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      Magento, 2.0.x , 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

      Multi Steps Checkout for Magento 2

      Magento 2 Custom Checkout Steps: Magento 2 Custom Checkout Steps allows the store owner to add multiple checkout steps in the regular checkout process of the store. The admin can create customized checkout steps for making the store more attractive and informative. Various option types can be used to create the steps.


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      Magento 2 Custom Checkout Steps: With this module, the store admin will be able to create a customized checkout for the customers visiting the store. This will not only make the checkout process more informative but also more attractive and the customers will be able to put their choices.

      Moreover, the admin can create the steps as per the demand of the products or store. The store can either demand customers to fill a form or just to add an easy message while checking out. Depending upon the nature of the store, this module can assist almost all kinds of industries to move with a better checkout process.

      Highlighted Features

       Create Custom Steps

      Add the details for custom steps on your own.

       Connect With Customers

      Get a more detailed checkout process from the customer end.

       Actions Against Custom Steps

      Enable, Disable, or delete the created checkout steps.

       Provide Better Assistance

      With the informative checkout assists the customer in the best way possible.

      Why Need Custom Multi-Step Checkout Process in Magento 2 Store?

      E-commerce and all the other industries always keep their eyes on customer satisfaction. So obviously with this module, the store owners can take one more step towards better customer relationships. The owners can provide their customers with a satisfying checkout process.

      Various payment and shipping methods can be added to this by the customization process. The store owners from any of the industries can add customized checkout steps depending on their business type. This module can be easily managed with any of the business or industry types. The store owner can ask the information regarding the purchase to the customer.

      Decide And Define Your Own Checkout Steps

      Checkout may seem like the last step of any purchase, but the reality is that it is the most sensitive point for any purchase does not matter which industry it is:

      • The owners of many industries invest a lot in making the payment and shipping methods easier for customers.
      • This module provides you to configure the checkout as per your desire.
      • The store owners can create a custom checkout process.
      • This module helps the owners to assist their customers in a better way.
      Decide And Define Your Own Checkout Steps

      Create Custom Checkout Steps

      The store owners can easily create the checkout steps for their store with various option types and entry fields:

      • The name of the custom step will be provided by the admin here.
      • The admin can also enable/ disable the steps created.
      • Specific sort order is present to manage the position of the custom step.
      • The admin can add custom options that will be answered by the customer in the frontend.
      • The admin can choose among Text, Select, and Date option types.
      • The admin automatically moves to manage the custom steps page after saving a particular step.
      • The admin can make the field required as per the importance of that option.
      Create Custom Checkout Steps

      Manage Custom Checkout Steps

      Once the checkout steps are created the admin can now manage the created steps.

      • Under this page, all the created list of custom steps will be visible.
      • The admin can click on the edit button to edit any particular checkout step.
      • The admin can also take some actions on the created checkout steps.
      • The actions included are Delete, Enable, and Disable.
      Manage Custom Checkout Steps

      Proceed the Checkout With Custom Steps

      When all the steps are created managed from the admin end, the customer can now easily process with the checkout:

      • The new steps will get appended to the existing steps as per the sort orders.
      • Only those steps that are enabled by the admin will be visible to the customer in the frontend.
      • The customer will normally add the details of custom steps.
      • The customer must enter the information for the required fields.
      Proceed the Checkout With Custom Steps


      • The admin can create multiple custom checkout steps from the admin panel.
      • Existing custom options can be edited by the admin.
      • The admin can create a form using custom options from the admin panel.
      • Admin can Enable/Disable custom checkout steps from the admin panel.
      • The admin can take actions on created custom steps like Enable, Disable, and Delete.
      • Admin can create multiple custom checkout steps.
      • Set the checkout step title.
      • Mention the sorting order of the custom checkout step.
      • Admin can create a form using custom options.
      • Set the option title to be visible.
      • Make form option compulsory to fill.
      • Support various form options - text (area, field), select (dropdown, radio, multi-select, checkbox), date (date, time, date & time)
      • Admin can Enable/Disable custom checkout steps.


      For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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      Frequently Asked Questions

       Can the admin provide custom options for the checkout steps?
      The admin can create customized checkout steps depending on the business type
       Is there any sort of order for the created checkout steps?
      Yes, the admin will enter the sort order for each created process.
       How will the checkout steps be managed?
      The admin can edit the existing steps and update its information.
       What all actions can admin perform on the created checkout steps?
      The admin can Enable, Disable, or Delete the created custom steps.
       Which input types can be created while creating the checkout steps??
      The supported option types are Text area, Text Field, Radio Button, Drop-down, Multiple Select, Date, Date and Time, Time.

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      • + Features
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      Version 5.0.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x
      Version 3.0.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x
      Version 2.0.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.2.x
      • + Admin can create multiple custom checkout steps from admin panel.
      • + Admin can create form using custom options from admin panel.
      • + Admin can Enable/Disable custom checkout steps from admin panel.