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    Magento 2 Akeneo Tier Pricing

    Magento 2 Akeneo Tier Pricing: With the help of this Akeneo Connector Add-On, you can manage tier pricing information in Akeneo for the simple and variant products. Now you can export the advanced tier pricing information from Akeneo PIM to Magento 2 store.

    Additional Info

    Note: Once you will purchase the connector for Growth or Serenity Edition then you will receive a pre-requisite file. You must have to share those details to configure the connector. Webkul Akeneo PIM SaaS integration will take 8-10 Business Days with our Middleware software. For SaaS integration queries, you can contact us.

    Magento 2 Akeneo Tier Pricing Magento 2 Akeneo Tier Pricing Magento 2 Akeneo Tier Pricing Magento 2 Akeneo Tier Pricing Magento 2 Akeneo Tier Pricing Magento 2 Akeneo Tier Pricing
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    Magento 2 Akeneo Tier Pricing: With the help of this Akeneo Connector Add-On, you can manage tier pricing information in Akeneo for the simple and variant products. Now you can export the advanced tier pricing information from Akeneo PIM to Magento 2 store. In addition, this module sync all Magento2 standard tier pricing fields such as website, customer group, quantity and price in Akeneo and export it to Magento2.

    Please Note:

    • Before using this module you need to install Magento 2 Akeneo connector first, to sync the product tier pricing information.
    • If you want to use this extension on Akeneo EE Serenity mode, please contact us.
    • For the Akeneo installation, your Akeneo server should meet these system requirements.

    Highlighted Features

    Manage Magento2 advance pricing in Akeneo

    With this addon, Magento store owner can set tier pricing with comprehensive UI much more efficiently from Akeneo.

    Set up tier price for special customer groups in Akeneo

    Magento 2 Akeneo tier pricing is an add-on that allows you offering a discount to select only customer groups from Akeneo itself.

    Set up tier price for the current website in Akeneo

    If you have multiple websites, this add-on appears with select options where you can Identify the active website where the tier price rule applies.

    Specifies price as fixed/discount from Akeneo

    This module enables you to define product price either fixed or discount as required for a particular customer group and specified website.

    Define quantity for tier price in Akeneo

    Magento 2 Akeneo tier pricing addon allows you to specifies the quantity that is required to receive a tier price from Akeneo.

    Export Tier Price from Akeneo to Magento

    Synchronize tier pricing information from Akeneo to Magento in less time by exporting the CSV file helps to build efficient sales.

    Compatibility with All Akeneo Edition

    Akeneo PIM helps to centralize all your Product Information in a single place. You can create, manage, and enrich the product information and distribute it to various channels like ERP, eCommerce, Mobile App, POS, and Marketplaces. Webkul is the largest Akeneo solution provider in the World. We have covered more than ⅓ extensions among all the Akeneo extensions at their marketplace.

    We have also started to provide the solution on the All Akeneo version including Akeneo Community Edition, Akeneo Growth, Akeneo Flexibility, and Akeneo Serenity Edition.

    On Self-Hosted Server & PaaS(Platform as a Service)

    Akeneo PIM provides open-source PIM software. Open-Source software is released under a license with source code and provides the rights to the users to modify the code. Anyone can easily access the code to create a set of tools or apps which are required for the integrations.

    Akeneo Community Edition

    Akeneo Community Edition is open-source. It is being trusted by many Enterprise Customers and downloaded more than 80K times. Akeneo Community Edition is the most popular PIM that can be hosted on any dedicated server which meets the installation requirements. We provide end-to-end support for Community Edition for Customization, Module Development, Support, and Training.

    Akeneo Enterprise Flexibility Mode

    Akeneo has an Enterprise version also. Akeneo Enterprise contains Akeneo Flexibility(PaaS) and Akeneo Serenity mode(SaaS). We do provide complete support for Akeneo Flexibility(PaaS). PaaS(Platform as a Service) is a service to allows customers to controls the software deployment with a limited option. The service provider provides the server, database, integration to the consumers. All the Webkul modules are compatible with the Akeneo Enterprise Flexibility.

    SaaS-Based Akeneo

    SaaS(Software as a service) is a software distribution model and a way of delivering the application over the internet. A SaaS product is centrally hosted and is licensed based on a subscription model. Saas is being popular as they are fast and bring limitless opportunities in development.

    Akeneo Growth Edition

    Akeneo Growth Edtion is a SaaS PIM. The Growth Edition provides Fast Deployment, Automatic Upgrades, Scalable, and Adaptable PIM solutions. All the Webkul Extension is compatible with the Akeneo Growth Edition. We do configure the Extension with Middleware software. It uses the Akeneo API for integration.

    Akeneo Enterprise Serenity Mode

    Akeneo Enterprise Serenity is also a SaaS-based like Growth. Akeneo EE has some advanced features like Asset Manager, Reference Entities, and Advance Rights Management. All the Webkul Extension is compatible with the Akeneo EE Serenity with Middleware software(Developed by Webkul).

    Supports Magento Tier Pricing Standard Fields

    Magento 2 Akeneo tier pricing addon synchronize each Magento tier pricing standard fields in Akeneo. With this store owner can easily provide the quantity discount to the customer by exporting tier pricing information from Akeneo to Magento2.

