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      Babies Mall is a multi-vendor online shopping market for baby products, related items, and lifestyle products. The site is actually a unique online mall, connecting shoppers looking for specialty and personalized baby products.  

      Babies Mall

      Independent creators and entrepreneurs looking to sell their products. Babies Mall has ready-made shelf items and fully customizable design and customization items - all through a user-friendly interface.

      Built on WooCommerce

      Babies Mall online shop is built on the WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce is a PHP based Open Source shopping cart platform. It is a plugin that is used with WordPress (the most popular CMS in the world). Know more about WooCommerce.

      WooCommerce Storefront

      Woocommerce development and release updates are automatically managed by the parent company behind WordPress. WooCommerce has very solid community support and a huge number of community developers who are contributing their code to the WooCommerce project (Webkul is also a proud GitHub contributor for WooCommerce).

      How Babies Mall Online Shop Uses Multi-Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce?

      Babies Mall is using the Webkul's Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin for the merchants to get register as a vendor and list their products to sell them online all over the globe.

      Registration Page

      Webkul's WooCommerce Marketplace Plugin comes with a whole lot of features for online store management for the sellers and the store owner/store admin. Seller listing management, seller order fulfillment, flexible commission management, seller profile, seller reviews, and much more.

      Marketplace Seller Dashboard

      The Marketplace plugin helps the vendors to manage their products and keep track of the sales records. This will help the vendors to view the sales report in a graphical representation.

      Vendor Panel

      Seller Product Listing

      The vendors can add multiple products of different product types depending on the need of the business. Even the vendors can choose the shipment for their products.

      Add Products

      For any e-commerce store, the most important thing is to show all the products of providers to the customers. So that if the buyer likes the products of any particular vendor then they can view all the products of that vendor at one place to ease the shopping task.

      Vendor Product list

      Vendor Review

      The reviews are one of the most important things for the e-commerce store. As the sales rate for any vendor's products depends on the review which other customers have given for that vendor's product. 

      Vendor Review

      Most of the time the customers love to buy the product of the vendor who has got positive reviews for their products. Likewise, Babies Mall has the review button for every vendor profile so that the buyers can review the vendor's products.

      Seller Shipping & Refund Policies

      Payment on-site is delivered directly to stores. Any cancellation will be effected by contacting the stores themselves. Each store has its own shipping and returns policy, and you can check the policies in the "Shipping and Returns" tab at the bottom of each product.

      Return Policies

      From the Marketplace Account, the sellers can update the shipping and refund policy information easily. Further, to know more about cancellations and refunds you can read in the purchase policy on the website.

      RTL (Right-to-Left) Compatibility with Marketplace Plugin

      Israel has one official language i.e. Hebrew. This right-to-left language, Hebrew is the primary language of the state and it is spoken every day by the majority of the Israeli people. 

      product page

      The main purpose of using Webkul's Marketplace plugin for WooCommerce by Babies Mall is that the plugin supports RTL language out-of-the-box. And MENA countries like Israel uses the same format for reading and writing.

      Further, this helps the local buyers as well as sellers to easily understand the information and make the webstore more user-friendly for everyone.

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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