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      BMN Bouwmaterialen is the market leader in the Netherlands with almost 80 branches. From the four promises: best service, correct stock, flexible logistics, and expert advice BMN delivers products and services to building professionals in residential and non-residential construction on a daily basis.

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      BMN activities are tailored to the entire construction process; from design to just-in-time delivery of the products. That makes BMN the partner for new construction and renovation projects, from single pieces to large scale.

      Fons Hofstra is working as a Team Manager for e-Commerce in BMN Bouwmaterialen. He had a few questions regarding the Magento 2 Akeneo Connector module. He was migrating to Magento 2 platform and was looking for a new PIM System like Akeneo. As he wanted to connect it together through an API.

      Client Review

      After completely testing the connector integration between Magento Enterprise and Akeneo. We asked Fons to share his experience with Webkul. Please see the review –

      An easy, innovative and great solution for Akeneo 2+ and Magento 2+

      We're using Akeneo 2+ Community and Magento 2.2 (Enterprise/Commerce). Therefore I was searching for a connection to sync the product data. There a few extensions on the market but it's most of the time working by CSV import/export. Which I think is really the old way of syncing this amount of data.

      Then I founded this extension for Akeneo, which I really surprised me.

      • - Easy to install on Akeneo.
      • - Good manual how to install
      • - Great support from Webkul (sometimes it's a bit hard to get the connection with security these days). But we have solved it.

      What we have now (not in production yet)

        • - Akeneo 2.0.7 with this connector
        • - Magento 2.2 EE/Commerce
        • - Syncing products(simple and configurable)/categories/attributes/Sets/options and this all really fast.

      I think they made a good extension for Akeneo and Magento and support is fast and on both sides, the API's getting better and better, this is the future.

      Fons Hofstra
      Akeneo, Magento Adobe Commerce
      Magento 2 Akeneo Connector