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      Magento, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

      Headless PWA for Magento 2

      Headless PWA for Magento 2: Create progressive web apps for your Magento store and deliver a mobile app-like experience to your customers. Using Magento PWA Studio, we can build complex progressive web applications on top of Magento 2 store.

      Please Note - Android App (APK) and iOS App (IPA) Generation is a paid service, please select this option and contact with your Order ID. To check the live demo of PWA "Click Here"

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      Click here to view Admin Panel Web Demo.


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      Headless PWA for Magento 2: It is a web technology of making a website that acts and feels like an application. It uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. Headless PWA is a web application the same as a native application regardless of browser choice.

      The application allows various things such as sending a push notification, it also works on a slower internet connection and during offline mode (coming soon), the app loads on the home screen of the device. It is compatible with various devices, the app is also very easy to customize because of the front end which is built on React JS and many more.

      A headless progressive web application is very light so it takes very less loading time in comparison to the native app and due to this it also works faster which provides users the great experience while browsing the application and hence results in a very high conversion rate.

      Please Note:

      • To check the live demo "Click Here" on your mobile web browser and click Add to Homescreen.
      • This module is built on PWA Studio which is a set of developer tools that allow the development of PWA storefront on top of Magento 2
      • Headless PWA for Magento 2 extension is compatible with Magento 2.3 and above release versions.
      • Regarding the publishing of APK and IPA, kindly check the link.
      • If you wish to purchase the app with source code, kindly send a request.
      • Get one free payment method integration with PWA (Limited Period Offer)
      • Implement PWA Scan & Go technology in your physical retail stores using Product NFC Tags for Magento 2.

      Highlighted Features

       Supports Offline & Poor connectivity (Coming Soon)

      The Application will works when the connection is poor and also in offline mode.

       Super fast

      The loading time of the PWA application is very less. Hence it provides fast browsing.


      The PWA apps are very lightweight in comparison to the native apps.

       Device Compatibility

      PWA Supports various devices such as Smartphone, Tablets across Android and iOS platforms.

       Push Notification

      The Application supports push notifications which stimulates user engagement and helps to target the right user.

       Easy to Customize

      The front end of the application is built on React JS, so the Headless PWA’s are easy to customize.

       PWA Scan & Go

      An amazing feature which lets customer to add the product directly to cart by just scanning the product barcode. The feature helps the customer to save time and do shopping instantly.

       No update required

      The App required no update since it is not a native app, it is a web application.

      Why Do We Need This Module?

      Magento 2 is entirely shifting towards PWA platform and natively supports headless Magento 2. PWA is the future of web application development. PWA is the right step to give the web store app-like experiences.

      If you have a Magento 2 store, you must use this module to facilitate your customers with fast browsing experience even in offline mode too (coming soon). It is easy to install, which takes less memory in comparison to the native mobile app.

      There is no need to update the app as it is a web application, it supports Android, and iOS platform. This module will help the store owner to increase the conversion rate of their Magento 2 e-commerce store.

      Building APK and IPA Files

      Now you can also build the APK and IPA files of the PWA to publish it on to the App Store and Play Store. The customers are more likely to find the application on to the store as compared to the web so publishing the PWA on to the APP Store and Play Store will give benefits to you and your customers.

      • The customer can easily download the application from the App Store and Play Store.
      • The APK and IPA of PWAs are lightweight in comparison to the native applications.
      • The PWAs APK and IPA look, feel and behave like a native application.
      Building APK and IPA Files

      PWA Configuration

      The admin can manage and configure the module from the admin panel easily. The admin can-

      • Enter the username and password to connect the respective server.
      • The admin can decide the quantity of the products that will be shown in the collection page of PWA
      • The admin can enable or disable the random featured products from being shown in PWA home page.
      PWA Configuration

      Add To Home Screen

      The customer can open the store website on the browser of their respective Android or iOS device. Then the customer can click on the menu icon of the browser to add the application to the home screen.

      • The customer can easily add the app direct to the Home Screen.
      • As soon as the app added to the home screen, the customer can click on the app icon and open the PWA (Progressive Web Application)
      • The application launches with a splash screen, also the app shows application name and icon.
      • The application launches in the same way as a native app.
      Add To Home Screen

      No App Installation/ Updates Needed

      One of the advantages of PWA is, these apps don't need to install from the app or play store. Progressive Web Applications are directly added to the home screen from the websites.

      • PWA doesn’t need to download separately from Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.
      • 20 percent of the potential users are reduced only because the customers don't like additional steps to download the app from the app store.
      • The customers don't like to accept those annoying permission when installing the app from the app store.
      • PWA users don’t need to accept those app update notification.
      • Thanks for the service workers as PWA users always have access to an up-to-date solution.
      No App Installation/ Update

      Native App-like Splash Screen

      Splash Screen helps to make Progressive Web Application fell more like a native app. With the help of Headless PWA for Magento 2.

