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    Odoo Zoho CRM Connector

    Odoo Zoho CRM Connector helps build exceptional customer relationships. It integrates a sales assistant and Odoo's abilities. It deals with sales pipeline, promotion, and more.

    • Integrates Zoho CRM functionality with Odoo.

    • Cron Scheduler for real-time deals, product pipelines, and customer synchronization.

    • Increases sales opportunities by managing leads and pipelines.

    • Auto Deletion of Synchronization history

    • Well-designed doughnut chart and line graph dashboard for data analysis.

    • Separate Export button for each component, such as contact, user, lead, etc.

    • Cron runs to check the feeds at the specified time.


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    Odoo Zoho CRM Connector: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business!!

    Ensuring customer satisfaction is a difficult task for businesses. Also, customer relationship management (CRM) software is critical to achieving it. As you all know, Zoho CRM is well known for its vast feature set, scalability, and ability to meet ample needs, and Odoo is well-known for its adaptability, focus, and intuitive interface.It simplifies customer relationship management by integrating Zoho CRM and Odoo.

    Do you want full visibility of your real-time pipeline? Then, you can check out the Odoo Multi CRM Pipedrive Solution

    Odoo Zoho CRM Connector

     Why do we need a module?

    The days are gone when your company manages customers' information in Excel. Now, it's time for automation. Odoo Zoho CRM Connector allows you to manage leads, pipeline customers, and products.Users may now access more information without the tension of finding leads on their own.

    The capabilities, such as real-time data sync, help expand our business. It includes real-time sync of contacts, pipelines, users, and products. Odoo Zoho CRM helps businesses make exceptions in customer relations with their customers. With this module, you can also manage manual data import and export.

    Explore Odoo Multi CRM Intercom Connector which integrates Odoo with the Intercom CRM system.

     Prerequisites For Using Odoo Zoho CRM Connector

    The Odoo Zoho CRM works in coexistence with the Odoo Multi CRM Solution You must install this module first for the Odoo module name to work.

    For Odoo online (SAAS) users, you first need to migrate to, platform before installing Odoo Zoho CRM Connector because Odoo restricts third-party software installations on Odoo online (SAAS).

     Highlighted Features of Odoo Zoho CRM Connector

     Automated Data Synchronization

    • The Odoo Zoho CRM Connector comes with a Cron feature for importing data.

     Easy Import

    • It enables easy import of Zoho CRM leads, pipelines, customers, and products. Also, it provides a filter for import.

     Pipeline Review Check

    • Configure leads based on your business needs. When enabled, the Zoho CRM lead will need a review for quality.

     Cron Synchronization history

    • Cron saves synchronization history for all the import options done when the cron runs.

     Direct pipeline creation.

    • Configuration for lead-to-pipeline creation from the Odoo backend.

     Real-time sync is accessible.

    • Odoo Zoho CRM supports real-time data synchronization and reduces manual work.

     Lead Settings

    The Zoho CRM backend configuration facilitates lead handling. It transformed a lead into an opportunity.

    • The backend configuration at the Odoo end aids in the handling of leads.
    • When enabled, the Zoho CRM lead will need a review for quality.
    • After the review check, the lead will transform into an opportunity.
    • While disabled, the lead transforms into an opportunity.
    Lead Settings

     Import Pipeline in Odoo

    The module enables the importation of pipelines and customers. It also handles pipeline statuses.

    • Odoo allows you to import pipelines.
    • Import the associated information about the pipeline along with the pipeline.
    • Import Pipeline statuses correspond to the orders.
    • You can manage stages under the Statutes section.
    Import Pipeline in Odoo

     Importing users into Odoo

    It allows customer imports using the cron scheduler. It imports customer information like name, phone number, email, and a data feed from Zoho CRM.

    • You can import customers into Odoo.
    • It also supports import using the cron scheduler.
    • It provides customers with information such as name, phone number, email, etc.
    • You can also get a feed of data imports from Zoho CRM to Odoo.
    Importing users into Odoo

     Importing Product into Odoo

    The cron scheduler allows imports of products, deals, contacts, and users.

    • Import products, deals, contacts, and users in large quantities.
    • You may import these using the cron job scheduler.
    • It imports details along with products.
    • It also provides a filter for importing products, deals, contacts, and users.
    Importing Product into Odoo

     Options for Export

    Export data in bulk using the export All option, select items by ID or export specific data by selecting it. Access lead statistics from Odoo.

    • You can export data in bulk by choosing the Export All option.
    • You can export items by their IDs.
    • You can also export specific data by selecting it.
    • You can get lead statistics from Odoo.
    Options for Export

     Real-time Synchronisations

    Odoo and Zoho CRM enable real-time data sync. It reduces manual work and offers real-time data deletion.

    • Odoo and Zoho CRM can sync contacts, pipelines, users, and products in real time.
    • It also allows real-time data deletion.
    • To delete data in real time, you need to enable the real-time data delete option.
    • Real-time data sync reduces the need for manual work.
    Real-time Synchronisations

     Enhanced Dynamic Dashboard

    Odoo Zoho CRM Connector dashboard tracks Zoho CRM data in Odoo, allowing the import or export of data. It also has a doughnut chart, line graph, clickable tabs, and data cards.

    • Introduced a dynamic dashboard for tracking Zoho CRM data in Odoo.
    • Import or export data from any channel from your dashboard.
    • It offers a well-designed doughnut chart and a line graph.
    • The dashboard also features clickable tabs and data cards.
    Enhanced Dynamic Dashboard

     Manual Map Statuses.

    The state table manages Zoho CRM and Odoo order statuses. Which also manages the mapping of Odoo Stage and Zoho CRM Stage and configures deal loss.

    • Fill in the Zoho CRM and Odoo order statuses in the state table.
    • It includes the mapping of the Odoo Stage and Zoho CRM Stage.
    • You can also configure the loss of the deal.
    • It manages the mapping, import, and export of the deal stage.
    Manual Map Statuses


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released2 months ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsConnectors
    Last UpdatedMay 1, 2024 (2 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     What is the cost of the Odoo Zoho CRM Connector?
    The cost of the module is 199 USD
     Can we configure the stage of a deal as lost while importing??
    Yes, you can set the stages as a deal lost in the configuration of stage mapping.
     What data can we sync in real time?
    You can sync contacts, pipelines, users, and products from Odoo to Zoho CRM
      Can this module provide a visualization of our data import and export?
    Yes, this module provides a dynamic dashboard to track the data from Zoho CRM to Odoo
      Can we configure the time duration to run a cron?
    Yes, you can configure the duration to run cron from the connector’s backend settings.

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