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    Odoo POS Display: Multi-Currency

    The Odoo POS multi-currency helps businesses accept currencies from all over the world.

    • It makes shopping smoother.

    • It displays products in different currencies.

    • It improves the shopping experience.

    • Get product prices in your local currency.

    • Different currencies on the bill at POS.

    Odoo POS Display: Multi-Currency Odoo POS Display: Multi-Currency Odoo POS Display: Multi-Currency Odoo POS Display: Multi-Currency Odoo POS Display: Multi-Currency Odoo POS Display: Multi-Currency
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    The Odoo POS multi-currency app makes it easy to get paid!

    The POS multi-currency feature helps your business accept money from all over the world using your POS machines. This makes it easier for you to serve customers from different countries. With this feature, your customers can see how much things cost in their own currency.

    When you show your customers the prices in different currencies on their bill, it helps them know exactly what they paid for. It makes the shopping experience smoother for them when using Odoo.

    If you accept payments in various currencies, then check Odoo POS Multi Currency.

    Odoo POS multi-currency

     Why do we need this app?

    This app exchanges & shows products and order amounts in your desired currency and also shows it on bills. It also lets you pay with different currencies on one bill.

    You can even get real-time currency exchange rates. Use real-time currency exchange integration for your Odoo with Odoo Auto-Update Currency Rates .

     Highlighted Features of Odoo POS Display Multi-Currency

    Display Multi-Currency

    • You can show your products in different currencies.

     Global customer reach

    • It's easy to handle various currencies per bill and remove extra foreign cash.

    Seamless Forex Tracking

    • It manages foreign exchange without any manual work.

     Display currency in bills

    • Showing local currencies on bills helps customers understand their purchases.

    Simple Order Processing

    • You can process orders in any currency you like.

     Record Payments

    • This app helps you keep track of payments in your main currency.

    Show Exchange Rates

    • It displays the exchange rates on the order line.

     Multi-currency Billing

    • You can pay with different currencies on one bill.

    Displays Currency Total

    • At the end of the session, you can see the total amount in different currencies.

     Currency Display Criteria

    • You can configure where you would like to display your currencies within POS.

     Display multi-currency

    Users can create many currencies to cater to audiences from different countries.

    • You can enable the multi-currency feature in POS to select additional currencies.
    • You can choose the default currency that you want to display.
    • You can accept multiple currencies for trading.
    • You can enable it where you want to show multiple currencies.
    Display multi-currency

     Change into Desired Currency

    From the POS frontend, you can change currency and get an exact value in another currency.

    • Click on the multiple currencies option for choosing a currency.
    • From the drop-down list, you can select the desired currency.
    • After applying the currency in the popup, POS now displays that currency.
    • Customize according to your preferences.
    Change into Desired Currency

     Payment Conversion Display

    This tool figures out how much money you need to pay in different types of money.

    • It shows both the base and the chosen currency amount.
    • It helps in getting the exact value in local currency.
    • It show local and foreign currency value for each product.
    • It shows “Total Amount” and “Tax” in both currencies.
    Payment Conversion Display

     Transparent Currency Payment

    It shows how much money you get and how much customers pay in its currency.

    • This feature shows accuracy and reduces disputes.
    • The system uses the default currency for accounting.
    • The customer can also verify the amount in its currency.
    • This feature helps in building customer trust.
    Transparent Currency Payment

     Currency Display on Receipts

    The receipt shows how much you paid in your regular money and the customer's money.

    • Receipts show the amount in both the currency.
    • This helps customers trust the store.
    • It shows the total in the selected currency and the default total in the local currency.
    • Feel better when they buy things.
    Currency Display on Receipts


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released4 months ago
    Last UpdatedMarch 12, 2024 (4 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     Can I accept payments in different currencies using this module?
    Yes, it will show the exchange value in your desired currency on the Point of Sale.
     Can I process orders in different currencies?
    Yes, you can process orders in any currency you want.
     How does displaying local currencies on bills benefit transactions?
    It makes transactions more accurate, attracts customers, and avoids confusion.
     Does the module support multi-currency billing?
    Yes, you can pay with different currencies on one bill.
     How does the module enhance user experience?
    By making foreign exchange tracking simpler and eliminating manual work.
     Can I create and manage various currencies for international transactions?
    Yes, you can create and manage different currencies within the POS system.
      Does this module show multi currencies in my backend POS orders records?
    No, this module does not support it. However, if you want to see your multi currencies in backend POS orders records, then you can check out our Odoo POS Multi Currency module.

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