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OpenCart Mobikul Delivery Boy App

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OpenCart Mobikul Delivery Boy App: OpenCart Mobikul Delivery Boy App is a native app build to resolve the issues with regard to the delivery of products. The admin and delivery boy both will be getting a separate login in the application. This will encourage better delivery management as now the admin and delivery boy can communicate with each other to resolve delivery issues. The customer can track their order to get notified. The app has notification feature for to update the admin and delivery boy about any changes with regard to the order. The app can be helpful for various e-commerce based operation units.

Please Note - This application is an add-on to Mobikul Mobile App, you must have Mobikul OpenCart Mobile App.


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OpenCart Mobikul Delivery Boy App -The OpenCart Mobikul Delivery Boy App is meant for better management of the delivery process. It helps the admin to have a control over the delivery process of orders. The admin can log in the app to monitor the delivery process.

Any change in the status of order done by delivery boy will be visible to the admin. The admin can view the sales and orders of the store on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The admin can assign the deliveries to the delivery boys as per their availability.

Whereas, the delivery boy can even log in and view the assigned delivery of the products. The app has an added feature of providing an efficient communication channel between admin and delivery boy and delivery boy and customer. This removes any confusion related to the delivery of the products.

Here, the customer can track down the delivery process by an added functionality of tracking in the Opencart Mobile App. Being a native app it effectively uses the device based features like GPS detection, Push Notification, and other features.

Please Note - This application is an add-on to Mobikul Mobile App, you must have Mobikul OpenCart Mobile App.

 Highlighted Features

 Delivery Management

The delivery process can now be no trouble for the store owner as now the process can be closely monitored by it.

 Delivery Boy Management

The admin can register the delivery boy and assign them order for delivery. The assignment can be done as per availability of the delivery boy.

 Communication Link

The app removes the hurdle of communication by providing the ability to admin to chat with delivery boy and customer.

 Order Management By Delivery Boy

The delivery boy can view the delivery assigned and change the status of the order after completion of each step.

 Push Notifications

Both the admin and delivery boy receive push notifications in the app. Admin receives notification when an order comes on the store and any changes done on the status of the order. However, the delivery boy receives notification when a new order is assigned.

 Tracking Of Order By Customer

The customer can now track the order under order section in the Opencart Mobile App.


The admin and delivery boy both have the advantage of notifications. This feature serves as an edge over e-mails, they serve an easy access.

  • The notifications serve the admin by notifying him about the status of delivery boy and orders.
  • Under the admin panel, the admin can view newly arrived message.
  • The notifications are visible to the delivery boy also which keeps the delivery boy notified of any new message sent by admin to him.

 Orders Management By Admin

The admin will be able to manage the orders easily by viewing them and assigning them to the Delivery boy. The assignment of the orders are done on the basis of availability of delivery boy, that is, he must be present and must be free. Various Order status for an order could be-

  • Pending- When the order has just arrived and is not assigned to any of the delivery boys.
  • Processing- Now here the order is assigned to a Delivery boy and he is working on the order that is, he is either picking up the order or he is on the way to deliver the product.
  • Delivered- Finally, the order has reached its destination that is to the customer. At the time of delivery, the delivery boy will enter the OTP provided by the customer. This process confirms delivery.
 Orders Management By Admin

 Orders Mangement By Delivery Boy

The delivery boy can easily view the assigned order and act accordingly. The delivery boy can only view his orders. The orders in the delivery boy section are-

  • New- Those orders which are assigned by the admin to the delivery boy at the very moment and no action have been taken by him till now(like confirmation, pick up, etc.)
  • Processing-Those orders on which delivery boy is working on are reflected here. Either the order is being picked by him or he is on the way to deliver the order.
  • Delivered- All the history associated with the delivered order that is all those orders which the delivery boy has successfully given to the customer.
 Orders Mangement By Delivery Boy

 Tracking Of Delivery Boy By Customer

The customer has a very effective functionality where a customer can track the delivery boy. This keeps the customer updated and satisfied with the delivery process.

  • The customer is provided a map which traces the order being delivered via a delivery boy.
  • The tracking related query can be added raised in a chat with the customer which needs to be answered by admin.
 Tracking Of Delivery Boy By Customer


The dashboard is visible on both admin login as well as delivery boy login. The dashboard is composed of -

  • Order details of Lifetime and daily orders.
  • In admin end, it shows various orders-Pending, Process, and Complete Order.
  • Apart from that, the admin can see various delivery boys location by stating if he is free or busy.
  • However, in delivery boy dashboard the presence of delivery boy is shown and his details(phone number, email-id, Vehicle number, and Vehicle type).

 Chat With Admin

The functionality of Chat with admin can help in making a bridge of communication between customer and delivery boy. A quick chat system is very fruitful for small communication.

  • The admin can answer the query of the customer, which can be related to delivery boy or Order.
  • The customer can even give feedback for the purchase.
  • The Delivery boy can also ask queries related to customers and their orders and the admin can even ask questions from the delivery boy like if the delivery is late then what is the reason, etc.
 Chat With Admin


  • Admin and Delivery boy both have separate login in the same app, to manage the delivery process.
  • Admin can manage delivery boys details and assign delivery to them via the app.
  • Admin can view the status of delivery as set by the delivery boy.
  • That is any changes done in the order status by delivery boy gets reflected in the admin panel.
  • Admin can chat with both customer and delivery boy to provide a better communication channel.
  • The app can even work in Offline mode.
  • The delivery boy can Confirm or Decline the delivery.
  • The delivery boy needs to enter the OTP for verifying the delivery.
  • The customer will get to track the delivery process under the orders section in Opencart Mobile App.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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