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    Booking App for Shopify

    Shopify Booking App: If you want to sell services such as online teaching & tutoring, home cleaning, ticket booking, etc, or rent products such as dresses on rent, rental furniture, electronic appliances, etc on your Shopify store then, Booking App is the right choice for you. You can add booking products/services and create slots in the app. Thus, customers will choose their preferred date & time slot to book the services/rent products of their choice.

    Booking App for Shopify Booking App for Shopify Booking App for Shopify Booking App for Shopify Booking App for Shopify Booking App for Shopify Booking App for Shopify
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    Booking App for Shopify: The Booking App for Shopify helps the store owner to add booking products and services to their Shopify store and create slots for single/multi-users as per the business requirement.

    There are six different types of bookings provided in the app such as Appointment Type, Concert Type (day-wise booking),Concert Type with Time, One-Day Booking, Rent Type , Rent Type with Time. The merchant can select the booking type and add date-time slots accordingly.

    The customers can filter the booking type, and select the products/services of their choice. On the product page, a booking calendar widget appears to let customers select their preferred date & time slot and complete the booking process.

    Merchants having a fully-fledged Multi-vendor Marketplace can also use the Booking App to enable sellers to sell services, rent products, and offer one-day booking on their products. Sellers can add bookings to their products added to the marketplace and let customers book products and services as per their choice.

    Shopify Booking App Features

    • An interactive dashboard to track the ongoing progress of your store.
    • An informative "calendar view" for the merchants to manage customer's bookings.
    • Get quick notifications for each action performed in the app.
    • Six booking types to choose as per the business requirements.
    • Once Day Booking: Allow customers to schedule booking for a day. Ex:- Cab booking service, etc
    • Appointment Type: Let customers schedule appointments by selecting time slots. Ex:- Doctor’s appointment booking system.
    • Rent Type:- Allow customers to book rental items such as rental furnitures, electronic appliances, etc
    • Concert Type: Let customers select a pre-defined date range to schedule booking. Ex:- Venue booking service, etc.
    • Add custom fields to booking products/services in case you want to get additional information from your customers at the time of booking.
    • Add custom information to the booking products/services in case you want to display extra information related to your product.
    • Google Calendar feature to add customer’s booking events to Google Calendar.
    • Manual Booking Option to create bookings on behalf of your customers.
    • Overwrite specific days or close bookings for some specific days or time duration, in case you are not available to receive customer’s bookings.
    • Set Minimum Guest Limit per Customer in case of multi-user booking.
    • Auto-approve customers reschedule booking requests.
    • The customer can request the admin to reschedule his booking.
    • Moreover, Customers can view booking details from their respective “My Account” section.
    • Have a separate page to list all the bookings products/services listed on your store.
    • Customers can easily filter any booking type by days/week/year/month and also by date range.
    • Allow customers to choose the group days to rent a product. Thus, restrict them to rent an item for a fixed number of days.
    • Get an option to update the booking type.
    • Lock the booking products/services in the customer’s shopping cart.
    • The app is now available with Shopify Point of Sale (POS).
    • Integrated with the popular Multi-vendor Marketplace App for Shopify.
    • You can restrict booking product features for your sellers.
    • Configure booking dashboard labels on the seller end (Multi-vendor-Booking App Integration).
    • Global Booking to let customers create bookings from a separate Global Booking page.
    • The app has now become Partner Friendly!

    Shopify Booking App for Appointment Booking System

    Dentist Appointment, Consultant, Freelancer, Fitness Class, Tuition classes Booking system!

    • Merchants have the flexibility to create time slots for the appointment booking system and let customers select their preferred time slot.
    • Create custom fields and let the customer enter the information at the time of booking.
    • Dentist Booking System:- Let customers enter their age, select dentist, checkup time, etc.
    • Tuition classes Booking system:- Allow customers to choose their favorite teacher, subject, location.

    Shopify Booking App for Rental Booking System

    A perfect solution for merchants offering rental services on their website including rental cars, dresses, and jewelry on rent.

    • Merchants can enable the weekdays, and weekends & add date ranges when they wish to offer products/services on rent.
    • Thus, customers can select a start date and end date to rent a product on your website.

    Shopify Booking App for Concert/Event Booking System

    Booking App is the best solution to manage event bookings online including Live Musical Concert, Booking for 1 Week Food Festival, etc

    • Merchants can create fixed date-time slots for the concerts
    • Customers can select one slot when they wish to save their booking for the concert.

