravel native mobile app features will be almost similar to your store so that your customers can easily do the checkout. So, it is the right time to update your store with Laravel mobile app.

    Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App

    Highlighted Features

     Numerous Languages Supported in Laravel Mobile App

    Bagisto Laravel native mobile app has the functionality to support more than one language. It includes the Right-to-Left structure for languages that support the Right-to-Left layouts.

     Easy to Sign-up and Login

    Using Laravel native mobile app, users will easily sign-up for the app and can log-in to it and start using it.

     Visualization is User Interactive

    It will allow having a user-friendly front-end with modern features and good designs.

     Code can be Customized at Ease

    After purchasing the app code(purchase separately), you will get the full source code which is easily customizable.

     Save the Address

    By giving the Google APIs key, it can easily locate and the address will be saved.

     Supports Multiple Payment Methods

    This Laravel native mobile app supports many payment methods that make the process easy and convenient for both owners and customers.

    Why do we need a Flutter Bagisto Laravel Native Mobile App?

    Using Bagisto Laravel mobile app, your brands are noticed which plays an important role in building relationships between businesses and customers. In fact, using the apps store owners can know their customers better, just by being a “tap” away.

    With a Laravel native mobile app, the admin can have the chance to increase the marketing of the store.

    Flutter- Fully Laravel Native Mobile App

    The Laravel native mobile app is native to give complete device-based functionalities. Its code is written in Dart. Thus, the Laravel native mobile app always serves an upper hand as compared to other types-

    Pure Native App Built On Flutter

    Supported the Multi-Language Layout

    The Laravel mobile app gives the support of RTL format. This means one can even see the app in those languages which follow the Right--to–Left formats like Arabic, etc.

    • With it, one can easily have a better mode of communication with the customers.
    • It has the optimum UI.
    Multi-Lingual Support and RTL Layout Support

    Supports more than one Payment Gateway

    The Laravel native mobile app supports a great number of payment gateways. The payment extensions will fit effortlessly into the design of your website, offering payments with just a few clicks. Also, it has some more advantages which make your business grow.

    • It has real-time transaction processing with a secure mechanism.
    • It raises the customer base exponentially to let them join from around the world.
    • It has faster transactions as compared to a manual process.

    Note: This will supports COD by default. We do provide free Integration with one payment gateway as per your requirement. If you want to add some additional payment gateways then it will come under customization (paid service).

    Multiple Payment Gateways Supported

    Independent Features of App Order History

    The Laravel native mobile app has a separate feature under which you can view all the orders done from the Mobikul app.

    • Using this feature, you can easily find out which order is placed by which platform.
    • The advantages of this feature are admin can have a number of whether customers are using the website or the Laravel mobile app the most.
    • And according to it, the admin can easily expand their market into the same which has more number of users.
    Separate Mobikul Order History

    Dark Theme

    The use of an interactive theme ensures a captivating experience for users, effortlessly holding their attention. The customers have the option to view the app in dark mode.

    • A dark theme boosts focus by reducing distractions.
    • It gives a sleek, modern look to the app.
    • Change the app theme with a single tap.
    • Choose from the log category theme option.
    Dark Theme

    Features List

    • With the app, you can easily manage the orders.
    • It has a good configuration with the back-end.
    • It can go with both tablets and smartphones.
    • It is well informative and interactive shopping app with an intuitive response.
    • As per business requirements, it can easily be customized.
    • It is implemented with the search suggestion to allow customers to get the required product more easily.
    • It has an option of a wishlist to save products for future purchases. (Coming Soon)
    • Support multilingual functionality including RTL support for localization of the app.
    • It can easily detect the location for the customer to save the address easily in the address book. (Coming Soon)
    • You can do a comparison of the product to allow customers to purchase the product easily. (Coming Soon)
    • The admin can have the option of more than one currency.
    • It has downloadable products support (Coming Soon) It also contains unlimited push notifications using firebase. (Coming Soon)
    • You can easily create the notification history for the customer. (Coming Soon)
    • It is based on real-time with the app and the website.
    • It has attractive and Interactive UI/UX with Modern Material Design standards.
    • For engaging maximum customers, you can easily add offers and coupons.
    • With the help of machine learning, you can have a quick product search again. (Coming Soon)
    • Easier social login facility. (available on customization)


    For any customization queries, issues or support, please create a support ticket here or send an email to [email protected]

    You may also check our quality Bagisto Extensions.


    Product Version1.4.5
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedFebruary 12, 2024 (3 months ago)
    Supported VersionsAndroid  5.0 and up  iOS  12.0 or later  Bagisto  1.4.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 4 reviews

    Recent Reviews

    Write a review

    They were an extremely professional team

    Posted On - January 25, 2023

    It was a successful collaboration. The Mobikul team provided the client with everything they needed in a timely and high-quality manner. They were very professional, reliable, and accessible during the entire process. The client also saw no room for any improvements in the vendor's performance.

    They are timely and they provide great development support

    Posted On - January 25, 2023

    Following the app's launch, the client is now enjoying a steady increase in the number of their app's users. A dynamic partner, Mobikul is consistent in providing timely IT support and valuable recommendations to further elevate the final app. They remain accommodating, responsive, and professional.

    Pioneers in ecommerce web and mobile app

    Posted On - July 16, 2021

    A fantastic experience when it comes to providing solutions, fast and adequate support that help you achieve your goals in your project.
    Pioneers in ecommerce web and mobile app development.

    Great App

    Posted On - May 31, 2021

    Great Apps and great supporting team, they always solve me any issue fast and perfect ...

    recommend :)

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Do I need to pay extra other than the mobile app for the source code?
    Yes, you need to pay extra for the source code. You need to select the option"Mobile App with Source-code" during Add to Cart.
     Will the update for the compatibility version be paid?
    Regarding the Compatibility Support for Versioning, the customer will get compatibility support for the flutter app versions only if the customer has an active support period else they can extend the support.
     What will I do after purchasing the Mobikul Mobile Application?
    You will get a prerequisite pdf file on the Webkul store account then you need to provide us with all the required details. To know more please follow the link -
     Where can I send my order details to get my application?
    You can send us your order details on our ticket system by creating the ticket on Mobikul Support.
     Can we use it on multiple domains with a single licensing or any sort of limitations in its deployment and usage?
    Yes, there is a licensing policy existing in the case of the domain wherein with a single purchase of Mobikul mobile application, you can use it for only one domain.
     What are the minimum and maximum Android OS support?
    The minimum Android OS support is for version 5 (SDK Level 22) and the maximum is up to version 13 (SDK Level 33).
     What are the minimum and maximum iOS version support?
    The minimum iOS support is 12.0 and the maximum iOS is 16.5.1
     What is the tech stack used for building the application?
    Technical details for the Flutter Native iOS & Android app - Android Studio as an IDE with coding language as Dart with Flutter framework. iOS --> XCode as an IDE with coding language as Dart with Flutter framework

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    Version 1.0.6
    • Compatible with bagisto version 1.4.5
    • App Performance Enhanced
    Version 1.0.3
    • Compatible with bagisto version 1.3.3
    • App Performance Enhanced
    Version 1.0.2
    • Compatible with bagisto version 1.3.2
    • App Performance Enhanced