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    QloApps Housekeeping

    QloApps Housekeeping Module: This module will ease your hotel's housekeeping management process by empowering you to schedule your housekeeping and management tasks in advance. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of today's hospitality industry and comes with various useful features that will help you streamline communication with your staff, save time and effort, and monitor and manage your hotel's housekeeping staff and their tasks from a single platform.

    • QloApps housekeeping addon will allow you to create, update, and download a housekeeping checklist of your hotel rooms.

    • Automate your housekeeping tasks with this addon.

    • View the list of all pending housekeeping tasks on the dashboard.

    • Update the housekeeping status of the room in real-time.

    • This add-on will help you ensure that your guests never book rooms that are under maintenance.

     QloApps Housekeeping  QloApps Housekeeping  QloApps Housekeeping  QloApps Housekeeping  QloApps Housekeeping  QloApps Housekeeping  QloApps Housekeeping  QloApps Housekeeping  QloApps Housekeeping  QloApps Housekeeping  QloApps Housekeeping
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    QloApps Housekeeping Addon is the best solution for your hotel's housekeeping management. If you are a hotelier who is managing all your cleaning and maintenance operations of the hotel manually, then it's time you start using this addon and manage all your housekeeping and maintenance tasks efficiently and streamline communication among your team from a single platform. Therefore, saving your time and enhancing your guest experience. With the QloApps Housekeeping addon, you can easily schedule, track, and update all your housekeeping tasks of the day and maintain a record of all scheduled maintenance tasks.

    QloApps Housekeeping Addon

    Highlighted Features

    Schedule Housekeeping Tasks

    Quickly create and schedule housekeeping tasks for the day in just a few clicks.

    Automate Housekeeping Tasks

    Set auto-updates for the housekeeping status of rooms based on specific events like checkout, reallocate, room swap, etc.

    Manage Maintenance Tasks

    Easily create and manage the maintenance tasks of your rooms with this module. It will help you keep a record of your maintenance tasks and will eliminate the chances that your guest can book a room under maintenance.

    Download the Housekeeping Tasks list

    View and export the list of all your room's current housekeeping and maintenance tasks in one click using the export option.

    Bulk Update of housekeeping tasks

    Update the status of housekeeping tasks for multiple rooms of your hotel at once through the bulk update option.

    Track Housekeeping Status Stats on your Dashboard

    Monitor the real-time statistics of the number of clean, dirty, and out-of-order rooms in your hotel from the dashboard.

    Streamline the communication regarding housekeeping tasks with your staff

    Add comments at the time of creating and updating the housekeeping status of rooms so that you and your team can always stay updated about the progress of the housekeeping status of the rooms.

    Stay informed about daily housekeeping operations from the dashboard.

    A list of all rooms with dirty and out-of-order housekeeping status will be displayed to you on your dashboard to ease your daily housekeeping operation's management process.

    View Housekeeping tasks in two modes

    View the list of housekeeping status of each room in two different view modes: Grid View and List View.

    Customize the color of the housekeeping status

    Set the color in which you want to display the various housekeeping statuses including clean, dirty, in progress, and out of order as per your preferred choice.

    Work Order Management

    Record and Manage the work orders that you have assigned to third-party service providers efficiently from this addon.

    Maintain History of Housekeeping Tasks

    This module allows you to view the history of housekeeping task status of each room at any time.

    Auto Task Management

    • Automate the housekeeping task status update process by configuring the auto task management.
    • Set your preferred housekeeping status of the room after specific events.
    • You can automate the housekeeping status update for rooms after checkout, room swap, reallocate, out of order, and work orders.
    • It will save you time and effort and will ease your daily housekeeping management process.

    Cron Task Management

    • Set cron to automate your housekeeping tasks
    • Admin can set cron to automate the updates of the housekeeping status of booked rooms and for rooms that are expecting guests' arrival the next day.
    • The admin will add the status of housekeeping and the time to run the cron.
    • This configuration will help the admin set the default status of housekeeping for rooms that are occupied and booked for the next day so that as per their set time the cron will automatically update the status of housekeeping for such rooms.

    Manage Tasks in List Mode

    Admin can view and manage each room's daily housekeeping task and maintenance task status in an efficient list view mode.


    Manage Tasks in Grid Mode

    Admin can view and manage each room's daily housekeeping task and maintenance task status in an attractive grid view mode.


    Manage Maintenance Tasks

    Admin can manage the rooms under maintenance using this addon by creating and managing the maintenance tasks and assigning rooms in the task.


    Bulk Updates

    Admin can update the housekeeping status of multiple rooms at once using the bulk update feature. It will save time and will directly update the status of multiple rooms at the same time.


    Manage Work Orders

    Admin can record and manage all the work orders that he assigns to third-party service providers through this module.



    Admin can easily monitor the housekeeping status update history of rooms. It will ease the communication process among staff members and the housekeeping staff management process for the admin.


    Housekeeping Status Insights on Dashboard

    Admin can view the number of rooms assigned to various housekeeping statuses daily. The dashboard will also display the list of all pending (dirty and out-of-order status rooms) housekeeping tasks of the day.


    Track the Housekeeping Status of Each Room of Room Type

    Admin can easily track the current housekeeping status of each room of his room types on the configuration page of room type.


    QloApps Housekeeping Addon

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.1
    Released4 months ago
    Last UpdatedMay 7, 2024 (2 months ago)
    Supported VersionsQloApps  1.6.x  
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