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    Odoo Website Cybersource Payment Acquirer

    Odoo Website CyberSource Payment Acquirer makes online checkout easy for your buyers. It lets your store collect payments securely using CyberSource, with automated fraud protection. Here's what it offers:

    • It makes payments easy, safe, and user-friendly.

    • Let's accept payments from anywhere in the world.

    • It ensures high security with 3DS.

    • Supports different ways to pay.

    • Odoo Website CyberSource Payment Acquirer helps you track payments.

    • It stops fraud before it happens.


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    Provide a Flexible and Secure Checkout Experience in Odoo!

    Odoo Website CyberSource Payment Acquirer helps online stores make their checkout process smooth, flexible, and safe. It lets businesses easily collect payments using CyberSource, which is secure and works well worldwide. It offers 3D Secure (3DS) authentication and gives customers different ways to pay with security.

    Plus, it's easy to set up and keep track of payments with Odoo Website CyberSource Payment Acquirer. This tool is essential for businesses that want to make paying online easy and safe for their customers.

    Note: Odoo Website Cetelem Payment Acquirer offers fast, secure, and hassle-free payment options for purchases on the website, serving 27 million customers globally and known as Modern Credit in French overseas territories.

    Odoo Website CyberSource Payment Acquirer

     Why do we need an Odoo Website CyberSource Payment Acquirer?

    The CyberSource Payment Acquirer makes paying easy for customers and keeps transactions safe from fraud. It speeds up transactions and makes it easy to verify payments. Plus, it uses high-security measures like 3DS to protect against fraud.

    Note: The Odoo HyperPay Payment Acquirer module allows you to make HyperPay, a top payment acquirer in the MENA regions, accessible on your Odoo website.

     Highlighted Features of Odoo Website CyberSource Payment Acquirer

     Easy Integration

    • Odoo smoothly connects with Website CyberSource Payment Acquirer.

     Global Payments

    • Customers worldwide can pay using CyberSource.

     Transaction Tracking

    • Odoo admins can easily track order details.

     Enhanced Security

    • CyberSource Payment Acquirer ensures secure payments with 3D authentication.

     CyberSource Solution Provider

    CyberSource is a company that helps businesses with online payments. They team up with Webkul to create special payment solutions for different online stores. Here's what CyberSource does:

    • It help business to expand globally.
    • It gives complete help throughout the process.
    • It make easy for customers everywhere.
    • Makes sure transactions are safe with 3DS.
    CyberSource Solution Provider

     Receiving Payment Through CyberSource.

    Customers can pay for orders on the Odoo website using CyberSource Gateway.

    • Customers can use CyberSource Gateway for orders.
    • Customers can view the total order amount.
    • Enjoy the secure payment option with Odoo Website CyberSource Payment Acquirer.
    • Payment with your card with the CyberSourcre gateway.
    Receiving Payment Through CyberSource

     Secure Transactions in Odoo

    Its automated fraud protection enhances transaction security, reducing risks and ensuring customer trust.

    • Website CyberSource ensures a secure transaction.
    • Protecting businesses and customers from potential fraud.
    • Advanced fraud detection.
    • Identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.
    Secure Transactions in Odoo

     How do I configure CyberSource with Odoo?

    Below is a list of steps to configure the Odoo CyberSurce Payment Acquirer and run it on your Odoo website.

    • Create a CyberSource account to receive orders on your Odoo website.
    • Obtain credentials from the CyberSource account.
    • Install the “Cybersource” module in Odoo.
    • Paste the Cybersource credentials into the odoo backend.
    • Now admin has to publish the payment method on the website.
    How do I configure CyberSource with Odoo?


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released1 month ago
    Last UpdatedApril 25, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     What's Odoo Website CyberSource Payment Acquirer?
    It's a tool that helps online shops take payments securely and easily using CyberSource.
     What can it do?
    • It works smoothly with your Odoo website.
    • You can accept payments from all over the world with CyberSource.
    • It lets you track payments in your Odoo account.
    • It adds extra security with something called 3-D Secure.
     Why should I use it?
    CyberSource keeps an eye out for fraud and makes sure transactions are safe for everyone. It has smart tools that stop fraud before it happens.
     How do I set it up with Odoo?
    • Sign up for CyberSource and get your details.
    • Install the "CyberSource" tool in Odoo.
    • Enter your CyberSource details in Odoo.
    • Turn on the payment option on your Odoo website
     Can customers use CyberSource for payments?
    Yes, they can pay for their orders on your Odoo website using CyberSource. They'll see the total amount and can pay securely with their card.

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