    Shopify Booking App Live Demo

    Here is the Frontend link to check the Booking App Demo:

    Storefront Password: peucli

    Shopify Booking App - Support

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here You may also check our top-quality Apps for Shopify


    Product Version1.0
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedNovember 21, 2023 (8 months ago)
    Supported VersionsShopify  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Excellent Service

    Posted On - June 7, 2023

    Excellently designed app. Both multivendor marketplace and booking app have many features, are easy to use and most important they have excellent customer service. They go above and beyond to help. Highly recommend

    Frequently Asked Questions

     How can I install and use the Booking app on my Shopify store?
    You need to follow some simple steps to install Booking App to Your Shopify Store: Go to Shopify App Store via this link. Enter Your Shopify Store URL. Click the "Install" button.
     What is the purpose of using this app?
    The Purpose of this app is to add booking products and services to your Shopify store related to your business profession and let the customers book services or rent the products by choosing their preferred day & time slots.
     Is this app compatible with the "Buy Now" button?
    Currently, the booking app is not compatible with the "Buy Now" button but we will make it compatible soon.
     How to add booking products using this app?
    You need to follow below-given steps to add bookings to products: Admin Panel of Shopify Store >> Visit the "Product" section >> Select any product (or add new product) >> Click "More Action" >> Click the "Booking Product" button >> Fill the booking information >> "Save" the details. Or You can directly add bookings to your existing products from the app by following these steps: Go to Booking App >> Visit Booking Product section >> Click the "Add Booking Product" button >> Choose the Product, enter details about it and Save it. This way, you will be ended up creating a booking product for your store. Do refer this link for more details.
     Is it possible to edit the booking product details?
    Yes. You can edit the information related to your booking product in the "Action" menu of the "Booking Product" section. Shopify Store >> Booking App >> Booking Product >> Edit Booking product >> Save. There, you can edit all your details related to Product information, location, availability, custom field as well as additional information.
     How to manage the slots in this app?
    Slots can be managed from the "Availability" Section of the Booking Product. There, you need to choose the booking type and select the "Duration" and "Date" on which you want the product or service to be available for booking. Also, in the basic slot management section, you can manage the slot timings such as "Pre-booking timings" as well as the "rest time" after each booking slot.
     How can I approve bookings requested by the customer?
    You need to follow below-given steps to approve bookings requested by the customers: Go to the Booking App >> Visit the Bookings section >> In the "Action" menu, click the "Edit Booking" button for the booking that You want to approve >> Now, click the "Approve" button to approve the customer's booking request. This way, you can approve any booking requested from the customers.
     Is it possible for me to allow customers to reschedule or cancel bookings?
    No, Customers cannot Cancel or Reschedule bookings by themselves but can request the admin for the same. Customers can send a request to the admin after which admin can reschedule or cancel customer’s bookings from his end. Follow the simple procedure suggested below: Shopify Store >> Booking App >> Configuration >> Bookings. Here, you can enable the option from your end and allow customers to send the request to "Reschedule" or "Cancel" the bookings.
     Can I configure the mail templates from my end?
    Yes. All the mail templates are configurable. Admin can configure all the reminder emails send to the customers while booking any product simply by following the procedure suggested below. Shopify Store >> Booking App >> Configuration >> Email Templates >> Add/Edit mail content >> Save.
     Is there any specific code needed to display customer’s booking details on frontend?
    Yes. To display customer's booking detail options on the frontend, you just need to copy the code suggested in the app and paste it below the customers/order.liquid template file.
     In case you need help with the codes, how to contact support?
    In case, you need help with adding the codes to your store theme, you can schedule a live conference chat via this link.
     Is this app compatible with mobile devices?
    If You want, You can open the app backend on Your mobile, but You might face some issues as we are currently working on it. So, we recommend You to please open the app backend on Your desktop for a better view. Soon we will finish the work on the mobile view to have better visibility on mobile devices too.
     Is there any limitation while creating "Rent Type" or "Rent Type with time" bookings?
    The product to which you are adding "Rent Type" or "Rent Type with time" booking Please make sure that the inventory policy of that product must be set to "Don't track inventory" from Shopify end.
     I need help with adding the codes to my store theme. How to contact support?
    In case, you need help with adding the codes to your store theme, you can schedule a live conference chat via this link.

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