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    Bagisto Marketplace Live stream

    The Bagisto Marketplace Live Stream module allows the admin to add vendors as influencers. .

    • Sellers can add eCommerce live streams for their products.

    • Customers can look at the product's previous, upcoming, and live streaming.

    • The store admin and sellers can invite influencers.

    • Customers may communicate with the merchants via live chat.

    • The vendors can showcase their products during a live stream.


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    Bagisto Marketplace Live stream: Bagisto Marketplace Live Stream enables the store merchants to create a live stream for the sellers where they can add the vendors as influencers. The live stream can be downloaded once it will get completed. The influencers can go live and showcase their products during the streaming. The customers can ask their queries at the same time as live video streaming and they can even purchase the products that are displayed at the time of streaming.

    The upcoming, live, and previous streams can be seen by the customers for any product that is visible during the live stream. The number of customers who are watching the live stream can also be seen by the influencers as it will display on the stream. You can also check our other module Bagisto Live Stream.

    Bagisto Marketplace Live stream

    Highlighted Features

     Add Influencers

    The influencers can be added and invited by the sellers and the store merchants.

     Download and Add Streams

    The stream can be downloaded once it will get completed.

     Product Showcase Functionality

    The vendors can showcase their products when the stream is live.

     Live Chat Availability

    The viewers can ask Bagisto product-based questions and answers can be given by the influencer.

     Guest Customer

    Guest customers can also view and join the live presentation of the products.

     Live Product Promotion

    It promotes the seller’s products on a real-time basis and helps in live sales.

    Why do we need Bagisto Marketplace Live Stream?

    The module benefits the influencers to attract shoppers to purchase the product through live presentations. The eCommerce live streaming helps the store merchants to showcase their product stream and they can promote it in a more attractive way using live commerce. Bagisto Marketplace Live Stream is efficient for reaching customers on a real-time basis as it works on a live commerce concept.

    The shoppers will get a close view of the product as they can ask any questions related to the products and the shoppers will receive the answers at the same time. Moreover, live video shopping creates a great impact and levels up the product promotion process through live sales.

    Add or Invite Influencers

    Vendors and store merchants can add and invite influencers to participate in the live broadcast.

    • The admin and vendors both can invite the influencers by entering their first name, last name, and email address.
    • Sellers and store owners can modify the stream from their dashboards.
    • The list of influencers will display with the name, URL, email, and vendor name.
    • The admin and sellers can also delete the influencers.
    Add or Invite Influencers

    Live Stream Addition

    The vendors and the store merchants can add the streams for which the influencers will go live.

    • To add a stream there is a need to enter the stream title, description, and scheduled date, and select the influencer, media, and products.
    • Any created stream can be deleted by the seller or the admin.
    • The vendors and admin can assign the stream to the influencers.
    • The stream list will display the scheduled date, vendor, and influencer name to whom the stream is assigned, and the stream status.
    Live Stream Addition

    Customer View for Live Stream

    The upcoming, and previous, live streams can be viewed by the customers also on their dashboards.

    • The customers have the facility to chat with the influencers related to their product queries.
    • The registered customers and guest customers both can watch the eCommerce live stream.
    • The shoppers can download the stream once it will get completed.
    • They can also buy the products via live-stream shopping by clicking on the products which are displayed at the time of the live presentation.
    Customer View for Live Stream


    For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here or send an email to [email protected].

    You may also check our quality Bagisto Extensions.


    Product Version1.3.1
    Released2 years ago
    Last UpdatedJune 5, 2023 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsBagisto  1.3.1  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Is it possible for the guest customers to watch and download the live streaming for eCommerce?
    Yes, the guest customers can also watch and download the stream.
     Does the store admin authorize editing any stream?
    Yes, the store admin can edit the stream.
     Is it possible for the influencer to edit the stream from their end?
    Yes, the influencers can also edit any stream from their end.
     Can the customers purchase the product at the time of the live streaming?
    Yes, the products can be purchased by the customers at the time of the live video streaming.
     How can the streams be checked by the sellers and the store admin?
    The sellers and the store admin can view the current, previous, and upcoming streams.

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    Version 1.3.1
    • - Getting exception when view influencer or stream at seller end.
    • - Layout issue in the stream if the product is added at seller end.
    • - Getting exception when adding a stream from seller end without adding influence.
    • - Default theme seller end influencer or stream routes are blanks.
    • - Seller A should not able to see the assigned stream to other seller B assigned by admin.
    • - Fix stream edit or delete icon design at seller end.
    • - Seller menu layout needs to be fixed when going to seller's live stream profile menu.
    • - Velocity header is not visible when the live stream is added.