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    Shopware Booking and Reservation Extension

    Shopware Booking and Reservation Extension: This module allows you to convert your online Shopware store to an event-driven site e.g appointment, movie booking system. This module gives two types of booking for any product as "one booking for many days" and another is "many bookings in one day".


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    Shopware Booking and Reservation Extension: This module allows you to manage the booking and appointments of the customers from the Shopware store. The customers can just click on the booking product and select the available day for the appointment or reservation, then choose from the available time slots to place the order and confirm the booking.

    This module supports two types of booking for any product one is one booking for many days, and another is many bookings in one day.

    Highlighted Features

     Real-Time Booking

    The Booking and Reservation System supports real-time booking for no-hassle bookings.

     Download PDF

    The customer can download pdf for the bookings made.

     Customer Notifications

    The customers will receive confirmation emails about the booking.

     Booking Period Availability

    Set up the availability of bookings from the admin end for the random and continuous days.

    Why use this module?

    An online booking system allows you to receive booking any time it also reduces the wastage of customers’ time and company’s resources. Using this module admin can make the Shopware store as an online reservation and booking store and can manage two types of booking for any product one is one booking for many days, and another is many bookings in one day.

    The customers can easily book appointments, tickets for movies, events, or reservations in a single click, without leaving their home.

    Create Booking Services

    The admin can easily add and manage the booking products. And can create two types of booking service products that will allow the customers to make - one booking for many days and Many bookings in one day

    • Create and manage booking products.
    • Set the period available for bookings and reservations.
    • Configure booking status for each slot as open or close.
    • Add a start, end date, and the number of items available for each slot.
    • Setup flexible exclude days rules to prevent bookings for certain time slots and days.
    • Cancel and Reschedule the booking.
    Create Booking Services

    Notify via Mail

    In this Shopware Booking and reservation, extension the admin can send default mail to the customer product booking and cancellation. Admin can click enable disable the mails for booking and cancellation.

    Then the customer will receive the notification about the booking and cancellation of the product. Here, the admin can mail a customer booking details like -

    • Booking mail - If admin enabled booking mail then the customer will receive a mail on the booking confirmation.
    • Cancel Mail Status – If admin enables this then the customers will receive a cancel mail notification when their order is canceled.
    Notify via Mail

    Many Bookings in One Day

    In Shopware Booking and reservation extension, this type of booking service can select “from date” and “to date” on which they want to provide booking of the product. Admin has to enter Booking Time Slot and Break Time Slot also.

    Many bookings in one day can be used by the customer for bookings made for Movie, Railway booking types of services.

    • Choosing the availability start and end date for the product.
    • Adding booking stock per slot for the product.
    • Choose booking slot status as enable or disabled.
    • Change the default time slot set for the product.
    • Add break time between the created slot for the product.
    • Add days start and end time for the slot of the booking product.
    Many Bookings in One Day

    One Booking for Many Days

    The admin can create the One booking for many days that can be used by the customer to book a product for many days just like we see for the hotels, camping events, resorts, and other similar types of services.

    Here, the admin can create a booking product by -

    • Choosing the availability of product booking start and end date for the product.
    • Adding booking stock per slot for the product.
    • Setting the booking status as enabled
    One Booking for Many Days

    Booking of Events by Customers

    Once the booking products are set the customers will be able to see a Book Now button on the product page. And from the book now button customers can select the date and slot for the booking product. The customers will be able to -

    • Pick the date to book any product using a calendar.
    • Set the number of bookable products while booking.
    • Select the booking period via calendar days or time slots.
    • Can get a PDF of the booking. Cancel and Reschedule the booking.
    • Select single or multiple slots as enabled by the admin.
    • See booking/reservation details in the shopping cart as well.
    • Multiple bookings for the same time slot based on the available quantity.
    Booking of Events by Customers

    Booking Management

    The admin can quickly check all the booking details of both the bookable products once the customer will book their products. Here, the admin can check separately the bookings made for both the booking types.

    • The admin can view bookings of “Many Booking in one day” and “One booking for many days” product separately along with the details start date, end date, break time, deal period(timespan), and status.
    • Then admin can also cancel/reschedule the product and also can approve the cancel/reschedule booking.
    Booking Management

    Features List

    • A slot-based quantity measure has been used.
    • The admin can reschedule the bookings from the back-end.
    • The admin can cancel the bookings from their end.
    • On canceling a booking, the slots become available again.
    • The admin can enable or disable the sending of the booking and cancel mail status to customers.
    • Customers will be able to see the booking details(Like Date and Time Slot) of the product in the Cart.
    • Option for customers to download their bookings as a PDF.
    • The customers can cancel the booking under their account panel.
    • The customer can reschedule their bookings
    • Admin and customer can check the reschedule history of the booking products.
    • Admin can edit/update and delete the booking slots for all booking types.


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Mention an interesting feature of the booking and reservation system?
    It is ajax based therefore there is no page reload so as to enhance the user experience.
     How many types of bookable products do booking and reservation provide?
    It provides two types of bookable products- one booking for many days and many bookings for one day.
     Can the customer select multiple time slots within a booking product?
    Yes, the customer can select multiple time slots within a booking product.
     Will the admin be able to set the slot duration that can be booked by a customer?
    The admin can set up each deal span time/slot time, and the same gets reflected on the booking product at the frontend.
     What is the major benefit of the Shopware Booking and Reservation System?
    It gives your business a kickstart and reduces the labor of taking customer phone calls and the customers will not have to walk into. it gives your store an awesome functionality.

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    • + Features
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    Version 1.0.2
    • Compatible with latest version
    Version 1.0.1
    • Compatible with the latest version
    • Fix the pdf issue
    • update the admin API route
    • Fix security of storefront route (login required)
    Version 1.0.0
    • \+ First Commit (Plugin was Added)
    • -Booking dates will be created on ajax based, so there will be no page load.
    • -Admin can close a particular booking slot of a product.
    • -Multiple booking and reservation support.
    • -Many Booking in one day
    • -One Booking For Many Days
    • -Fully admin-driven module and admin can set the product for reservation.