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    Odoo Headless E-commerce

    It is developed using a Headless eCommerce development approach using React NextJS for the front end and it is connected with Odoo using Custom Rest APIs.

    • ISR(Incremental Site Regeneration) is used for product pages.

    • SSG(Static Site Generation) is used for CMS and other static pages.

    • Tailwind and PostCSS are implemented for the theme.

    • Increase the performance of the website.

    • It Improves WebCore vitals.

    • It increases the SEO of your website.

    • Easy integration of third party via APIs.

    Odoo Headless E-commerce Odoo Headless E-commerce Odoo Headless E-commerce Odoo Headless E-commerce Odoo Headless E-commerce Odoo Headless E-commerce Odoo Headless E-commerce Odoo Headless E-commerce
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    Headless is the technology that is used to separate the front end and back end of the eCommerce website. It simply means decoupling the front end and back end of the platform.

    It is also known as the API First approach because the Headless technology uses the APIs to communicate between the frontend and backend components.

    Odoo Headless is the modern technology that helps to separate the front and back end of the Odoo website to increase the website scalability, speed, and user experience.

    We are an official Next.js partner. Also, we offer the same kind of solution on the Vue Storefront.

    Odoo Headless E-commerce

     Highlighted Features

     Provides Decoupling

    • Decoupled the frontend and backend of the eCommerce platform which helps in developing a more attractive and customizable User Interface.


    • Provide flexibility to design custom themes and frontend experiences, allowing for more creativity and adaptability to specific requirements.

     API Driven

    • Application Programming Interface is used for communication between frontend and backend enables seamless integration with various platforms and services.


    • Allows independent scaling of each component (frontend and backend) of the platform based on the demand.

     Content Delivery

    • Maintain consistent backend for content management while adapting to diverse frontend technologies.

     Technology Agnostic

    • Different suitable frontend technologies can be used without being tied to a specific CMS.

       Why Odoo Headless?

      Odoo Headless will separate the front end and back end of the Odoo e-commerce website which helps increase the efficiency, speed, and user experience of the Odoo website.

      The decoupling of the front end and back end of the website will increase the scalability of the e-commerce platform by utilizing the strength of each component to deliver an attractive and outstanding user experience.

       Benefits of Odoo Headless

      • Helps customize the frontend without any changes in the backend code.
      • Customized online stores with unique designs and features.
      • Enhance their user interfaces without overhauling the entire software infrastructure.
      • Odoo provides robust APIs, facilitating seamless integration with other systems, services, or third-party applications.
      • Helps create a unique brand-based user interface and tailor the user experience to specific needs.

      Odoo Headless E-commerce

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      Product Version
      Released1 month ago
      Last UpdatedMarch 5, 2024 (19 days ago)
      Supported VersionsOdoo  16.x  17.x  
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       Frequently Asked Questions

       What is Odoo Headless?
      Odoo Headless uses Odoo business management software in headless architecture. In a headless architecture, the front-end (user interface) and back-end (business logic, database) are separated, and provide greater flexibility in designing custom user interfaces and enabling multi-channel content delivery.
       What are the key advantages of using Odoo in a headless mode?
      The key advantages of Odoo Headless include flexibility, scalability, multi-channel content delivery, efficient development workflow, API integration, adaptability to emerging technologies, and the ability to create customized user experiences.
       How does Odoo Headless support customization in user interfaces?
      Odoo Headless allows developers to choose their preferred front-end technologies, and allows them highly customized and modern user interfaces tailored to specific business requirements
       Can Odoo Headless be used for e-commerce applications?
      Yes, Odoo Headless is well-suited for e-commerce applications. It allows businesses to develop custom online stores with unique designs and features while leveraging Odoo's powerful e-commerce and inventory management capabilities on the back end.
       How does Odoo Headless Marketplace with NextJS improve the Core Web Vitals?
      By using Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) we can improve the Core web Vitals with NextJS.
       How does NextJS increase Odoo commerce headless website performance?
      Through SSR(Server Side Rendering), Headless gives the marketplace platform a fast downloading page on the server.

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