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      Hire a Developer

      Now You can Hire Webkul Developer and get Webkul Modules Customized as per your needs.


      Webkul software Private Limited is known for its plugins for marketplaces, ERP's and various platforms, and is a pioneer in this industry. We are the owner of copyright in the software products developed and marketed by us. In an effort to protect our rights and to take action regarding copyright infringement, we undertake constant auditing and keep a tight vigil. During this process, we found that "Bluethink IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd." is stealing our code thereby infringing our copyrights.

      We have filed a lawsuit against them in Delhi Court, wherein "Bluethink IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd." admitted that it has copied our code. It has also agreed to remove the infringing material and also to pay compensation to us. This is a clear message to all who are copying our products that we would take appropriate action against the wrongdoers, and thus, our copyrights should not be infringed.