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    Odoo‌ ‌Power‌ Bi‌ ‌Connector‌ ‌

    Odoo Power BI Connector integrates Odoo with Microsoft Power BI. The module allows you to analyze your company's growth to make the best decisions.

    • Connect your Odoo to Microsoft Power BI, a business intelligence tool.

    • Create and export datasets containing one or more tables.

    • Export data from any Odoo model by creating tables.

    • Provide you with the Table relationship feature.

    • Define filters to separate data from tables.

    • Visualise PowerBi reports and dashboards from Odoo.


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    Unleash the Power of Data Integration!

    Odoo Power BI Connector allows you to integrate Odoo with Microsoft Power BI. It is a business intelligence tool that supports many workspaces. Users can generate dynamic server actions for any model.

    You can also set up cron to export data for any model/table. You can export and import data to track and analyze your company's growth. It helps you make better business decisions. It has a well-defined dashboard that makes the data easy to understand.

    You can also check our Odoo Employee Daily Work Report which is a helpful tool for businesses worldwide

    Odoo Power BI Connector

     Why do we need Odoo Power BI Connector?

    Power BI, created by Microsoft, is a dependable business intelligence tool worth billions. With 2.14 billion buyers by 2021, it has become a popular business choice.

    Odoo is a comprehensive business management software that offers vast solutions. Businesses that integrate PowerBI with Odoo create odoo power BI connectors.

    This module can analyze large amounts of data. It also includes sales data and work on variables to help them grow.

    Also, Check our Odoo Sales XLS Reports to Track all your sales and keep a record to show to the vendors in the future.

     Highlighted Features of Odoo Power BI

     Easy Data analysis

    • Odoo Power BI Connector focuses on growth factors based on analysis.

     Decision making

    • The reports provide a unique view. It leads to better decision-making.

     Business growth strategies

    • It Manages online orders to increase global business reach.

     Multi Workspace Support

    • The module supports many workspaces.

     Table Relationship

    • You can create a relationship between two tables having many to one fields.

     Filters for Searching

    • With this module, you have the functionality of filters which distinguish data in the tables.

     Multi Workspace Support

    Odoo Power BI allows multiple workspaces from Power BI. It also enhances their analytical abilities of power BI reports.

    • The module supports many workspaces.
    • You can also import workspaces from Power BI to Odoo.
    • You can also create workspaces in Odoo and export them.
    • Odoo Power BI Manages online orders for global reach.
    Multi Workspace Support

     Filters for Easy Search Data

    Odoo Power BI Connector provides filters that differentiate data from tables, such as filtering products by various options.

    • You can use filters to distinguish data from tables.
    • You can create datasets that contain one or more tables.
    • Moreover, you can export datasets to Power BI.
    • For example, filter products by group, country, or other criteria based on the model fields.
    Filters for Easy Search Data

     Ease of exporting data from Odoo

    Export Data from Odoo by defining tables and using cron to automate data exports for any model or table.

    • You can export data from any Odoo model by creating tables.
    • You can use cron to schedule data exports for any model or table.
    • You can generate dynamic server actions for any model using datasets.
    • It allows you to export data from the report of that model to the Power BI tool.
    Ease of exporting data from Odoo

     Track data from the dashboard

    Odoo Power BI Connector supports Power bi-generated reports and dashboards.

    • Import reports and dashboards from Powerbi.
    • Odoo allows you to visualize these reports and dashboards.
    • Visualise PowerBi reports and dashboards from Odoo.
    • The reports offer a unique outlook.
    Track data from the dashboard

     Provide Table Relationship

    Table relationships facilitate data sharing, relational data sharing, validation, and export to Power BI, enabling the creation of many2one fields.

    • You can use Table Relationships to relate the different tables.
    • For example, Create a table for sale. order model with partner ID res. partner in one column, validate it and add it to the dataset for data export to powerBi.
    • It allows you to relate many2one fields.
    • It also allows you to publish the related data in the dataset easily.
    Provide Table Relationship


    Product Version3.2.0
    Released2 years ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsTool
    Last UpdatedMay 7, 2024 (3 days ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     What do we need to add to the Redirect URL?
    In the Redirect URI, Add your Odoo App URL.
     Can we use the Free Power BI account?
    Yes, you can use the free Power BI account but you can only use the test workspace.
     Is your module available on shared servers or, does our client need a dedicated server to use the Power BI connector?
    Yes, you can use our Power Bi Connector for Odoo on a shared server.
     What is the Cost of Odoo Power BI?
    The cost of our Odoo Power BI connector is $299
     Is this $299 per month / per year / or for a lifetime license?
    It is a one-time purchase cost.
     Can we relate two different tables?
    Yes, you can relate the two different tables with the help of the Table relationship feature.

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