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      Cosmedrome is a full-fledged online marketplace that offers a range of products to its customers with the help of various sellers.

      Due to the onset of such online marketplaces, now many small-scale sellers are also getting an opportunity to increase their customer reach without putting a lot of money into starting an online shop.

      Cosmedrome is making one such dream of smaller merchants of the Turkish & European region come true.

      With our PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace, Servet Sarap (the founder of Cosmedrome) was able to provide a platform to the sellers of a variety of products to come & sell their products directly to the customers.


      There are multiple reasons why Servet considered the Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace as the first choice for his online store.

      • Easy to configure & manage.
      • The user-friendly seller onboarding process.
      • Dashboard and profile management option available to each seller.
      • Product management.
      • Commission management.
      • Rating & reviews for each seller visible to customers.
      • Ability to let sellers use the shipping/payment methods of the store.
      • Effective order management to keep customers updated.
      • Email notification on various events for the convenience of seller, marketplace owner & the customer.
      • Multi-language compatible.
      • SEO management to manage the visibility of products.

      As a marketplace owner, Servet's idea was always to mitigate the issues that frequently hamper the whole eCommerce process.

      That’s why he was always keen on opening a full-fledged marketplace that can cater to the day-to-day needs of the general masses.


      Now, after going through the website, it seems that the Servet dream of creating a full-fledged marketplace is realized/being realized. Even today, the marketplace has numerous sellers & almost thousands of products to offer to the customers.

      How Marketplace Mass Upload module is helping sellers of the Cosmedrome?

      As the Servet online store is kind of huge, so it is also handling the same number of sellers on its marketplace. And, to help each seller of the marketplace in adding the products quickly, he asked us to suggest a module that can allow sellers of the marketplace to upload their products quickly.

      The idea for such a module came to mind cause uploading/adding hundreds of products individually is a kind of a hectic task for a seller. Thus, we suggested Servet use our Marketplace Mass Upload module to ease the process of product upload.

      Using this module, now the sellers of Cosmedrome are able to upload their list of products just by using a CSV file. Also, to help the sellers, detailed instructions text is available on the mass product upload menu. So, that sellers don’t hit an obstacle & use this helpful feature without any difficulty to make their work easier & fast.

      How Marketplace Block Product is helping Cosmedrome to manage the visibility of products?

      The Servet idea was to add a functionality in his PrestaShop that can help him to manage the visibility of any product for the customers of various regions.

      The main motive behind this idea was to restrict customers of some regions from either buying or viewing the product. But, in case if he used the default functionality of disabling the product, then no customers from any region would have been able to view or buy the product.

      So, that’s where our Marketplace Block Product module came into the picture. Now, instead of disabling the whole product, Servet can allow sellers of the marketplace to manage the visibility of the product individually.

      Using this module, now his sellers can choose to block the product either for certain countries or for some selected IP addresses.

      Disclaimer: Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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