    Akeneo Magento2 TierPricing Add-on supports the Magento tier pricing standard fields likewise below:

    • Websites
    • Customer group
    • Quantity
    • Price type
    Supports Magento tier pricing standard fields

    Manage Tier Pricing at Akeneo Simple/Variant Products

    With this module, now Magento merchants can export product information along with advanced pricing/tier pricing from Akeneo to Magento.

    • This module enables merchants to apply tier pricing not only for the simple product but also for the variant product as well.
    • Tier pricing information can be exported from Akeneo to Magento2 using the quick export job or even with any export job.
    • Now, there is no need to manage tier pricing from Magento admin panel, it's fetched product tier pricing information directly from Akeneo.
    Manage tier pricing at Akeneo simple/variant products

    Sync Tier Pricing Information to Magento 2

    Magento Tier prices is a tool that helps to encourage customers to place an order in a bulk on your website by letting them the variation in the product price.

    • Now it is easy to manage advanced pricing information along with all standard fields from Akeneo itself.
    • Export tier pricing details including for different website store views, multiple customer groups, stock, and price.
    • This addon gives you an option to set tier pricing information from Akeneo, and sync it to Magento without any changes.
    • Akeneo Magento2 TierPricing Add-on, fetch current rule with product advance pricing in Magento with no change in less time directly from Akeneo.
    Sync tier pricing information to Magento2


    • UI provided to manage the Tierpricing at Akeneo simple/variant products.
    • Export the tier Pricing to the Magento 2 store.
    • The admin can enter the quantity for a product on which tier pricing will be applicable.
    • The admin can select the website and the Tierpricing will be applied only for the products of that website.
    • All the active websites on the configured Magento2 store will be dynamically fetched.
    • The admin can select the customer group for which the Tierpricing will be applicable.
    • The admin can select a Fixed/Discount price type for applying the tier price.
    • The admin can filter the products to export tier pricing at Magento 2 store.
    • Create product Tier pricing in Akeneo and export to Magento2 using Quick Export Job or even through any export job.

    Akeneo 5.0.x Compatible

    • There are 5 major changes Automation, Governance, Quality, Connectivity, and Productivity in this latest version Akeneo 5.x came with.
    • Enhancements in the new Akeneo feature are like new import/export capabilities, an enhanced user experience on our product grid, and a more insightful process tracker that will increase productivity.
    • Enrich product data collection like New associations types, Enrichment in the variant products, Enhanced measurement families
    • Moreover, with the new Akeneo, it will be easier to manage the data quality with the new revamped data quality dashboard, spell-check modifications, and new “Missing image” rules
    • We have made all our Akeneo modules compatible with Akeneo 5.0.x and for a better experience, Akeneo implemented a new API, known as the “Events API” to better integrate the third-party application.
    Akeneo 5.0.x Compatible


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I export associative advanced tiers pricing fields like website, customer group, quantity and price?
    Yes, the Akeneo Magento2 TierPricing module provides the feature to export the associative advanced tier pricing fields like website, customer group, quantity and price.
    Can I export tier pricing from Akeneo to Magento using a Quick export job?
    Yes, we provide the quick export job functionality in this module by which you can export tier pricing information using a quick export job or even through any export job.
    Which product type this module supports?
    With the Akeneo Magento2 TierPricing module, you can add tier pricing on Simple and Variant products for certain customer groups and specific store views.
    Do we need to install the Magento2 Akeneo connector to use this module?
    This module is an add-on for Magento 2 Akeneo Connector, so to use this module first install the Magento2 Akeneo connector.
    On how many Akeneo instances, will this module work?
    Akeneo Magento2 TierPricing module will work for one Akeneo instance only. For using this module on multiple Akeneo instances, you need to purchase the module again. Please read our license policy from here.
    I'm running a Magento store with different websites with different customer group, will this module support those fields?
    Yes, Akeneo Magento2 TierPricing module allows to manage and export all standard fields of Magento advanced pricing from Akeneo such as multiple websites, customer group, product price, and quantity.
    Will I get free updates with new features for the Akeneo Magento2 TierPricing module?
    Yes, we do provide free lifetime updates for our modules. We constantly work on the bug fixes and updates, please keep on checking the changelog and ask for module update.
    Please note - Webkul will not be responsible for any loss of data while updating, please take a backup accordingly.
    I'm running an old version of Akeneo, will this module work for me?
    Akeneo Magento2 TierPricing module is compatible with Akeneo version 2.0.5 and later. We advise you to please upgrade your Akeneo version. However, in case you are using an older version of Akeneo, please contact us at [email protected]

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    # 2.1.1 - "Update" (16-06-2020)
    • + Compatible with Akeneo Versions 3.2 and 4.
    • + Bugs Fixed.
    # 2.0.0 - "Update" (20-02-2020)
    • + Compatible with Akeneo Version 4.
    # 1.0.0 - "Here We Go" (10-08-2019)
    • ## Features
    • + UI provided to manage the Tierpricing at Akeneo simple / variant products.
    • + Export the TierPricing to Magento 2 store