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      About Company


      Getting funding to start a physical store can be a long journey if you are a small craftsman or reseller. Setting an e-commerce website can also be somehow tricky. So what to do? Sell on Amazon or ETSY can also be expensive depending on the volume of your sales.

      Hundreds of thousands craftsman and resellers are facing this problem worldwide, especially those making niche products like ones with African print. That’s why we created to empower them.


      An online multi vendors marketplace where you can buy and sell any kind of products ranging from clothing and accessories to shoes and home decoration.

      Business Challenges

      I faced different challenges of any kind from the ideation to make it live.

      At the ideation stage, the main challenge was which kind of web architecture and solution to use to make it easier to manage a marketplace like what I intend to do.

      This technical challenge includes the following: the choice of the website theme, which ecommerce CMS to use, the marketplace plugin that will be able to handle profile, shipping, sales dashboard and the like for every single seller on the marketplace.


      Other technical challenges were to decide what payment gateway to use, what plugins to use to make the website multilingual and multi-currency, and more importantly how to make all these different plugins work well together.

      I faced other non-technical challenges like being able to persuade sellers to join my platform.

      Review Webkul Services

      The support was very helpful and they resolve all my different queries in few days. The average response time is less than 1 business day. The item is really good itself. I recommend it.

      Great products, Great people, Great company

      Sem Djeguede
      Sem Djeguede
      How Webkul Marketplace help you out?

      Webkul marketplace extension was a perfect fit for my business. This was what I need to solve the multivendor marketplace issue. It was able to manage profile, shipping, sales dashboard and the like for every single seller on the marketplace.


      The customer support team was very efficient and responsive. They have been a great asset and helped a lot to fix issues and bugs that arose.

      Video Testimonial

      See what Sem Djeguede would like to say about Webkul products and support services in the video testimonial. View all Webkul clients testimonials -

      Positive change

      The multivendor marketplace is live and doing well. The Webkul team is prompt to help in case there will be an issue.


      Anything else

      "This positive attitude encourages me to get more products from Webkul such as customization and other plugins. Soon I will get them to develop different mobile apps for my other business. I really appreciate their positive attitude."

      Sem Djeguede

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