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    Wallet System for Shopware

    It is a digital wallet that allows customers to make payments using digital money and can even transfer money to other users.

    • Set minimum and maximum recharge limit for wallet amount.

    • Can set low amount notification for customers eWallet.

    • Transfer limit for wallet amount can also be set by the admin.

    • View entire transaction list and customer list using eWallets.

    • Customers can use digital money of wallet for payments.

    • Customers can transfer money to other wallet users.

    • Total wallet amount and transaction details are available for customers.

    Wallet System for Shopware Wallet System for Shopware Wallet System for Shopware Wallet System for Shopware Wallet System for Shopware Wallet System for Shopware Wallet System for Shopware Wallet System for Shopware Wallet System for Shopware
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    Wallet System for Shopware: Using this module the customers can add money to their digital wallet and can use it later for the online payment of their orders. The customers can even add payees (other customers using wallet system) and can even transfer money to them.

    The admin can set images for the wallet system and can even set the minimum and maximum amount limit for the wallet recharge. The admin can even enable low amount notification with a minimum amount for the customers.

    Wallet System for Shopware

    Highlighted Features

     Recharge Wallet

    The customers can add digital cash into their wallets and use it to make product purchases.

     Transfer Wallet Money

    The customers can transfer their wallet amount among other users.

     Record Wallet Transaction Data

    The customer’s transactions are listed in the transaction record with the info about the purpose of wallet usage.

     Split Payment

    The customer can choose to pay using Wallet cash and pay the remaining amount using an available payment method.

     Add Payee

    The customers need to add payees to enjoy faster wallet money transfers.

     Personalize Wallet Appearance

    The tenants have their own dashboard to help them better manage their own shops.

    Why Incorporate Wallet System for Shopware?

    The customer is keen to use your e-commerce store more if they can enjoy a faster payment process. The wallet system in Shopware allows customers to make product purchases using their wallet amount and they can easily recharge their wallet.

    Moreover, the customers of the store who are using the wallet system can transfer wallet cash among themselves by adding a payee. The store owners have complete access to manage wallet features like low balance notification and set transaction and recharge limits.

    Set Wallet Recharge Limit

    The store admin can use the module features to set limits of wallet recharge.

    • The admin can add an image that will be visible as the wallet icon on the front end.
    • A minimum recharge limit can be defined by the admin.
    • A customer can recharge their wallet with an amount not exceeding the limit defined by the admin.
    • The admin can reset the wallet recharge limits as per their requirements whenever they require.
    Set Wallet Recharge Limit

    Wallet’s Low Balance Notification

    The module helps customers get notified if their wallet balance is low.

    • If the admin requires they may enable or disable the low balance notification email feature.
    • The customers are notified using an email reminder that their wallet balance is below the recommended amount.
    • The admin can specify the minimum amount if reached the wallet users will be sent an email notification for the low balance.
    Wallet’s Low Balance Notification

    Set Wallet Cash Transfer Limit

    The module feature allows the admin to set limits for the wallet amount transfer.

    • It’s up to the admin if they wish to allow the feature for users to transfer amounts among other users.
    • The admin can set a frequency of transactions that a customer can perform within a month.
    • The admin can set the minimum and maximum amount of transactions that will be valid for a particular transaction.
    • Moreover, the admin can set the monthly limit of the total amount that can be transferred by a customer.
    • The customers can choose a payee and transfer the required wallet amount to them.
    Set Wallet Cash Transfer Limit

    Purchase Using Wallet Money

    The most prominent feature of the module that allows customers to make product purchase using wallet money.

    • The customers can make payments for their orders using the wallet balance.
    • The customers can use both the wallet amount and a payment method to pay if the total order amount is more than the wallet balance.
    • The customers can check the wallet balance deducted in the transaction list and the reason.
    • The customers can add money into their wallets and check their wallet balances.
    Purchase Using Wallet Money


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released2 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 6, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsShopware  6.4.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Which payment methods can the customer use to recharge their wallets?
    Currently, the customers can use those payment methods that are available in the store.
     How often can the admin set the wallet recharge limit?
    The admin can reset the wallet recharge limit as many times as required.
     Where is the Low balance notification sent to customers?
    The low balance notification is sent to the customers on their registered email id.
     How many payees the customer can add?
    The customers can add as many payees for making wallet cash transfer.
     Can the Guest users access the Wallet System payment method?
    No, the customers have to be logged in to use the wallet system in Shopware.
     What if a customer's wallet balance doesn’t have enough balance to pay for an order?
    The customers can split the payment and make use of an available payment method and wallet balance.

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    • Features
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    Version 1.0.0
    • Shopware Wallet System module behaves as an online Payment Gateway.
    • The customer can easily add credit to their wallet.
    • Also, the admin can view the customer details who are using Wallet System for making the online payment.
    • A customer can add a new payee.
    • Customers can transfer money to the added payee of the store.
    • The customer can see an alert if the amount in the wallet is less than the assigned limit.
    • On the checkout page, a customer can view the total wallet cash.
    • The admin can configure the Shopware Wallet System for the recharge limit (maximum and minimum) of the Wallet amount.
    • Admin and Customer/User can view credit and debit details.
    • First Commit (Plugin was Added)