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    Odoo Sentiment Analysis

    Odoo Sentiment Analysis tool can quickly figure out the feelings of your Customers and your Team based on their Comments.

    • This tool detects feelings in messages.

    • Make customers happier by understanding their feedback.

    • Admins can check what employees say.

    • Get important info on a dashboard for better choices.

    • Admins can hide bad reviews if they want.

    • See the score showing how positive or negative the text is.

    • Send emails to keep others updated.

    Odoo Sentiment Analysis Odoo Sentiment Analysis Odoo Sentiment Analysis Odoo Sentiment Analysis Odoo Sentiment Analysis Odoo Sentiment Analysis
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    Odoo Sentiment Analysis helps you understand how people feel!

    With the Odoo Sentiment Analysis tool, you can check the feelings of your team and customers' messages. This tool helps you understand what your customers and employees are saying. You can use simple charts and alerts to make your customers happier, engage your team, and protect your online reputation.

    With this module, you can gain valuable insights, make the right decisions, and feel more confident in leading your business. Start improving your understanding of your business today!

    Note: You can manage your client questions with Odoo Website Shopping Assistant (Odoo Chatbot) using OpenAI.

    Odoo Sentiment Analysis

     Highlighted Features of Odoo Sentiment Analysis

     Customer Happiness Boost

    • Understand what customers are saying and make improvements based on their feedback.

     Feelings Detector

    • Figure out if messages are happy, unhappy, or neutral.

     Team Spirit

    • Get a sense of employee emotions by understanding their message tone to build a more connected team.

     Interactive Dashboard

    • Check out cool graphs and charts that show sentiment trends, and click around for more info.

     Alert System

    • The Module can send emails to the right people for the sentiment score of the messages.

     Positive Reviews Only

    • Keep negative reviews out of sight on your website to maintain a positive image.

     Spy on the Competition

    • See how your sentiment stacks up against others in your industry.

     Sentiment Grade

    • Each message gets a score to show how positive or negative it is, helping admins keep track.

     Why do we need Odoo Sentiment Analysis

    The sentiment analysis tool in Odoo helps managers understand how customers feel about their messages. It also checks what employees say about tasks or projects, making things easier and keeping everyone updated.

    The odoo sentiment analysis tool helps you check the status of projects, games, discussions, and more. It checks the mood of comments and helps fix things if needed.

    Note: The Shopping Assistant (Odoo Chatbot) is a helpful buddy for businesses. It helps handle customer questions by automatically giving answers. It uses a tool called Opensource LLM.

     Rule-based Sentiment Analysis

    You can easily organize messages as happy, sad, or neutral using this module.

    • Change the settings to match what you like.
    • Know exactly how people feel in their messages.
    • Let messages sort themselves for smoother talking.
    • Understand message moods better to reply faster.

     Email Alerts

    The Odoo Sentiment Analysis tool sends an email to the admin showing the feelings of their customers about messages or reviews.

    • Get a report on message feelings in your email.
    • It grasps message analysis.
    • Reply personally without any trouble.
    • It makes chattering with customers smoother and keeps them happy.

     Manage your Team Easily

    Evaluate How Your Team Are Doing with Odoo Sentiment Analysis.

    • Admins or followers can check their Team Member’s Tasks.
    • Based on the comments can take the required actions.
    • This tool helps work get done faster.
    • It helps in improving the internal performance of your Team.
    Team Management

     Understand How People Feel

    Improve your communication by figuring out whether messages are happy, unhappy, or neutral.

    • Spot if someone feels happy, frustrated, angry, or sad.
    • Reply faster for smoother conversations.
    • Change how you converse depending on people’s feelings.
    • Make talking with customers easier by understanding their emotions.

    Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Sentiment Analysis

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Sentiment Analysis module.

    For any query or issue please Create a ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.0.3
    Released3 months ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsTool
    Last UpdatedMay 2, 2024 (2 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     How does sentiment analysis work?
    Odoo Sentiment analysis is like teaching a computer to understand text. It uses special computer programs to read and understand text like humans do. It goes through different steps before giving the final result.
     How does Sentiment Analysis help customers?
    Sentiment Analysis helps businesses understand customer’s feel by reading their reviews or messages. This helps businesses fix problems quickly and make customers happier, which increases satisfaction.
     What does Sentiment Analysis do for employees?
    Sentiment Analysis looks at how employees feel by analyzing how they write or talk at work. sThis helps companies understand their workers better, making them more involved and happier, which boosts satisfaction and work quality.
     What can you do with the Sentiment Analysis Module's Interactive Dashboard?
    The Interactive Dashboard makes it easy to see how customers and employees feel. It helps bosses make better decisions by showing them more information.
     How does Rule-based Sentiment Analysis work?
    With Rule-based Sentiment Analysis, managers set rules for analyzing text, like deciding if it's positive, negative, or neutral. Based on these rules, the program gives scores or metrics, helping understand sentiment better. Managers can also set up notifications based on these rules.

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