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    Shopify Help Desk App - UVdesk

    Shopify UVdesk : Now you can integrate UVdesk Shopify Help Desk with which you can let your buyers visiting your eCommerce store raise a ticket for their concern like a help desk system, and you can send them replies from Shopify Admin panel and much more.

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    Shopify UVdesk - Introducing Shopify Help Desk App for your Shopify Store. Now Merchant can integrate it to let their Buyers visit their website and Create Ticket for any inquiry or query to connect with support staff. You or your support staff can provide a quick reply to those Tickets from Shopify Store. Shopify Help Desk App - UVdesk

    Shopify Help Desk App Demo Credentials-




    Highlighted Features

     Binaka - a light weighted app

    The customer can use Binaka to fetch knowledgebase FAQ's from the Shopify store.

     Integrate Custom Form

    The customer can submit the form and a new ticket will be generated on the ticketing panel.

     Customize knowledgebase

    The admin can showcase FAQ's/article for the common queries.

     Social Media Integration

    This module supports social media integration such as Facebook, Twitter, youtube, and Disqus, etc.

     Marketplace Integration

    With the help of this module, you can manage marketplace queries - eBay, Amazon, etc. from one place.

     Add multiple attachments

    The customer can attach multiple attachments along with the query by using a custom form.

     Shopify Help Desk App Configuration Process

    Log in to your Shopify Store's Admin Panel to integrate UVdesk eCommerce Help Desk. Follow quick steps for the integration drafted below:

    • Click on Apps then Visit Shopify App Store.
    • Now, type UVdesk in the search bar.
    • Click on UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk.
    • Now, click on Get then click on Install app.

    Note:- After Installation, Your account will be automatically created on UVdesk. And you'll receive two emails one for your registration on UVdesk, another for Sign in to set up your UVdesk password.

     UVdesk Configuration

     Shopify Help Desk App Customer Front-End View

    After login to store, your customer will get Ticket List and Create Ticket option. Ticket List (Customer will be able to manage all his previously raised Ticket from this panel). Create Ticket (Customer can create New Ticket from this panel).

    All the conversation done between Customer and Support Agent will be recorded which can be used for further reference.

    Customer can communicate on Tickets and can raise Ticket for any further query to get instant solution.

    There will be a systematic Ticket Panel for the Customers so they don't need to go here and there.

     Customer Front-End View

     Shopify Help Desk App Customer Tickets View

    Customer can communicate with Agent on Ticket and can check the replies given by agent by clicking on # Ticket Id available in Ticket List

    • Ticket ID
    • Date
    • Agent Name
    • Ticket Status
    • Reply

    Create Ticket option of Customer Panel contains

    • Ticket Type
    • Ticket Subject
    • Ticket Message
    • Add Attachments
    • Ticket Submit
     Customer Tickets View

     UVdesk Help Desk Dashboard View

    The Merchant or the Agents can log into UVdesk panel and manage the customer tickets. Merchant can set up Multiple Shopify Store with one UVdesk Account. All the tickets will be sorted and organized according to various statuses.

    • Tickets are arranged automatically
    • Search a ticket using filters
    • Set Asset Visibility
    • Selected multiple Tickets to take quick actions
    • Check out the Tickets based on Ticket Status
     UVdesk View

     UVdesk Help Desk Ticket View

    After opening any of the tickets, the admin or the agent can reply to that ticket using the UVdesk panel. The ticket can be assigned to the agent, team, or group. You can also send an attachment with the ticket reply to the customer.

    • Change ticket status.
    • Set Ticket Priority
    • Change Ticket Type
    • Complete Ticket Management
    • Attach image, URL, file with a reply.
    • Assign ticket to the different agent.
    • View all the customer's tickets
    • View complete ticket information.
     UVdesk Ticket View

    Shopify Help Desk App Features -

    • A very well managed and categorized helpdesk system for both Merchant and Buyers.
    • Merchant and buyers can communicate directly.
    • Registered customers/buyers will be able to Create Ticket.
    • Buyers can raise ticket related to any concern and Merchant can reply to those tickets.
    • Customers/buyers will be having their own Ticket Panel once they're registered to your Store
    • Merchant will be able to manage all their customers inquires from both places Shopify Store Back Office and UVdesk Ticket View List.
    • Merchant can enable or disable customer login.
    • Merchant can assign Tickets to Group, Team, and Agent to deliver a prompt response to customers.
    • Merchant can create Ticket Type.
    • Merchant can set the Asset Visibility for Customer and Admin panel.
    • Both admin and buyer can view the history of tickets.
    • Both admin and buyers/customer get notified of the new query and new reply respectively.

    Shopify Help Desk App Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our other top-quality UVdesk Apps.


    Product Version
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 28, 2022 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsShopify  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 18 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    A flawless experience

    Posted On - October 5, 2020

    It's almost one month since I installed the app. There are so many things/features I liked about this app.

    1. It's easy to use and very powerful the Ticket Dashboard System.
    2. Live Chat Support for the customer (the good part is, it does not affect the page loading speed that I was very concerned about)
    3. Automated Replies to the customer queries
    4. You can even write and manage the tasks from UV Desk
    5. UVDesk even generates tickets if someone comments/messages on any social media handle. 6. Form Builder
    7. It even lets your customer raise tickets from your website itself, can see the status of the ticket, and even can reply for the same. All from the website. What more we should be expecting as a merchant. Customer support is very cooperative. Just a flawless experience. Must use it.

    A great package with various features

    Posted On - July 13, 2020

    Among some of the apps that we considered this one integrates various functionalities like a Knowledge Base, FAQ Section, and Customer Support Messaging that made it a great package. The support is very kind and helpful, we worked with Himani who help us get set up.

    A very easy to use program

    Posted On - November 8, 2019

    A very easy to use program. Intergration of other apps are very straightforward and the step by step instructions are great. Support was very attentive to an initial installation issue I was having and got it squared away quickly.

    Easy to use and fast support

    Posted On - June 26, 2019

    This app is quite easy to use and the live support very helpful. Looking for the Live chat function add into this app.

    Customer service and relation is fantastic and prompt

    Posted On - April 22, 2019

    It is really a sophisticated app, and the customer service and relation is very fantastic and prompt

    The app solves many of our problem and makes the flow automated.

    The customer support is awesome and prompt.

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    How To Fetch Shopify Order Details On Ticket?

    UVdesk provides the Shopify Order Fetch App using which Merchant can fetch all the order related details on the ticket to escape from fake queries. This integration will save the time of your support staff for the deserving customer.

    How Can I Put Help Desk Form In Shopify Website?

    Create the From using UVdesk Form Builder App and then paste the Form’s embed code into your website’s HTML. Coming all the queries with that Form will be converted into the UVdesk Ticket which will be visible on Shopify Ticket Dashboard and in UVdesk Ticket View also.

    What Is The Payment Procedure Of Shopify Help Desk?

    In case of Multi-Store Integration Merchant needs to pick one Store as primary to manage the Payment Procedure.

    How To Create Ticket Type For Shopify Help Desk?

    Merchant needs to Add/Create Ticket Type Ticket Type in UVdesk backend and it will reflect on Shopify Help Desk when customer will Create Ticket. This will help Merchant in automating the Actions using Workflow.

    How To Create Group, Team, Agent And Their Privileges For Shopify Help Desk?

    For the better Ticket Management Merchant needs to manage User Section to create Group, Team, Agents and set their Privileges based on their requirement to provide fast Customer Support.

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