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    QloApps Reimagined Theme

    QloApps Reimagined Theme: QloApps Reimagined Theme is a revolutionary theme for the hoteliers that will help to turn their existing website design into an Intuitive website with trendy UI design elements.

    • This addon will provide a modern, and beautiful look to your QloApps hotel reservation & booking website.

    • It will create a long-lasting impression on your customers, increasing your business’s online presence, boosting the conversion.

    • Thus, we have used bold and dark colors with lighter background hues to make it look polished and modern.


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    QloApps Reimagined Theme - QloApps Reimagined Theme is an add-on that allows hoteliers to install, and configure a fresh theme for QloApps hotel reservation & booking website. It will provide New improvised UI for better user experience on the QloApps website.

    • Users can access it on mobiles, computers and tabs, works fine with all.
    • Using QloApps Reimagined theme, places your QloApps website high on Search Engine Result Pages which ultimately increase the traffic.
    • With a minimalistic design, aesthetic colors, in-sync shape, size, and colors of fonts, Call to Action buttons, and images.
    • It will create a catchy as well as a calming effect on the eyes, which is so much in trend.
    • Along with the following trends, we place the ‘Call To Action’ button in the right direction, which subtly directs users to move in the direction of hotel booking.

    If you want to learn how to launch your free hotel website with the help of QloApps then Click here.

    QloApps Reimagined Theme

    QloApps Reimagined Theme Features -

    • Fully responsive QloApps theme.
    • Completely redesigned pages: Homepage, Search Results page, Room Type listing & detail page, Checkout page, and My Account, etc.
    • Improvise the design of the whole website, making it look more appealing.
    • Change the placement, design, and look of the search panel.
    • Change the customer register or log-in option, booking cart button and navigation menu.
    • Newly added option to add YouTube video on Homepage.
    • Moreover, guests can send a message or query for enquiry and locate the direction of the hotel from ‘Homepage’.
    • The theme is simple and minimal, because using complex layouts, flashy animations and a variety of colors will make it look cram.
    • Change the look of Search Result Page or Room types page.
    • New and aesthetic checkout page.
    • Improvise My Account page.
    • New design of room type page, which has two types of possible views (i.e.List view and Grid view).


    • On the homepage the sections & their branding images added by the admin in the back office will be displayed.
    • New search panel will be displayed when the user will click on the “Book Now” button.
    • Newly added Login, Add to Cart, and navigation menu in upper right corner.
    • Fresh view of Hotel information block, Our Rooms block, Interior block, Amenities block, Guest testimonials, Subscribe Newsletter block, and Footer section.

    Search Results Page

    • After a search, the customer will land on the search result page.
    • At search results page, two types of views are available: ‘Grid view’ and ‘List view’
    • Moreover, users can modify the search as per their requirements from this option.

    Room Type Page

    • Customers can view room type images, their description, price, location, check-in and check-out dates, additional facilities, features, amenities, policies, and ratings.
    • Additionally, on top of the page, there is an option to modify the search. On clicking on it a search panel is visible. So, one can search from here also.

    Checkout Page

    • The new design of the checkout page where website visitors will land after completing the booking process. They can view the room information.
    • At last, they need to complete the payment details to confirm the booking.

    My Account (Customer Account)

    New design of sign up, and login pages introduced with QloApps Reimagined theme. After logging in, customers will see the following options on the ‘My Account’ page:

    • Order History & Details
    • Booking Refund Requests
    • My Credit Slips
    • My Addresses
    • My Personal Information
    • My Vouchers

    What’s New In QloApps Reimagined Theme:

    Contact Block

    • With QloApps Reimagined theme, now hoteliers get an option in the backend from where they can add or change the logo, contact block information including Email & Phone number.

    YouTube Block

    • This is an addition to our homepage. Admin can also configure YouTube videos on the ‘homepage’.
    • In the backend, go to modules list and select ‘Video block-QloApps Reimagined Theme’ and click on ‘Configure’.
    • You will redirect to its configuration page, enter the ‘YouTube Embed Video Link’ and save it.

    Query Space and Map

    • We add a section from where guests can ask queries or enquire about hotels.
    • Moreover, a Map is added, which makes it easier for guests to find out the hotel locations.

    Instagram Block

    • Website visitors can also view images of your hotel that you recently posted on the hotel’s Instagram page.
    • You can also set specific hashtags and tell your guests those hashtags. Thus, they can use them to tag your hotel.
    • To configure the Instagram block on the homepage. Go to the backend, in the modules list and select ‘QloApps Social Block - QloApps Reimagined Theme’ and click on ‘Configure’.
    • On the ‘Instagram Configuration’ page, enter the app ID, app secret key, and Instagram hashtag.
    • Instagram Hashtag - Enter tags that you want your guests to use when posting on social media.

    QloApps Reimagined Theme Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released2 years ago
    Last UpdatedJanuary 5, 2023 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsQloApps  1.5.x  
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