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    Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway

    Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway: The module allows the merchants to integrate Mollie payment gateway to their Bagisto store. Mollie payment gateway API includes all major payment methods (like - PayPal) which allow customers to make an online payment conveniently.

    Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway
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    Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway: Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway allows the Admin to collect the payment from the customers by the Mollie Payment method that can be very easy and helpful for the customers. customers can also use card payment in the Mollie payments.

    • Accept payments via. multiple methods
    • Reliable and secure payment gateway.
    • Accepts all major cards.
    • Single API integration for all payment companies.

    Highlighted Features

     Enable Or Disable Mollie Payment Module

    The admin can enable or disable Mollie payment gateway module on Bagisto store anytime.

     Custom Description and Title

    The Admin can set a custom description and custom title for the Mollie payment method.

     Multi Currency support

    Mollie payment gateway supports 27 types of currencies.

     Secure and Safe

    Fully complies with the security of internet payments and is PCI DSS level 1 certified.

    What is the need of Mollie Payment Gateway

    This module can be very beneficial for the customers as they can also select Mollie Payment Gateway for the purchase of their goods. The Mollie payment is integrated with several paying methods like Paypal and can also use card payment with the help of Mollie Payment.

    Payment Methods Supported

    All the major payment methods are supported by the Mollie Payment those can be used by the customers for the payment process.

    • Major credit cards are supported by the Mollie Payment gateway like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro.
    • Various payment methods that are supported by Mollie Payment like Bancontact, Belfius Pay Button, ING Home Pay,
    • GiroPay, KBC/CBC Payment Button, SOFORT banking, Paysafecard, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc
    • iDEAL payment method is also supported so that customers can select their bank from the dropdown menu.
    • The admin can enable the required payment method from the Mollie dashboard.
    Payment Methods Supported

    Module Configuration

    You can easily configure this module, for configuration move to the Admin panel click on Configure>Sales>Payment Method. Under this section, Admin can configure the functionality of this module.

    • Enable/Disable this module
    • Admin can set the Title and description.
    • Enter API Key
    • Admin can select the countries for the Mollie Payments.
    Module Configuration

    Mollie Checkout Process

    Customers can select the Mollie Payment Method as it is available on the checkout page. Bagisto Mollie payment gateway module makes the payment easier and convenient for the customers. This module accepts payments with greater security and reliability.

    Once customer select Mollie Payment Gateway they will be redirected to Mollie Payment website where all the credentials of customers need to be filled then tick on the Paid option and click continue button.

    • Select the Mollie Payment.
    • The buyer will be redirected to the Mollie Payment website.
    • Buyers can even use their cards.
    • After Successful payment, the amount will be credited to Admin's account.
    Mollie Checkout Process

    Mollie Payment Order Management

    Once the successfully place an order from the front end. At the admin panel, under the Sales>Order section Admin can check the payment method along with shipping and detail about the ordered product.

    Admin will check all the detail then proceed for invoice generation and shipping. Admin can also select the inventory for the ordered product.

    • Admin can check payment method
    • Admin can check the ordered product detail
    • Admin can generate the invoice
    • Admin can be shipped the product
    Mollie Payment Order Management

     Complete Features List

    • Admin can Enable or Disable this module
    • Admin can set the title which will be displayed on the front end
    • Admin can set the description which will be displayed on the front end
    • Provide Secure payment method for the customer
    • Customer can select the Mollie payment method on the checkout page


    For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - or send an email to [email protected]

    You may also check our quality Bagisto Extensions.


    Product Version1.3.2
    Released4 years ago
    Last UpdatedJanuary 13, 2022 (2 years ago)
    Supported VersionsBagisto  1.3.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

      Which countries are supported by Mollie Payment?
    Mollie payment gateway supports all the major European countries and other international markets depending on the payment gateway. To know more, please contact [email protected]
     Can the admin select specific countries?
    Yes, the admin can also select the specific countries for the Mollie Payment.
     Which version of Bagisto supports this module?
    This module is supported by bagisto version v0.1.6 or higher.
     What all currencies are supported by this module?
    Mollie Payment supports 27 types of currencies like the British pound, Australian Dollar, Swiss Frank, US dollar, Japanese Yen, etc.
     Is this module mobile responsive? Will the payment gateway section will adjust according to the resolution?
    Yes, this module is mobile responsive and the payment gateway section will adjust according to resolution.
     Do I need an API key or some other credentials to make this module work?
    Yes, you need to generate the live API key that requires all the credentials regarding you and your business like verification ID, registration number, etc. to make this module work.
     Do I need an account on Mollie? Are there any subscription charges?
    Yes, you will need a mollie account to generate an API key, and subscription charges are also there according to the selected payment methods.
     What all languages are supported by the payment screen?
    The payment screen of the Mollie payment supports 16 types of languages such as English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, etc.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    • * [feature] Compatible with Bagisto v1.3.2
    Version 0.1.6
    • [feature] Compatible with Bagisto v1.2.0
    Version 0.1.5 (29th of Apr, 2020)
    • * [bug] Mollie payment for specific country is not working.
    • * [bug] Getting unknown payment method in checkout page.
    • * [update] Update changelog.
    • * [update] Update
    Version 0.1.4 (15th of Jan, 2020)
    • * [bug] Handling mollie execption.
    Version 0.1.3
    • - Invoice is not getting generated automatically when the customer is using any other locales apart from English and other currencies apart from USD.
    Version 0.1.2
    • + All payment has been done in USD.
    Version 0.1.1
    • - Order gets placed if the customer doesn't pay and click on back to the website from Mollie payment pop-up page.
    • - Getting exception on checkout after selecting mollie payment method in case of multicurrency.
    Version 0.1.0
    • + Hassle-free payment.
    • + During the payment, you have the option to pay through various payment method like PayPal, credit card, apple pay, etc.
    • + Admin can set the API key and payment description.
    • + Admin can set for which country mollie payment will be available.
    • + Encrypted API Key.
    • + payment not done or in case of payment failure user will be redirected to the cart.