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    Odoo Event: All in One

    Odoo Event: All in One allows Business Users to manage event data either organized or planned at a place.

    • Customers can book events or show of interest.

    • They can view bookings and get the E-mail of tickets they registered.

    • Also, they can receive a QR Code after confirmation.

    • Customers can also give feedback on the Event attended.

    • Business Users can put Banners, Descriptions, and T&C on the Odoo Website for events.

    • Allows to filter events based on locations.

    • Helps in keeping track of event attendees.


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    Manage Your Organised Events at Odoo Events: All in One!

    Odoo Events: All in One helps Business Users keep a track record of and manage the Events on Odoo. Organizing events requires efforts, from placing attractive banners with descriptions on the website to collecting and tracking the number of attendees at an event.

    Automating data and management handling e-mails and QR codes will make it convenient for a business to manage events on a small scale or large scale.

    Making content for events with correct grammar and SEO-friendly descriptions may time. Therefore, you can use Odoo AI Engine (ChatGPT) can help you solve the problem which is super easy to use and optimize the user's experience.

    Odoo Event: All in One

     Why do we need an Odoo Events: All in One?

    Event Management is a crucial and complex task for business as it requires a lot more attention to managing records of customers and shows organized from their registration to attend organized events.

    It is a module designed for Businesses to track and manage events data efficiently and effortlessly at a platform Odoo. The features it offers to Business Users can make the management more efficient and time-saving.

    You can also add Odoo Website Paytm Payment Acquirer to upgrade the payment methods for your Business Website.

     Highlighted Features

    Users can update the Odoo Website

    • Users can add banners for particular events on the Odoo Website and the event page will be updated simultaneously.

     Customers can receive updates through E-mail

    • Booking confirmation tickets will be received automatically by customers once registered.

    Tracking with QR code

    • Customers can get a QR code that can make it easy for a business to track the number of attendees at an event.

     Collecting Feedbacks

    • Odoo Events: All in One also allows customers to give feedback after attending Events.

    Filtering events based on Locations

    • Customers have the option to filter the events based on country and state.

     Interested option for customers

    • The module also allows customers to show interest and stay updated using the Interested Button on Event.

    Switchable Online Ticketing

    • Business Users can Enable/Disable the option to sell tickets online on the Odoo Website.

     View Number of Attendee / Revenue generated

    • It allows Business Users to view the track record of event attendees and revenue generated by events.

    Event Locator with Google Maps

    • With useful features, Business Users can also configure Google Maps API and use the Event locator for different events.

     Easy to interact with the Events

    Customers can easily interact with the events hosted by business Users.

    • Customers can view the banners and description of events along with T&C offered by Business users.
    • They can show their interest and get updated on Events by clicking the ‘Interested’ button.
    • They can view their registered bookings in the ‘My Account’ section on the Odoo website.
    • It also allows the customer to view the location of the events.
    • Customers can also filter the events as per country or state.
    • Odoo Events: All in One also allows customers to view events they had registered on the event page.
    • They can also see whether registration for the Events is open or closed.
    Easy to interact with the Events

    Customize/Update the website by Businesses

    Odoo Events: All in one is a flexible module system for Business Users to customize and handle events.

    • Business Users can place Attractive Banners for events.
    • They can also put descriptions and Locations of the events.
    • They can manage whether the registration for an Event is open or closed.
    • They can integrate with other Odoo modules such as CRM, Sales, and Marketing.
    • They can make different stages of events new, Booked, Announced, etc.
    • Business Users can create templates and reuse them whenever needed.
    • They can even map the location of an event on the event locator.
    Customize/Update the website by Businesses

    Users can keep track of Events organize

    Manage and track data effortlessly and management efficiently.

    • Business Users can track events with the CRM linked with Odoo Event: All in One.
    • They can Track the number of attendees at events via QR code.
    • Maintain a record of registered customers for different events organized.
    • Set categories for the events like Culture, Music, Sports, etc.
    • Business Users can also Enable/Disable Online ticketing on their Odoo Business Website as per needs.
    • Business Users can also track revenue generated on events.
    Users can keep track of Events organize


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released7 months ago
    Last UpdatedMarch 22, 2024 (2 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     Can Businesses Keep Track of Attendees of Events?
    Yes. Businesses can keep track of Attendees and registrations.
     Can the Business customize and Update the event banners and descriptions?
    Yes, Odoo Events: All in One give a flexible way to customize the Odoo website as needed.
     Is there options for the customer to get updates on Events?
    Yes. Customers who click the ‘Interested’ option on an Event may receive event updates.
      Can a customer get the E-mail for registration or ticket confirmation?
    Yes. Customers will receive an E-mail after registering and getting online tickets and can drop feedback on the Event once Attended.
     Does Odoo Event: All in One allow Google Map integration?
    Yes. Business users can Configure with Google Map API and use it for locating the events organized accordingly.
      Can Business Users integrate with other Odoo Modules CRM, Sales, and Marketing?
    Yes. It can integrated with Odoo CRM, Sales, and Marketing.

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