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    Opencart Custom Invoice Template

    Opencart Custom Invoice Template: With this extension, the admin can generate customized sales invoice for the customers. Multiple templates can be created having various fields and configurable options. For every customer group, custom invoice templates can be assigned.

    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

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    Opencart Custom Invoice Template: With the Opencart Custom Invoice Template module, the admin can easily create custom receipts templates for Opencart store. This will allow the admin to design multiple receipt templates and assign them to different customer groups. Each predefined invoice template can be easily customized.

    This module is the best solution to create configurable invoice template which can be easily managed and customized for different customer groups.

    Highlighted Features

     Multiple Custom Receipts

    Easy configuration to create and customize the various receipts.

     Add Keywords

    Add various keywords in the invoice template body.


    Control the visibility of the content in the receipts.


    Assign the custom receipt templates to the customer groups.

    Why Custom Invoice Template?

    The Custom Invoice Template module allows the admin to add the ads or promotional content on the receipts -

    • This content can be used for the store promotions or product promotions or to display information of the store on the receipts.
    • The module allows the content added in the body receipt.
    • Custom images, hyperlinking, and font alteration can be done quickly.
    • Current offers can be added as promotions on the receipts.
    Why Custom Invoice Template?

    Create Custom Invoice Templates

    The admin can create and expand any custom invoice template -

    • Using this module, the admin can easily customize the content of each invoice template by adding the additional text.
    • Define the invoice name and content as per choice for each invoice template.
    • Also, can use invoice keywords which will fetch some dynamic data, e.g., tag {config_owner} will display the name of the store owner.
    • The admin will generate customized sales invoice for various customer groups.
    Create Custom Invoice Templates

    Invoice Keywords

    • Custom Invoice templates could be the best marketing source which can be customized up to a great extent.
    • This module offers a wide range of invoice keywords which the admin can use in the invoice templates.
    • These keywords are the best solution for customizing and personalizing the invoice more aptly.
    • The keywords are the dynamic tags (like {product_name}), which can be added to the body of an invoice and automatically replaced with receivers’ data during the invoice creation.
    Invoice Keywords

    Manage Invoice Template

    This module offers flexible module settings to create the custom invoice templates for Opencart store. The admin can-

    • Delete - Remove or delete the existing receipt templates.
    • Edit - Update or edit the receipt templates whenever needed.
    • Add - Can add/create an unlimited number of receipt templates.
    • Define - Can define the template name and the receipt body content.
    • Assign - Assign the receipts to the various customer groups.
    • Keywords - Configure the multiple keywords in the invoice templates.
    Manage Invoice Template


    • Enable/disable the module
    • Using flexible settings create the custom invoice templates for Opencart store.
    • The admin can create an unlimited number of custom invoice templates.
    • Separate section to view and manage the custom invoice templates.
    • Assign the custom invoice template to each customer groups the admin has created.
    • Easily customize the template and show additional details using invoice keywords.
    • Invoice keywords are the simple and easy to use tags using which you can personalize your store invoice. Templates by replacing them with the real data once. E.g. {order_id}, {customer_name}, {config_name} and many more.


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Opencart Extensions.


    Product Version1.1.0.3
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (8 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.x.x.x  3.x.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Top-notch support!

    Posted On - May 17, 2022

    Swift and professional. Solved my problem in no time and took the time to make sure I was satisfied with the result. I highly recommend Webkul!

     Frequently Asked Questions

     Is there any Opencart module available for a custom invoice template?
    Yes, Webkul’s Opencart Custom Invoice Template module is one such module.
     What if the admin has not assigned any receipt to the customer group?
    The default receipt will be assigned automatically if the admin has not assigned any receipt to the customer group.
     How many receipts can the admin make?
    The admin can make an unlimited number of custom receipts.
     How many receipts can the admin assign to a customer group?
    At a time, only one receipt will be assigned to a customer group.
     Can the admin add the images in the receipt?
    Yes, the admin can add images in the receipt.
     What size of the image does the module support?
    There is no specific size limit defined to upload the image. However the recommended dimension is 200x75px.
     What all variables, values, fields I can add to create a custom invoice template?
    Using Opencart Custom Invoice Template extension, the admin can use the following variables to create a customized invoice:
    • {store_name}
    • {store_address}
    • {order_id}
    • {invoice_no}
    • {payment_method}
    • {date_added}
    • {payment_firstname}
    • {payment_lastname}
    • {payment_address_1}
    • {payment_address_2}
    • {payment_city}
    • {payment_zone}
    • {payment_postcode}
    • {shipping_firstname}
    • {shipping_lastname}
    • {shipping_address_1}
    • {shipping_address_2}
    • {shipping_city}
    • {shipping_zone}
    • {shipping_postcode}
    • {email}
    • {telephone}
    • {products_list}
    • {comment}

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