      • With a splash screen, the user sees a splash screen that gives the experience like a native app.
      • Splash Screen makes your PWA more feel like a native app.
      • Supported browsers automatically create the splash screen using the manifest properties
      App-like Splash Screen

      Light Weight/ Low on Storage

      Progressive Web Applications are lightweight in comparison to the native applications. This helps users to save storage on their device.

      • Progressive Web Application is directly added from a web browser to the users home screen.
      • PWA does not need to install separately from any app store like other native application.
      • Progressive Web Application takes very low storage of the phone in comparison to the native apk files.
      • Because the PWA takes very low phone storage, it helps the app to prevent the phone from being force stop.
      Light Weight/ Low Storage

      Works on Poor Network/Offline Mode

      No internet connection, or bored with slow data speed? Well, with the help of Headless PWA for Magento 2-

      • The customer can access the store in offline mode.
      • The customer can access the app even in a flaky network connection.
      • Even in the slow internet speed, the customer can access the PWA and continue shopping with easy.
      • Pages once cached, the customer doesn't need to wait to load pages every time.
      Offline Mode

      PWA Scan & Go

      The Headless PWA comes with the amazing feature i.e PWA Scan & Go which makes this application a must to have for your business.

      • With the help of this feature, the customer can easily on the go add products to cart by just scanning product barcodes.
      • Can easily pay for the added product in cart pay directly using their mobile device.
      • Avoid long waiting queues at the time of checkout.
      • Once a customer makes the payment he gets the order confirmation along with a QR code, which is later validated at the time of the customer’s exit.
      • PWA Scan and Go saves shoppers time and results in more enhanced retail shopping experience which leads to more revenues and sales for the merchants.
      PWA Scan & Go

      Send Custom Push Notifications

      Push Notification is the best way to keep the customer updated and engaged about anything new to your store. It helps to target the right customers and increase the conversion rate on your store.

      • The Admin can enable or disable the push notification feature.
      • Title and the Body of the push notification can be decided by the admin.
      • The admin can do the marketing of the product, category or collection with the push notification.
      • The customer can click on the notification and that will open the particular product or category within the PWA (Progressive Web Application)
      • The admin can upload the Push Notification image.
      Push Notification

      Built on PWA Studio

      PWA Studio provides front-end developers an open-ended toolkit for creating PWA themes for Magento 2.

      • It requires less development effort to build in comparison to a traditional standalone application.
      • This module is built on headless Magento 2 PWA Studio (A suite of tools by Magento for building a web store to a Progressive Web Application).
      • The customer experiences as a native Android or iOS application in the form of a Progressive Web Application instead of a separate application.
      Built on PWA Studio

      Easy log in/ Sign-up

      The users can directly login or signup using the PWA app. The users don’t need to log in again and again when logged in once.

      • The user can log in within the PWA
      • The user can also signup using the Progressive Web Application.
      • The users can use the social login (if integrated with your Magento 2 store) to sign in or sign up within the PWA as Progressive Web Applications are the app view of the web store.
      • The user can also sign out using the same PWA.
      Easy log in/ Signup

      Complete Checkout Process

      Well, PWAs are fully functional for the e-commerce checkout process. The users not only can feel the experience like a native app but also:

      • The users can visit the store within the PWA Access the categories, product, CMS, cart, and checkout page.
      • The users can add the products to the cart and select from the different shipping and payment method to complete the order.
      • Users will experience the same as completing the order on a native app.
      Complete Checkout Process

      Built Using GraphQL

      Well, the most powerful data query language is now used by Magento. GraphQL is used for data query and manipulating data. GraphQL for Magento 2.3 allows the data retrieval possibilities for PWAs.

      • Only the precise and effective data is served to the users when a search query is made.
      • It allows defining the structure of the data.
      • The customers can perform the full-text search on products and can also filter the results.
      • After the query, GraphQL helps to serve only the data you requested.
      • Now all the product types are supported.
      • Magento PWA is now quicker even on flaky mobile network connections.
      Built Using GraphQL

      Multiple Devices Compatibility

      Progressive Web Applications supports multiple devices across platforms. It works on Android, iOS, Windows, and others as well.

      • The users can add the PWA to smartphones (mobile & tablets).
      • PWAs can also be added to the computer desktops.
      • It supports multiple browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.
      • PWAs are responsive and provide great user experience to the customers.
      Multiple Devices Compatibility

      Headless PWA

      PWA headless is the most prominent advancement in the e-Commerce industry. Here the fetching of data uses API which makes it more advance. It follows the decoupling approach wherein the frontend is not intact with the backend. It will allow the owner to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole content.

      Headless PWA (Progressive Web Applications) uses web compatibilities to provide fast, reliable and engaging mobile application experience to your users, even in uncertain network conditions. Headless PWA is bridging the gap between mobile apps and websites effectively.

      • Low development cost
      • An app like look and feel
      • Fast installation
      • Better performance
      • No manual updates required
      • Seamless offline operation
      • Push notification functionality
      Headless PWA

      Built on ReactJS

      Headless PWA is built using the React-JS which provides an advanced and rich experience to its users. React. js is an open-source JavaScript library that is used for building user interfaces specifically for single-page applications. It's used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps.

