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    Odoo List View Manager

    Manage and customize list view by using Odoo List View Manager!

    • Show or hide columns in the list view with one click.

    • Changes width, sequence, titles, and visibility of columns.

    • Toggle list edit mode to make changes in the record and search records by column value.

    • Duplicate records without opening them with one click.

    • Change the color of the Many2One field record or parameter.

    • Enable or disable header search for list view and assign different access rights for multiple users.

    Odoo List View Manager Odoo List View Manager Odoo List View Manager Odoo List View Manager Odoo List View Manager Odoo List View Manager Odoo List View Manager Odoo List View Manager
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    Convenient sorting and identifying with Odoo List View Manager!

    A custom list view offers you more flexibility, customization, optimization, reliability, etc., to manage things efficiently. Further, the customization option permits you to arrange things according to your need and helps sort and filter data more quickly.

    Odoo List View Manager module authorizes you to show or hide columns in the list view. Further, it enables you to change the title, width, sequence, etc. The Odoo admin can search for records by column value and change the color of Many2One or One2Many fields. Duplicate records without opening them, and you can also enable or disable header search for the list view. The Odoo admin can assign different access rights to users.

    Odoo List View Manager

     Odoo List View Manager Features

    Show/Hide Columns in List View

    • The list view manager module shows/hides columns in the list view without editing the program code.
    • Show or hide the columns that you want to save for the future.

     Change Details of the Columns

    • The list view manager permits you to change the column title in the list according to your need.
    • Odoo admin can change the columns’ width and save it for the future.
    • Also, the admin can change and set the sequence and visibility of the columns for groups of users.

    Search Record by Column’s Value

    • Each column header has a search bar for the user to find a value of that column in the record.
    • By default, you cannot search for all fields; however, this module makes it possible.

     Toggle List Edit Mode

    • With this feature, the admin can quickly edit the list view.
    • The admin can duplicate one or multiple records easily in one click.

    Change Color for Particular Record of Many2One field

    • The Odoo admin can assign a specific color to a value of Many2 One field from the control panel.
    • Also, the admin can apply various selection values for the different selected fields.

     Default Control Panel Settings

    • The admin/user can save particular control panel settings from the custom list view.
    • Odoo admin can make any custom settings a default of the list view while saving it.

    Enable Header Search Feature for Form view for One2Many field

    • Akin to the list view, the admin/user can search for a record by column’s value for the One2Many field in the form view.
    • The user/admin can enable or disable this feature from settings.

     Give Different Access Rights for User(s)

    • The admin can provide different access to edit or modify from the control panel.
    • You can provide three types of access rights by which you can restrict users to editing and make the control panel read-only for the user(s).

    Configure the List View Manager

    • The admin can enable or disable any filter from the menu.
    • Odoo admin can conveniently duplicate or create a favorite list from them the menu.
    • Enable or disable the list manager with the enable or disable button.
    • Search for any record by entering the column value.
    • Add or remove the columns based on your need and preference.
    • Move items of the control panel through the drag-and-drop option.
    • Assign different access rights to users from the control panel.
    Configuring List View

     Set Filteration Options in the Control Panel

    List View Filteration
    • The admin can set different colors for various filters.
    • Also, they can easily filter out the data according to the set filter.
    • The list manager module permits you to create new favorite filters.
    • Also, you can set the custom filter as your default preference.
    • You can add three types of access rights that restrict users to edit, read-only, and modify.
    • The admin can add or remove any column they want.
    • Apply various selection values for various election fields.

    Odoo List View Manager

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo List View Manager.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released1 year ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsTool
    Last UpdatedDecember 8, 2023 (7 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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