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    Magento 2 Order Tip

    Magento 2 Order Tip module allows the admin to enable a Tip system that can be used by the customers during checkout to give an appreciation tip to the delivery person.

    • The admin can add a maximum of 7 tip options from the admin panel.

    • The admin can enable/ disable the module.

    • Customers can select any of the rendered tip options as per customer choice from the checkout page.

    • Customers can also add a tip by inserting custom tip values.

    Magento 2 Order Tip Magento 2 Order Tip Magento 2 Order Tip Magento 2 Order Tip Magento 2 Order Tip
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    Magento 2 Order Tip gives the customers a facility to appreciate the delivery partners in advance for their delivery services. With the help of this module, customers can add a bonus amount while placing an order.

    The customers can select the existing tip amount or they can add a personalized tip by simply typing the tip money in the box. They can even save the same tip amount or any of the tips from the given values.

    Order Tip for Magento 2

    Highlighted Features

     Order Tip Functionality

    It gives the customer to add an order tip while placing the order.

     Personalized Tip

    The customers can offer a personalized tip value apart from the given options.

     Checkout Page Availability

    It is convenient to add the order tip from the   checkout page of Magento 2.

     Higher Delivery Satisfaction

    It offers a higher level of satisfaction to the delivery person while delivering the order.

     Implement GraphQL

    GraphQL is implemented for the extension.

     Save Tip Amounts

    Customers can save tips, making it easier for them to tip again for the next order

    Why do we Need Magento 2 Order Tip?

    Order Tip for Adobe Commerce is handy when the business merchants want to provide a facility to the customers to give an appreciation amount at the time of order placement. It gives the shoppers a way to thank the delivery boy for the order delivery.

    The shoppers can give the bonus amount to the delivery partner with the present tip amount or by entering the tip amount they want to offer.

    Customer View for Appreciation Tip

    The appreciation tip choice will display on the checkout page during order placement. The shopper can add the tip in a very easy way.

    • The available selection will display to the customers and they can make a selection from there.
    • They can enter the appreciation tip amount by inserting it into the box.
    • The shoppers can also save the same tip amount for further orders also.
    Customer View for Appreciation Tip

    Order Tip Visibility

    The order tip given to the delivery boy in Magento 2 store by the customer will display in the following ways:

    • It will display to the customers in the My Orders section in the order details.
    • The tip will always be visible right below the order subtotal in the order details.
    • Likewise, the store owners can see the given tip in the sales section in the order details and information.
    Order Tip Visibility


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version5.0.2
    Released1 year ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 20, 2023 (5 months ago)
    Supported VersionsMagento  2.0.x  2.1.x  2.2.x  2.3.x  2.4.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 2 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Excellent Work by Webkul

    Posted On - January 9, 2023

    I had troubles with Stripe and Shipping rules and the Team of webkul helped perfectly. Every day when I asked a question I had the answer within hours and when I was at a dead end, they jumpt into online meetings to help me in person.

    Great experience!

    Posted On - November 10, 2022

    We had a great experience with Webkul Team.

    We got the first version very quickly and the team iterated on a daily basis while keeping very good communication. All our feedback was addressed very professionally.

    Thanks again for the good work!

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Is it possible to add more than seven order tips for the store admin?
    Yes, the store admin can add more than seven order tip options with the help of customization.
     Did the customer get their order tip returned in the case of a refund and return?
    The customer did not get the order tip return in the case of refund and return.
     Is there any minimum or maximum limit for the store owners to add the order tip?
    The store merchants can add a minimum of one and a maximum of seven order tips with the help of this module.
     Do the customers need to enter the personalized tip manually?
    Yes, the customer needs to enter the personalized tip manually.
     Will the given order tip be only for the particular order or for the next orders also?
    The given order tip will be only for that particular order. Moreover, the customers save the same order tip for their next order by ticking on the checkbox present to save it.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 5.0.2
    • - Bugs fixed
    • + Compatible with magento version 2.4.6 and above.
    • + Enhancement done for virtual and downloadable product tips will not work.
    • + GraphQl implemented.
    Version 5.0.1
    • - Bugs fixed
    • + Compatible with magento version 2.4.*
    Version 5.0.0
    • + admin can add maximum 7 tip option from admin panel.
    • + admin can enable or disable the module from configuration.
    • + customer can select any of the rendered tip option as per customer choice from checkout page.
    • + customer can also add tip by inputing custom tip value.
    • + compatible with magento version 2.4.*