      ReactJS also allows us to create reusable UI components. The main purpose of React is to be fast, scalable, and simple.

      • It comes with a helpful developer toolset.
      • PWA with ReactJS is scalable and simple.
      • Guarantees stable code
      • Ensures faster rendering
      • Efficient performance
      • It provides an advanced and rich user experience.
      Built on ReactJS

      Desktop PWA

      PWA is mainly focused on mobile applications but the benefits of PWA shouldn't be limited to mobile users only. Modern web browsers have been working to support PWA installation on computers. Google Chrome already supports installing Progressive Web Apps in it's latest versions. On Windows PC/laptop, you can install Opencart Headless PWA App like other native applications.

      • Automatic updates
      • No need to manage and distribute several versions
      • Quick access to the application from launcher
      • Fast installation from the browser
      • Apps start promptly
      • Apps support push notifications for alerting users of important events
      Desktop PWA

      Complete Features

      • PWA’s provides a great experience to the users as it is lightweight and super fast.
      • PWA’s are easily accessible in poor connectivity. 
      • Easy to customize because the frontend is built on React JS.
      • The PWA supports Push Notifications.
      • PWA app supports the amazing feature called PWA Scan & Go by which the customer can instantly scan up the barcode associated with the product and add the product to the cart and with ease pay for the product from the application itself.
      • Supports various devices including Android and iOS.
      • The App is purely responsive on all the platforms and it provides cross-browser compatibility. 
      • The Progressive Web Application will give the feel of a native App.
      • Since it is not a native application so there will be no updating issues. 
      • The PWA’s are easy to install since the user just has to visit the site and adding it to the home screen.
      • No App store is required for managing the application.
      • The App provides better User Interface which leads to increases the traffic on the store.
      • The Admin can set the user name and password from the backend.
      • The Splash Background image of the application can also set by the admin.
      • The Admin can manage or add the banner images, notifications, featured categories, category’s banner images, and icons.
      • The carousel and carousel images can also be managed and added by the Admin.
      • *Progressive Web App’s can also be operational during the offline mode (coming soon).

      Some PWA Examples

      PWA (Progressive Web Application) helped a lot of merchants in page visits, session length, and in boosting conversion. PWA helps in- Improving store performance, Faster loading times, Engaging user experiences, and Less data use. Some of the website who found an increase in the conversion rate after implementing PWA to their stores.

      • BookMyShow - After launching PWA, bookmyshow finds an increment of 80% in the conversion rate.
      • - increases conversions and lowers bounce rate by 40% with new PWA
      • Alibaba - Saw a 76 percent increase in total conversions across browsers after launching PWA.
      • Flipkart - Flipkart adopted PWA and find 70% increment in conversion.
      • MakeMyTrip - MakeMyTrip found 3X improvement in conversion rate also they found a 38% improvement in page-load speed.
      PWA Examples


      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

      Write a review

      Frequently Asked Questions

       How can I start implementing Headless PWA in my online store?
      Any customer can implement headless PWA in their store by using Webkul Headless PWA module.
       What is the PWA Studio?
      PWA Studio is an open-ended developer toolkit for creating PWA themes for Magento 2. It requires less development effort to build in comparison to a traditional standalone application.
       Does PWA support various payments and shipping methods?
      Yes, the PWA supports various payment gateways and shipping methods which a native app can supports.
       Is PWA's are easy to customize?
      Yes PWA's are easily customizable because its front-end is built on React JS.
       How to install Progressive Web Application on the various devices?
      The PWA’s are easy to install since the user just has to visit the site and adding it to the home screen.
       What is the version of Android Studio?
      For now, the product supports the 3.5.1 version of the Android Studio. However, if you wish we can make the code compatible with the latest Android Studio version. You need to inform us of the same on This might take a few days but we will try to achieve this as soon as possible.
       What are the minimum and maximum Android OS support?
      The minimum Android OS support is for version 5.0 (Lollipop) and the maximum is up to version 9 (Pie). However, for now, Android 10 support will be on request.
       What design pattern is implemented in Android?
      The app uses the MVVM (Structural) Architecture design pattern in Android.
       Is there Android OS 10 support?
      For this, you need to share the request on
       What is the version of Xcode?
      This iOS app uses Xcode version 11.
       Does the latest iOS code support iOS 13 and 14?
      The code is compatible with the latest iOS 13. However, for the upcoming version 14, the code will support the same once it will be out for public use.
       What are the minimum and maximum iOS version supported?
      The minimum iOS support version is 9.0 and the maximum iOS version is 13.
       What design pattern is implemented in iOS?
      The app uses the MVVM (Structural) Architecture design pattern in iOS.

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      Version 2.0.0
      • + New PWA store front end for Magento2 Using Magento ver 2.3.0 and PWA Studio ver 2.0.0.