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    Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication

    Verify users easily with Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication!

    • It allows you to authenticate the Odoo website visitors.

    • It helps make your website secure from bots.

    • The module improves the user experience on the Odoo website.

    • It does not save data for trading off to sites for ads.

    • Enable or disable the module from the Odoo backend.

    Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication
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    Quick verification via Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication!

    Turnstile is the new technology to verify human users on the web. It replaces the outdated captcha technology that consumes a lot of time. Cloudflare Turnstile delivers a better user experience, strong privacy, is fast and free, and doesn’t tradeoff your data for ads.

    Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication permits identifying human and robot website visitors. In addition, Turnstile is a free-to-use tool by Cloudflare and is the best alternative to a lengthy captcha. The module is secure, saves time, and offers more accessibility to users. You can easily install and integrate it into your Odoo website within a few minutes.

    Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication

     Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication Features

    Integrate Cloudflare Turnstile into Odoo

    • The Odoo app enables integrating Turnstile verification into Odoo.
    • You can use the module on the sign-up or login page of your Odoo website.

     Deliver a Better User Experience without Compromising Security

    • Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication makes your website more secure from bots.
    • It also improves the user experience and solves challenges based on their behavior.

    Configuring Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication to Odoo

    • Configure the module by entering the secret and site key generated from the Cloudflare account.
    • After configuring, you can use the Turnstilee authentication on the Odoo website.

     Free of Cost without Compromising Privacy

    • Cloudflare Turnstile ensures your data security.
    • Hence, it doesn’t trade off your site data for showing ads.

    Use Different Modes of User Verification

    • The Odoo app allows you to choose from available verification options.
    • You can choose from before or after button click mode for user authentication.

     Enable/Disable the Cloudflare Turnstile Verification on Odoo Website

    • Enable/disable the Turnstile verification through the website form view.
    • It has a separate tab for adding Cloudflare Turnstile Credentials.

    Configure Cloudflare Turnstile in Odoo

    • Enable or disable the Cloudflare Turnstile verification from the Odoo backend.
    • Enter Turnstile credentials to configure the Odoo app.
    • Enter the site and secret key to integrate Cloudflare Turnstile in Odoo.
    • You can select the verification type or mode for authenticating.
    • Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication is easy to configure within a few minutes.
    • You can configure Turnstile for your different Odoo websites (can enable it one at a time).
    • Verify the user before or after login/sign up on the Odoo website.
    Configuring Cloudflare Turnstile

     Using Cloudflare Turnstile on the Odoo Website

    Turnstile Verification
    • Users can use the Trunstile verification on the Odoo website while logging in or signing up.
    • Verify each user while login or signing up on your Odoo website.
    • The module automatically verifies the user according to the set mode (before or after).
    • Offer better user experience security for user authentication.
    • Cloudflare Turnstile is free and doesn’t trade off data to show relevant ads.
    • Solves challenges based on user behavior to verify a human being.
    • Protect your website from bot attacks or creating fake user data.

    Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Cloudflare Turnstile Authentication.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


    Product Version1.0.1
    Released1 year ago
    Last UpdatedJune 12, 2024 (3 days ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

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