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    Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping

    Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping: Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping module allows you to accept dropshipping orders for Aliexpress in Odoo. The Odoo user can import Aliexpress products to Odoo using the chrome extension and add them to the Odoo website. Once the customer places an order for Aliexpress product on Odoo website, the Odoo user can forward the order to Aliexpress. The order can then be fulfilled by AliExpress. The price of the imported products can also be changed before adding it to Odoo such as to include commission or extra price.

    Click Here To Download The Odoo AliExpress Dropshipping Chrome Extension.


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    Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping: Drop shipping is a fulfillment method where the seller does not maintain the inventory of the products. Instead, when an order is placed at the seller end, he/she transfers the shipment details either to the manufacturer or another third party who delivers the order directly to the customer.

    With the Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping module, Odoo user can become a drop shipping seller for AliExpress products. The module allows you Odoo user to accept dropship orders for Aliexpress in Odoo.

    Once the module is configured, The Odoo user can use our Chrome Extension to import the Aliexpress products to Odoo with a click.

    The user can also choose details he/she wishes to import with the products such as price, product description, images, etc.

    The Odoo user can set to either automatically or manually add the imported products to Odoo.

    The module is provided with two Cron schedulers to manage the process of updating AliExpress products information in Odoo:

    (a) The first Cron, automatically adds the imported products to Odoo from feeds at regular intervals. It also automatically updates every product information such as product description, price, quantity, pictures, etc. at the scheduled time. A large amount of data required to be fetched makes this update slower in progression.

    (b) The second Cron is used to automatically update only the quantity and price of the AliExpress products after the set interval. This allows you to display the current prices and quantities of Aliexpress products on Odoo website.


    Please Note: Download the Chrome Extension For the Module through the Following Link- Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping Chrome Extension


    Dependency: Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping Module is dependent on Odoo Product Variant Extra Price module. The latter needs to be installed first for Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping Module to work properly.

    Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping Features

     Chrome Extension

    • The module offers the Google Chrome Extension for Odoo AliExpress Dropshipping module.
    • The admin can import the AliExpress Products to Odoo with a single click using the extension.
    • The Chrome extension also offers configuration settings to allow the user to choose the product data he/she wishes to import from Aliexpress to Odoo.

     Shipping and Packing Details

    • The packaging details will be displayed on the product page when they are imported from AliExpress.
    • The AliExpress shipping time will also be displayed on the product page if it is imported from AliExpress.
    • Admin can place orders on AliExpress by a single click if any order for imported products is created on Odoo.

     Updating Products/ Setting Cron Schedulers

    • The admin can automatically update product quantity and price of the imported products when they are updated on AliExpress by using "Cron".
    • The Cron schedulers allow you to automatically update the product information on Odoo.
    • For fast updates, one Cron is set to regularly update only prices and quantities of AliExpress products on Odoo as reflected on the AliExpress website.
    • While the other Cron updates all the information of imported products at regular intervals such as description, images, etc.

     Import products from AliExpress

    • The Odoo admin can import the product to Odoo from both AliExpress Product and Category pages.
    • Admin can priorly decide the parameters( images, feature, description and packaging details) to be fetched with the Product imported from AliExpress.
    • The products can automatically get created in Odoo during importing from AliExpress, if "Auto-Import New Product" option will be enabled by admin.
    • While importing products from AliExpress, Admin can remove the product images that are not required to be imported.
    • Admin can update product information of the imported products when they are updated on AliExpress end on a single click.

    Odoo Backend Settings

    • The Odoo admin can manage various import settings in Odoo.
    • Automatically create a new product in Odoo for imported Aliexpress product and eliminate manual work.
    • Instantly publish a newly imported product on Odoo website.
    • Choose which Product information you wish to import from Aliexpress such as product images, description, features, etc.
    • Automatically manage price of the imported products from options such as- same, custom price, more than or less than the price on AliExpress website. This feature allows you to manage overhead charges and commissions.
    Odoo Aliexpress Dropship Settings

    Importing AliExpress Products to Odoo

    • The user can update the configuration settings from the chrome extension.
    • The user can also choose to import the meta title and meta description of the product.
    • The product is imported as a feed in Odoo. The user can now manually add new products in Odoo from Feed or use Cron to automatically to add products from at regular assigned intervals.
    • Or Enable 'Auto Import New Product' feature From AliExpress Feed settings to automatically create a corresponding new product in Odoo as soon as you import the product from AliExpress.
    Odoo Aliexpress import products

    Sending Drop Ship orders from Odoo to AliExpress

    • Once an order of AliExpress product is placed in Odoo, the Odoo admin can send it to AliExpress with a click.
    • Click the 'Place Order' button in Odoo and the system adds the product to AliExpress cart and redirects the user to AliExpress checkout page.
    • The admin can place the same order on AliExpress to initiate fulfillment through AliExpress.
    Odoo Aliexpress Dropship orders

    Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping module.

    For any query or issue please Create a ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released4 years ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsShipping
    Last UpdatedDecember 14, 2023 (4 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  10.x  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  
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