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    Prestashop WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product

    Prestashop WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product allows customers to have real time interaction with products from their own space. Boost engagement and increase conversions by adding augmented reality to your online store.

    • Enables customers to experience the products in a new way.

    • Preview AR media on smartphones and tablets.

    • Bring your products to life with detailed information.

    • Enhance customers' online shopping experience.

    • Reduces returns.


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    Prestashop WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product - is a great tool that helps shoppers to interact with your products while remaining in their environment. With a 3D view, you can allow the customers to examine the product from every angle, making them feel more confident about a product.

    Give your customers detailed information about the products they need to make an informed purchase. As this extension allows customers to preview products in their own space, the customers can view how the products will look in their homes before electing to purchase.

    Highlighted Features

     View Products in AR

    Allows customers to view the product from many angles.

     Set AR combination-wise

    The extension allows you to set webAR for specific product combinations.

     3D View

    Allow customers to explore the products in a more detailed manner with a 3D view.

     Upload Files For Android & IOS

    For Android & IOS, you can upload GLB and USDZ media files.

    Why Prestashop WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product?

    While shopping online, the customers do not get the opportunity to try or examine the product before making the purchase. They have to make their purchase decision based on images and videos. In a brick-and-mortar environment, customers can try on clothes or view how the table will look like in a room.

    Prestashop WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product helps you bring your Prestashop products to life by showcasing their realistic versions. It lets customers visualize how the products will fit into their lives. Customers can preview the products from every perspective, take a look at each angle, and get almost every information. Adding AR media to your store products will help you improve user experience, sales, and reduce returns.

    Set WebAR for Products

    • Add AR media to your product pages.
    • Upload a media file (in GLB format) for android.
    • Upload a media file (in USDZ format) for iOS.
    • Also, you can add media files for particular combination of a product.

    WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product View

    • Allows customers to see the product in a 3D view on the product page.
    • Customers can explore every part and angle of the products through their phones or tablets.
    • Customers can view the products in their real space.
    • Customers can spin the product image with a mouse.

    Prestashop WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product Features -

    • Allows customers to examine the product from all angles.
    • Add WebAR files to the catalog products of your Prestashop store.
    • Upload GLB and USDZ media files for Android and iOS respectively.
    • Add AR media files for specific product combinations.
    • Enable or disable sending of data on Google Tag Manager.
    • Customers can visualize the product in their own space through the smartphone's camera.

    Prestashop WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    Rating 5.0
    based on 4 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Amazed by the module and the developing team.

    Posted On - May 30, 2022

    I am amazed by the module and the developing team. First of all, I love the module. It works just like explained in the description. You can bring AR experience to your website visitors and easy to use. In addition, they have a very strong developing team. They know what they are doing and what you need. They are fast in responding to your messages and modifying the module for your needs. You can take my words and trust them. You will never regret working with them. I look forward buying more modules from them and working with them. Thank you so much for the great module and good luck to the team.


    Posted On - September 24, 2021

    Awesome and extremely fast support compared to most other programming houses I've dealt with!


    Posted On - September 24, 2021

    Awesome and extremely fast support compared to most other programming houses I've dealt with!

    great module

    Posted On - September 17, 2021

    Full support on our Prestashop module we bought from Webkul. The issues we had were swiftly fixed by the professional team of Webkul. I would highly recommend them. Honest and hard working people at Webkul!

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